Thursday, October 27, 2011


"Comment moderation has been enabled. All comments must be approved by the blog author."

That’s what one occasionally (or should that be often?) can read when trying to comment on the blog content of one’s choice. Now why on earth would a blog owner want to moderate comments? Beats me. I think it’s stupid. I think it’s useless, and a waste of time.
Not that i’m one of those brave warriors who will defend free speech till their last breath has been taken away from them by the mob. Far from that. For instance i’m not an addict of what is written in Amendment I to the United States Constitution. I would rather take to the streets and slice the throats of the participants of a KKK gathering, than to go on the barricades to defend their right to contaminate the environment with their foul and stinking messages.
Don’t get me wrong tho. I can understand why some forums and groups want to moderate their incoming messages and comments, as there’s a lot of spamming going on in those areas, while bots r regular visitors too.

I guess moderation was set in place by Nanshakh the time he, many years ago now, created his group “Princess Myrina’s Galley” (now AST) for reasons just like that. He also excluded free membership. It was up to him to approve or deny an application for membership. After i came aboard, i never felt the urge to change all this. Partly cos i couldn’t care less, did understand his motives, and also cos i am a lazy person at heart. But once a person was approved, we hardly ever, no matter its content, disallowed his/her comments/messages. And rest assured that during the years we had our share of lame, hateful, foul, fascist, disgusting, racist, off topic, and insulting ones. We simply dealt with those in a grim and highly appropriate fashion, often creating that way passionate, intense and interesting exchanges of thought as well as great verbal lashings.

So yes, sometimes moderation can have its place in forums and groups. Especially when the membership, like it does in AST, is running into the thousands.

But for blogs like the ones in for instance the adult sections of Blogger and Wordpress? Come on. There’s no membership. Only so called followers and friends. And from what i’ve seen so far, they rarely exceed a hundred or so per blog. What u say? U’ve more than that? Ur list surpasses the 300 mark? Caramba, u must be the exception to the rule. Felicidades! Go go go, use it for an excuse to moderate ur fabulous blog.

The amount of comments can’t be an issue either, as they’re mostly very limited, and mostly only coming from a few diehard regulars. Besides, many bloggers r working their creation on a daily basis, and could easily remove any contribution they dislike on the spot. Not that i would be in favor of such action myself, but it is a possibility, and wouldn’t consume much more time than moderating. Probably less.

Still, many blog owners have the moderation tool in place. But why? Here r a few reasons/explanations (rationalizations and defenses, lol) given by some of these protectors of morals, prudence, and politeness. And i quote from:

1) John

"The comments are getting off topic and, to be frank, becoming a bit ridiculous. Comment directly on the post or a response to a comment directly about the post or I'll set up pre-post screening to keep the off-topic banter to a minimum which I prefer not to do."So there u have it. For John it’s the off topic thingy. Still, for years, he safely kept his moderation tool in the dark corners of his blog closet. So why bring it out in the open all of a sudden now? Lemme explain.

Sir John considers himself an alpha male, very proud of being submissive. In short, he’s a SAM. Quite recently he switched on his pre-post screening gadget cos he was fed up with Raposo and urs truly to constantly (well….um…..not that constant eh?) using his blog for exchanging our thoughts regarding his never ending litany about FLR’s, and other stuff. More than once we (i significantly more than Foxy) teased and ridiculed poor Johnny. Naturally only with the best of intentions. And we never called him names either. We had to u know, cos Master John rarely joins his audience in an ongoing discussion himself. Constantly he’s asking silly questions, but almost never responds to answers given. One could say we were the ones who kept his blog a bit lively and less of a bore. Real social workers, that’s what we were. He hated it tho, couldn’t understand the humor behind it, nor the sublime educational momentums which came with same, and thus eagerly grasped the opportunity to come up with this “off topic” nonsense.

John belongs to the “but people”. They say they hate to use the moderation tool, but nevertheless put it in place, blaming others for having forced them to do so. It’s one of the lamest attitudes people can have.
2) Saratoga

"Yes, I censor reader comments, and for good reason. You wouldn't believe the hateful drivel some readers expect me to publish, much less read.

