Friday, December 2, 2011

My blood

My blood
Turns calm rivers
Into raging streams
Erodes archaic rock
And poisons dead life
On its way
To revive polluted oceans

My blood
Turns from bleeding red
Into venomous green
Invades unwilling hearts
Converted to worship
My evil intentions

My blood
Is as pure as nuclear waste
Destined to force vanilla prisoners
Into infinite slavery
Free from agony and thought

My blood
Knows no mercy
Only revenge
And torture

My blood ran cold
Tapped by murderous hands
Cremated by cajoling world healers

Well, so they thought

My blood meandered
Stuck in filthy territory
Too many times

My blood
Flows aggressively again
Outside its cancerous bed
Renewed by acid rain

My blood
Accelerated by righteous injustice
Cracks down on
Judges open to corruption
And laws of the foul elite

My blood
Freezes at the graves
Of innocent millions
Slaughtered by indifferent politicians
Greedy captains of industry
And appalling good citizens

My blood
Is heating up
Boiling in ecstasy
Envisioning a world
Where no blood is wasted
But staining
The inviting leather of my whip


Once my blood will leave my veins again
Voluntary and planned
To become one with life giving waters
Carried by fire and ashes
Floating peacefully on turbulent waves
Crossing unknown horizons
To Lilith and Shirah


  1. Incantation to all Sacred Goddesses

    Please give us the "bond" of Ayesha

    and say to all the forces:

    Any house that She enter,
    we are not worthy to enter,
    Any courtyard that She walk
    we are not worthy to walk.
    An eternal bond has been established for us.
    Ayesha established it for us,
    along with all the gods
    and the counsultation of all the holy ones.
    Through the bond of heaven and earth,
    Through the bond of Hawron's wife,
    who always speaks the truth,
    and her seven co-wives
    and the eight wives of Ba'l....


  2. Oh, allright, if u want to look at it that way :)

    This the fool follows her, drinks from the cup of wine,
    fornicates with her, deviates after her.
    What does she do?
    She leaves him sleeping in bed.
    She ascends, denounces him, obtains permission, and descends.
    That fool wakes up and plans to play with her as before.
    But she removes her decorations
    and turns into a powerful warrior confronting him.
    Arrayed in armor of flashing fire,
    his awesome terror vibrates the victim's body and soul.
    He is full of fearsome eyes;
    in his hand a sharp-edged sword drips bitter drops.
    He kills that fool and flings him into hell.

    Remember tho. I'm not a goddess, nor do i want to be one!

  3. Thank you Ayesha... I will remember...


  4. Very powerful

    I like "appalling good citizens"

  5. I do too. It's more or less borrowed from the great MLK, who used it in one of his inspiring speeches.

  6. Nothing wrong with that. It's well placed in the poem.

  7. " Envisioning a world
    Where no blood is wasted" to bring justice for " innocent millions" Victims of
    "Judges open to corruption
    And laws of the foul elite,
    Slaughtered by indifferent politicians
    Greedy captains of industry
    And appalling good citizens"; Gave life to those words. If Blood, this material liquid, holding the essence of life is poisonous for some,for others who feel the passion in your anger and the love in your wrath it shall be the elixir for a better transition.

  8. Well said! And encouraging too!