Friday, March 2, 2012

No Compromiso

During a recent exchange of comments/opinions i had with the owner of another blog, i wrote among other things: I don't trade anything. I don't think in priorities. I never compromise.

This triggered the following reaction: I call bullshit on that. A military member who's faced combat and has never had to compromise? Ludicrous Either you have no principles to be compromised or you refuse to acknowledge that you've faced situations in which conflicting principles had to be prioritized and action taken.

And a little later: In a variety of settings, virtually every single one I can think of, those are incredibly fanciful claims. From my vantage point as a family member of those who've been in combat I know it is especially unrealistic in a war zone.

So there u have it (1) . Stating that i never compromise, is unrealistic, ludicrous, an incredibly fanciful claim, and bullshit. Bang!

So there u have it (2). Stating that i never compromise, shows that i have no principles or that i refuse to acknowledge reality. Bang, bang!

It’s not my intention to discuss and repeat this here again. U can read it all on her blog. Find it halfway the comment section. As i recall it starts with me entering in the middle of her rant (and the usual follow up rants from her supporters) about on-liners telling her and other alleged dominant women how they should behave, saying: Hmmmm, is this how real dominant women write? All silly stuff of cors, but still good to have a laugh or 2.

What i do want to say here is this. The lady who accuses me of #1 and #2, is confusing compromise with making a choice. And choices i make indeed. All the time actually. But compromises? Nah, i hate those. They r not for me. I’ll never choose for them. Why is that? Cos when people compromise they never get what they wanted in the first place. And neither does the other party. It’s actually a lose-lose situation. And who wants that? Not me. People do it all the time tho. Why is that? Cos they rather go with less than to get nothing. And also cos they don’t believe that it’s possible to get what they want, or r afraid of the other party. So they choose to compromise.

To compromise became a way of living. It’s a lifestyle driven by fear for missing out, not being worthy, and cowardice. To compromise is seeking an easy way out. Often with devastating and horrible results. Of cors this makes its practitioners feel bad, lousy, and inferior about themselves. That they don’t want either, and can’t bear with same. So they start looking for a solution to sooth those feelings, to get rid of them. Eureka! How about making compromising a virtue, a good thing, a way that shows how realistic u r, how great u r in assessing the situation, and then act on it according to ur new found credo: "I did the best I could"? An absurd idea, but a helpful one. A sublime way to run with the hare and hunt with the hounds. And of cors a great excuse for being a coward.

No wonder they resist, and call me a liar and delusional, when i come along and casually declare that i don’t compromise. It’s too painful for them to be confronted with that, to be reminded of how lousy their point of view and how pitiful their behavior actually is. It hurts too much. It shatters their perfectly constructed world, their illusionary reality. "Damn, we can’t let that happen! En garde!" Ergo, what Ayesha says must be bullshit. Open mind anyone?

To compromise, to negotiate what is not negotiable, to discuss what shouldn’t be discussed, to stray from the highway and settle for a middle road, will only lead to more wars, more poverty, more inequality, more hunger, more bigotry, more betrayal, more hidden agendas, more distrust, and more vanilla slavery. U should say no to that! And act accordingly. Time to change a paradigm or 2 wouldn’t u say?

Yes it’s hard to think out of ur box, to blow up ur soap bubble, and to leave ur comfort zone for a while. It’s terrifying to acknowledge that most of ur views, beliefs, and paradigms, were imposed on u, that u identified with them without checking if they truly belonged to u, and that it is u who became a clone of ur society, blindly following ur leaders. Even more so, if u believe that it is u who belongs to the righteous ones, that u see things as they really r, that u deserve that medal, that u r a hero, that u have that glorious open mind, and r supported in that by other crippled ones.

Life is about making real choices people. Not compromises. Compromises r for people who don’t dare to stand up for themselves, who will betray their loved ones in favor of the enemy, and still believe they’re doing the right thing. And u know what? Even when making a choice without compromising, not being a coward, going for what u think is the right thing to do, and not giving in, u can’t be sure u made the right choice, cos u never will know what would have happened had u chosen differently. Yeah, life is also about taking risks, about celebrating them, about uncertainty, and passionately embracing same. Yes, when it comes right down to it, life is a bitch. She truly is. But a sexy one. Precious, passionate, and whimsical. Just like u always wanted her to be. Unless u try to compromise with her. Then life is a dick. He truly is. To be precise: A lame and limp one.


  1. Mistress Ayesha,

    I agree it is driven by fear. Specifically, fear of being socially shunned and being denied interpersonal approval.