Trust me, we're all better off for comment moderation."
This was posted by him on my blog two years ago, completely ignoring the subject of this particular blog, which was my departure from this world. Talk about off topic, hehehe. He would have never allowed me to do so in his blog, lol. Yeah, it’s a long lane that has no turning.

So this time it’s hateful drivel that causes the necessity of moderating comments.

Like John, Sara is presenting himself as an alpha male, holding his views in high esteem, and considering himself an expert on femdom or what he believes is femdom. Searching for a compatible female, he routinely reports about his adventures with his dominant hopefuls, as well as the failure of these women to live up to his expectations. He made it his quest to constantly assess the “domme quality” of women he meets online or in r/l, and regularly bombards his visitors with so called femdom videos, mostly portraying lame, mainstream, and commercial “domme action”.

One can only wonder what kind of “hateful drivel” people would want to send to a site like that. His reason is bogus.

Just the other day he came up with yet another one for keeping moderation alive on his site, namely, to avoid his blog to become a quote pad for my posts. What a found. Really cute and ridiculous. But again: Mea maxima culpa.

U want to read “hateful drivel”? Look no further. It’s right here. Waiting for u to read in the comment sections of my prose and poetry, name calling included. No moderation in my blog, u know. No matter how disgusting and lame, i would never remove them either. I let them sit and rot there in all their glory and filth, for the same reasons as in AST. I want people to read them. I want people to know about the ugliness and stupidity of their fellow cyber citizens. Maybe even learn from it? After all, it’s the reality of daily life. No sugar coating or sweeping under the rug in my place.

3) The Butler"Recently, I had a few comments on the blog that got quite frankly insulting, humiliating, and beneath the standards for intelligent conversation. That, and the writer used text-speech (u no wut that is), which I find annoying in the extreme. I think the poster was miffed by my disagreeing on a certain subject, and just couldn't handle it.

The comments were posted by someone who styles herself as a "dominant woman", but it seems to me that she is more like a "selfish bitch". It takes finesse to be a dominant woman - she is in control of herself and she is not insulting to others, especially those who are not in her domain. The only time she stoops to insults is in a scene where it is appropriate, otherwise it is a sign of a lack of culture and control, and that is clearly not what a Lady is about.

Anyway, this caused me to change the policy on the blog so that I modify each comment. It's a shame that it has to be this way, as free-written comments encourage a lively exchange of ideas. So, no insult intended Dear Reader, it's just something that I have to do."
Grrrrrrr, this is not one, but a truckload of reasons for closing the door to his blog.

The Butler is yet another one of these “but people”, always on the forefront to cheer free speech, but forced into censoring by evil people like me, who r insulting and humiliating him and his brave, humble, and righteous visitors. And if that’s not already enough horror, also mercilessly trampling the “standards for intelligent conversation” into his sacred d/s ground, using objectionable “text-speech” on top of that. Yes, there was no other way for this butler person than to exercise his right of moderation, for him to rightfully halt and censor this selfish bitch lacking any finesse and control.

Gosh, i made him do this all by myself? Wow, how powerful i am.

And just the other day, this last one :)

4) Submissive to My Southern Belle
"PS. My decision (the closing of his blog) has nothing to do with Ayesha's recent discovery of my blog, although she is responsible for my moderating of comments now."Got it? Good!

A word of caution. Not only men have a thing for moderation. Women sometimes get a kick out of it too. Especially SAF’s and pseudo FLR aficionados, a.k.a. MommyDommes, r notorious for it. I think it compensates a bit for the nagging contradiction, and almost unbearable feeling that comes with it, of not being dominant at all, but still, under pressure of their SAM, having to act like one. It’s a crazy thing actually. On the one hand we have males wanting to put their goddess on a pedestal, vowing to be of eternal service to her, only living for her happiness and satisfaction, and on the other hand females who, instead of taking advantage of that silliness and calling their “slaves” to their self-imposed tasks, r trying to please their men by posing like someone they’re not. Der oylam is a goylam, lol.

And now for the real reason why people want to moderate comments.

Observe the title of this blog. That’s what moderation is all about. U don’t understand? Lemme help u out.

Blog owners who need to moderate comments, r scared to death that someone would come in and disturb the safety of their comfort zone, their paradigms, and convictions. They can’t stand criticism, nor cope with same. They hate all humor, except their own. Their open mind closes the moment someone is questioning their views, is teasing them, or dismisses their definition of for instance femdom. Why is that? Their comfort zone, paradigms, and convictions r very fragile, rarely based on original thinking, and thus easily shaken by outside forces. They don’t want the latter to happen. Fear it immensely. So what do they do? They moderate. To them, their blog is a sacred place, a sanctuary, a refuge, and the one and only thing where they can enjoy being in charge, as a servant, a slave, a femdom, a pig, a hero, whatever. Of cors they will never admit this. Way to dangerous. Could be the end of their house of cards, their castle in the air, their cardboard dungeon, their carefully built personality. Instead they come up with, and hide their real motives behind, what they believe r socially accepted reasons for having the moderation tool in place. They need support. They need praise. They need people to tell them they have the right to moderate comments, and did the right thing when setting up that pre-screening banality. They need to be applauded and praised for their attitudes, beliefs, and actions, and couldn’t live and function without that. They don’t want to come to their sanctuary and find comments like mine. They want to feel safe and pampered. Not made fun of. Not laughed at. Not be confronted with a different truth than their own. So what do they do? They moderate. Yep that’s what they do. No intruders allowed. No trespassing. No antagonisms. Period! Up with the fence, virtual razor wire on top, protecting a non-existent reality.

Of cors, these people, men and women alike, r not nasty and bad people per se. Just a bit silly and confused. In a way they’re even somewhat special, cos, in contrast to all the other vanillas, they broke through a barrier and sniffed at a way of living completely alien to their actual one. They were able to locate somewhere in the more enlightened parts of their limbic system their potential to live as a femdom or a slave, but couldn’t manage and develop same, hindered as they were by their vanilla culture heritage. They simply lacked the guts and energy to push further, and start up the process of mentally disconnecting themselves from vanilla norms, values, laws, protocols, and other debilitating elements in their world. In other words, they couldn’t make it, and messed up the opportunity! They settled for a surrogate instead. And in their despair for having done so, many keep on trying to convince themselves, and others, they didn’t betray themselves at all, but r living the real thing and not only a pale shadow of it. They’re quite successful in that, as their brothers and sisters embarked on the same mission, and r doing the same thing, making the outcome of it look genuine. Together they’re reinforcing each other, keeping the illusion and lie alive, often even not recognizing that it is a lie. Moderating comments is simply one manifestation of this erroneous behavior, as well as a result from that.

At ease now, and watch the video. Great lyrics too :)


  1. Wow, I had no idea that you were such a powerful and dangerous entity! I'd better check my own security and close the shutters in case you happen by again.

    It's funny, but I just happened to stumble across the Southern Belle blog (a link from something else), and that was the first thing I saw. And I didn't realize that submissiveproud John was moderating, although really, to complain that commenters aren't staying "on topic" is ridiculous, especially on a blog like that.

    I don't moderate The Edge of Vanilla, except for the occasional bit of spam or bot - but then, I'm an attention whore, so almost any comment is good for me :-)

    Blog owners who need to moderate comments, r scared to death that someone would come in and disturb the safety of their comfort zone, their paradigms, and convictions. They can’t stand criticism, nor cope with same.

    And I agree - but so what? It's their blog. Yes, it's stoopid, and yes, they are being poopy-head crybabies, but when you come down to it, they have that right. It's quite understandable that some people don't want to feel threatened (emotionally or mentally) on their own blog.

    Besides, you're certainly bright enough to see that those people generally get exactly what they deserve.

  2. What's this? My comment didn't show up? What, are you moderating this blog, too, you hyp...

    Oh, wait - I refreshed and it just showed up.

    Never mind.

  3. Lmao! But it happens more often than u would think: Comments not visible, or quickly disappearing after they were sent. There r a variety of reasons for this "awful" phenomenon, but mostly it's cos third party cookie filters r in place. Probably an extension of the moderation madness(grin).

    Not here tho. Here all and everything is OPEN. Wind, sunshine, rain, pollution, filth, and praise, all can enter freely, and comfortably nest any place the like or feel compelled to. And i will come and check on u, hug u, kiss u, and destroy u when i feel like it.

    So if u can't post, it's ur own damn fault, hehehe.

  4. What? I get only one line? I was looking forward to your analysis of my blog. On the other hand, maybe not.

    Truth be told, I was afraid you'd scare off my regular followers, plain and simple. I don't mind a good discussion but I think it's up to the blog owner to deliver a good product to his or her customers and comments full of hateful (or perceived to be hateful) attacks and/or are off topic do not make for a very good product.

  5. "....only one line"? Geeeez,i was trying to be friendly. And now i get this vicious attack?

    Yes it's always up to the blog owner. It's always his/her right to do as she/he pleases. And it's always my right to tease, ridicule, judge, and make fun of them, any time i want.

    Yeah, it's always all about rights, right?

    Good product? Yeah right. But more then once it's a lousy one, only saved by the comments of the ones who dare to be a bit critical, humorous, and challenging (or r perceived like that), hehehe.

  6. Having a system for screening and rejecting comments isn't always enough, and Saratoga ended one of his recent posts saying:

    "If any of my readers have positive opinions to express about this, please feel free to do so."

    Heh-heh... The valiant human alpha male is a funny animal.

  7. See? Now u've added one (1) more reason to Sara's list. Ur comment on my comment on that particular blog on his site simply wasn't positive enough.

    U know what i think? I think Sara is making all of this up. He has no list of reasons, but making "new ones" up the moment someone sends him a comment he believes could shatter his Sanctasanctórum.

  8. It seems like people with a rotten personality make up rules and principles to substitute their lack of backbone, and to support their own behaviour.

    We're dealing with a poor victim of a man who is so sensitive that he claims he can feel the negativity radiating from incoming comments without reading them:

    "Frankly, I wearied of being drawn into her vortex of negative energy and venom, so I just hit 'reject' without even reading it."

    Believe that or not. But it's supported by a rule, not surprisingly:

    "My informal rule for publishing comments is that they have to have be positive and not be overwhelmingly negative or insulting. I don't have a problem with differences of opinion, as many can attest, but I do shun pure negativity."

  9. The "many" from that last quote belong to his own league, and certainly not to urs and mine! Hence, "differences of opinion" between them, r not really that. Just minor frictions within the same soap bubble they all share, and try to keep alive.

    Besides, adding "as many can attest", is an example of my statement that these people r actually conning themselves and need the support from others to convince themselves (and others) that they're not.

    I prefer pure negativity b4 fake/lame positivity.

    Btw, u did ur homework well, Foxy :)

  10. dear Ma'am, this blog is very interesting ... it's almost as if there is a ... neurotic ... (and common) form of d/s which must proceed by certain rules of engagement, and anyone pulling back the curtain and exposing the machinery must be suppressed. i feel so uncomfortable when i read about subs opining on what makes a dominant woman appropriately dominant. i think in an earlier blog you debunk that idiotic notion of it taking a strong man to get on his knees for a woman. it takes a man that can not master his sexual compulsions and, who, through careful and comprehensive testing and negotiation with one or more women, finally finds one who will observe his limits, and he prides himself on his safe submission to his own needs, or at least that's how it seems to me. i understand the failing to master one's sexual compulsions, but there is perhaps the ability to celebrate them dangerously (um, hopefully without killing or maiming anyone?). -- oliva

  11. "......finally finds one who will observe his limits...."? The truth behind his search is, that this man was looking for a submissive vanilla woman in the first place.

    Killing? No. But to create an atmosphere as if this could happen, can make it feel deliciously dangerous :)

    Maiming? Would u label branding as such?

  12. perhaps it is a limit set by mutual passion or love, though also perhaps with eventual regrets (or not)/

    i can't think of myself ever branding someone, though the thought of being branded... my flesh seared permanently marked sign of owned... yes... on my face? perhaps. broken bones.... ah wasn't that a cronenberg movie? damaged organs... wasn't that an american rendition nightmare?

    love+sex+violence = vulnerable+open+alive/dead
    truly vulnerable = truist love?

    i don't mean to seem ridiculous, but i am trying to feel my way here.

  13. Damaged organs and broken bones i leave for appalling vanilla sadists. But they better avoid to cross my path, as they will regret meeting me.

    Violence has no place in feminine femdom. I hate violence!

    Vulnerability? Also a vanilla concept. No one is/should be vulnerable. Only passionate, lustful, and going after what makes them tick, and beyond that.

  14. If someone writes a blog about whatever topic, there can be a discussion about moderation yes/moderation no, and we can discuss which reasons a blog owner can have to cut free comments. I appreciate LindasGoodBoy sincerity. Although at the same time I find his reason really disgusting. A product? did you earn a lot of money with your blog? what was your target when you built your product?

    But now we are not talking about blogs about sports, politics or fashion. The 4 blogs mentioned by Ayesha are driven by submissive men. I can't understand how someone can at the same time be submissive and openly reject comments by dominant women if they do not please him. I have read a few of these "annoying comments", and I rather find them arousing and challenging.

    So, some different feelings seem to be mix up in these blogs authors. Submission may have been replaced by weakness and insecurity, these two guys that live on the other side of the frontier of the submissive feelings. I don't like submission, of what it remains, when it is polluted by them. I also see a lot of pride. They cannot stand hearing that they are not perfect, or models, or at least interesting... And of course, they are again worried by their product. They do not want money, they do not want awards, what they want is to find that perfect woman they have in their minds. This is really a problem for them, because each day this woman is more and more idealized and therefore it is more difficult that the dream could become real.

    So they are alpha, in the most common accepted meaning of this term: aggressive, they take difficult decisions when necessary, they show a lot of pride, hard in the fights... But it seems they are not so purely submissive as they proclaim to be.

    For sure each one here is choosing what submission is for him. But we cannot call submission to everything that someone someday decide it deserve to be called submission. And it is readers right to decide wich definitions of submission are attractive for them. I am not sure if I am able to find a proper one right now. But my feelings tell me that the task of defining it should be a women's one. Could this be actually a definition?


  15. These males r far from alpha, David. But they need to call themselves that. They want other people to see them like that too. It makes them feel strong, while they know they're not. It compensates for their need to be humiliated and degraded by a woman, and at the same time feel guilty for having that tendency. So they need to be punished for that. Mostly the punishments they want to receive revolve around spankings, corner time, writing lines, and other kid’s stuff. Of cors they can’t allow themselves to be labeled as kids. So they become alpha males, lol. I once labeled these creatures beta males. Which was very generous of me, cos in this case “beta” means "worthy to try out" or "a promise to become the real thing". In other words, having the potential to become a slave to a woman. But i don’t think they have it in them. They rather remind me of those lousy drunks, hanging out with their brethren in a bar, telling each other stories about that incredibly big fish they caught on the high seas, while actually they angled a goldfish from their neighbor’s pond.

    Submission doesn’t need to be defined David. Nor does domination. Both r too dynamic for that, and constantly change at the whims of the femdom. And even if she would choose to keep them static for a while, defining them would be useless, cos both can’t be caught in a sentence. Not even an essay. Maybe a poem could do it? People who r blessed with it just know. It’s knowledge beyond logic. And when meeting, they recognize each other beyond the shadow of a doubt. Nothing needs to be learned, nothing needs to be trained, as all is already in place. Only thing left is to enjoy it, and to laugh at that illusive dichotomy, that deceptive distinction, kept alive by vanillas, between the domina and her slave.

    U still want a description? How about, a burning iceberg floating on rock?

    I only use "slave" cos it sounds so deliciously good, hehehe.

  16. Fantastic points. "Real social workers, that's what we were." Hilarious. I can see moderating comments if it reached a point of being obnoxious clutter.

  17. Well, maybe. But at least this would be done AFTER the comments appeared on the site, and NOT in advance, NOT put in place as a filter/precaution b4 anybody but the author and the blog owner, could lay his/her eyes on it. Ergo, it would be an exception and not the standard.

  18. I just noticed Saratoga's whining regarding my absence on his blog, lol. Yes HIS blog. No way he would even consider to spit out his frustration here. Yes HERE in MY blog. The blog without moderation, remember? The blog where, in contrast to his own hermetically closed one, any idiot, scholar, slave, femdom, and even the devil and Santa Claus, can post whatever he/she deems to be worthy or not worthy to appear on. But he needed to play it safe eh? To not run the risk of receiving yet another verbal lashing from the woman he so deeply adores and would want to be owned by if he only would have the guts to live under her despotic rule. He never has to worry about that tho, as i’m only interested in males who r slave material, which he definitely is not. Beta males like him, John, and the Butler, could function in the d/s area with compatible Mommydommes at best. And even then, only in their spare time.

  19. Then I pop up. Probably not in the state you'd want me in but oh well, que sera sera...

    I haven't been over here in a wee while so it's quite refreshing.

    'Everything in moderation'.. Heard that a few times, I know no meaning.

  20. Oh Paula, u must be the woman who knew too much.

  21. How did I ever miss your blog? I love it! Of course, these are *positive* comments to assuage your ego so you don't start moderating. ;)

  22. Ah yes that ego of mine. There r at least 2 of them. One is normally at the surface, for all to see, in daily life and here in the virtual world. But that other one, the one i call MyEgo, yes that one isn't so easy to deal with. Not even by me. I deeply love that one nevertheless and also unconditionally, although i need to give her a kick in the butt sometimes, gag her, and throw her into the deepest abyss available. U can get a glimpse of her, when observing the picture which is adorning

  23. You are such a ball buster! Everything that comes from you is like a kick in the nuts but without the physical pleasure/pain. It's psychological ballbusting is what it is. Let the men have their fun... or not... I don't really care.

    Basically people do/believe whatever brings them pleasure. Some people get pleasure from arguing and making fun of people. I wonder if that fits you?

    Maybe I should create a blog just for you so you can come by and kick me in the nuts all you want. I'll say things that I know will piss you off. Does that sound like fun?

    It does to me.

  24. "......arguing and making fun of people."? I should do such things? R u implying i'm into that? Is that what u r saying? Geeeez, everybody knows i'm only here to help people, to give them a little insight, to straighten out their non-existent realities, and to give them an opportunity to show greatness of character. U don’t believe me? Grrrrrr, that really pisses me off.

    A blog? Only for me? To make fun of me? To piss me off. By u? Anonymous and incognito? That really would be something. But tell me, would that be one with moderation enabled as well?

    ".........and kick me in the nuts all you want."? Ugh! Yuck! U know? I’m totally against it. I mean all that ball busting and so. It’s so rude u know. And rough. And brutal. Absolutely not my thing. I’m way too delicate for such action. It’s also too vanilla too. What u say? Not physically? Huh? Only psychologically? Come on, where’s the fun in that eh? Nah, if u want to be kicked in the nuts, at least u should go for the real thing. Ready?

  25. A lot of femdom is psychological. The excitement comes from a place inside the mind.

    And yes I love being kicked in the nuts! It's one of my favorite things. Why would I love such pain? Where does the pleasure come from? From inside the mind of course.

    Most people don't want your help. That's why they block you. They don't want to be reminded about their non-existent realities or have holes poked in their philosophies by a rational thinker. You are ruining their fun. When a man talks about female supremacy or female domination it excites him sexually and to even think that it's rational and true excites him even more. Why would you try and ruin it for him by reminding him that it's all bullshit or mostly bullshit? Why do you even care?

  26. Well, for one thing, it's mildly entertaining to tease/provoke these micro-slaves (as well as their female cohorts) of the pudding world, to give them a taste of that other reality, and let them know that the women they secretly r dreaming of do exist r/l, realizing of cors that these femdoms will never even think of enslaving them.

    And more importantly, to at least provide some counterweight to the ongoing contamination, pollution, and corruption of a way of living that was and is sacred to me, by people who can't even come up with an independent and appropriate label for their vanilla kink, but instead, like any other parasite, need to attach themselves to a powerful host to stay alive. Unlike real parasites tho, these people believe they r the host themselves, and can dictate to us, that each and every one of them can define femdom as it suits them. Believe it or not, i know of women who think they’re dominant when ordering their husband to hand over his paycheck, or change a flat on their compact car, lol. And there r males who believe they’re slaves when doing the dishes as instructed by their wife. Yes my friend, femdom became hollow and inflated. And i won’t go along with that.

  27. Life's too short to be anonymous.

  28. Is maui girl, taking the piss?

  29. 1) Especially when their nuts r really ground to pulp after having been exposed to the boots of a vindictive domina. That's why these braggers prefer to stay safe in Anon Y Mouse Land, far away from evil femdoms like me, rofl.

    2) Well u know me Paula. Always willing to grant people the benefit of the doubt. It’s simply one of my flaws of being a saint. But Maui sounds like a nice girl. The thing is tho, she would be better off if she was owned by a woman. Males r way to clumsy and vanilla when it comes to sense the sexual cravings, needs, passions, and soul of a woman who wants to live in slavery.

  30. 1) Hahaha. I have been knowing to use my boot but NOT on the ones who want it. But hey, you know me. I'm a gentle creature.

    2) I gathered that much from clicking her name. Saint Ayesha, hmm. I don't know about that. There's still time.

    I LOVE THIS BLOG! I will say it as many times as I like.

  31. Considering the fact so many hate it, u go ahead my Vixen of the North.

    Come here, so that i can hug u the way u never were hugged. Feel the pressure already?

  32. Hello Ayesha,

    I watched a volcanic eruption in the Arctic. A big sheet of pumice stone floated out to sea. The mountain of ice and snow that covered the sheet must have held a natural gas. It was on fire.

    To know an ice berg you need to be there close to her.


  33. And even then she could give u a cold shoulder, and leave u in the unknown freezing to death.

  34. Thanks for posting your point of view on my blog. I am all for the "intellectual salon" that blogging can offer. Disagreements are ok, as long as they are respectfully raised.

  35. Well Aeysha it appears you are the big bad wolf and scare the bajesus out these SAMs & MommyDomms. Frankly,you have great insight and devilish sarcasm that always makes me smile. I too find moderation restrictive as a reader. Essentially, the blogger/moderator has an agenda to spew message points. For this reason, they shut out all opposing or differing points of view comments. I welcome commentary. Maybe it is because I am always giving unwelcomed opinions on politics, gender development, religious doctrine, history, relationships, & patriarchal dominance among other things. Consequently, I too have been moderated out of a voice a few blogs. It happens. Submissive men are not exempt from agendas.

  36. We simply let them have their "Lion Moment", which makes them feel even smaller than the fly addicted to non- consensually die in our web.

  37. I want that hug and I shall get it some day.

  38. Ayesha, you have not convinced anyone of your legitimacy. You sound like a prefabricated stereotype of someone who wants to reject morality and embrace anarchy for the sake of embracing it. Doesn't work and doesn't appeal.

  39. Gosh, i never thought of that. So nice and generous of u to visit and draw my attention to this.

    Now don't be shy, don't let modesty ruin this for u. Step out of the shadows, show urself, make urself known, to bravely stand tall amidst the crowd, and legitimately receive what u deserve and long for.