    I believe it was Shakespeare who coined the phrase, “To thy own self be true”. If I understand correctly, you are saying maintain the inner truth of your core beliefs, even if temporary decisions which run counter are required. I agree with this completely and thank you for eloquently putting your thoughts into a post.

    I do find people who live in a state of relativism to be extraordinarily difficult to be near. Further, I find it breads an inner discontent in them which like a dark cloud around them, never goes away. It is like they had a core meltdown (al la nuclear reactor kinda thing) and are subsequently toxic. Just like it is okay to be near Chernobyl for a moment or two but not for extended durations, these people are difficult & toxic to be around for an extended time.

    I do ask about the concept of moral relativism. It’s alternative is absolute good/evil. I do believe in absolute good/evil, and feel all people free of severe mental incapacities do as well. The architects of the United States government expressed the need of citizens to be guided by this innate sense. In their minds it was a futile exercise for a totalitarian government to exercise the level of control necessary for people without such a bearing. This is why you see them make laws such as “We will vote on Tuesdays.” and not an outline of a moral code. It was assumed by them a moral code was present in all and therefore the knowledge of good/evil was common among all people.

    Today, there is schools of thoughts that good/evil are relative to the situation. To my mind this is denying innate truths. Some common flag posts are the ten commandments, the seven deadly sins, and the summarized “Do unto others” golden rule. Those can be rationalized and debated to some extent. For instance, the commandment ‘Thou shalt not commit adultery’. Well yes, but what is adultery. Recorded in scripture are polymorus marriages. If two people agree in covenant that one is bound to fidelity, and the other is not, then the person who is free of the obligation of fidelity does not commit adultery by having sex with another person. In fact it would be expected under such a covenant and not be sinful. In fact, the prophet Nathan tells David he has been blessed by god with more then one wife. He entered into a covenant with several women where they were bound to fidelity to him, but he was not bound to fidelity to them. It is the covenant which defines good/evil in this situation. For instance, Both parties do as they agree to. It is the breaking of the covenant which is evil/sinful.

    So the good/evil absolutes do have a measure of ambiguity, but by in large I feel it a truth that the knowledge of absolute good/evil is common among all people. Those who rationalize this away become toxic, as they need constantly deny the innate truth and as such live in chronic discontent.

    My apologies for the long comment.

    Have a good weekend, Mistress Ayesha.



  2. Many come here and read my blog. Few dare to comment. Often cos they recognize themselves in my descriptions, but r averse to admit same, and rather continue with what they shouldn't continue with. This particular one is no exception. Since this morning it was read by a substantial amount of people, but up till now u were the only one who commented on it. So, no worries about the length of ur comment. Just say what u want to say :)

    If u haven't done so already, read Sam Keen's "To a Dancing God". In there u'll find a passage in which he tells us that we simply feel what's right and wrong, and perfectly well know when we r doing the wrong thing or not. It's just that we often silence our inner compass, and stray from it for whatever lousy reason. Then later explain away our mistake, by pointing out we had no other choice or something.

    And whilst u r to it, read from the same writer "Fire in the Belly".

  3. I read this post early in the morning.It touched me so deeply and thoughts were rushing in my mind that i decided to wait before commenting.
    I may be a close minded person when it comes to compromise values or principles I honor, believe into and are part of my life style however I am always open to listen calmly, respectfully and with open heart to others opinions.
    That has helped me a lot to dissect Lady Ayesha blogs,it took some years :), and try to find out always the main purpose or message she is communicating.
    About this Blog all I can say is that we don't need anymore another "Massada" or "Mila 18". We don't need more heroes suicide or get killed just because some people somewhere have compromised.
    We need, to prevent irreversible situation, by choices and action we took on community or group level.
    We need, to win but still we can learn a bit from our enemies and accept a "temporary peace" when needed be or refuse our enemies that choice if it is not convenient to us.
    I want to see life in the eyes of those heroes and Martyrs and when each one of us can start doing it, then we will understand that compromises became a sin.

    1. Took u some years eh? U could have known tho. Many found, and still find, it extremely difficult to comprehend what's erupting from the space below my dura mater. And there's reason why i'm also known as NostraDomina, the Sphinx of the Jungle, and other names i'm not going to reveal here :)

      The best way to not fall into the trap of making others responsible for my deeds, was to NOT being a member of organizations, movements, and clubs. Also, NOT supporting the trend to give governments more power, and NOT accepting the law to stand above me. Reason why i never wanted feminine femdom to become a movement either.

  4. Thank you for your answer.It reflects exactly what I always wanted to say.
    The most difficult thing is to decipher the codex erupting from your "sacrosanct heart".
    I wish one day, that my eyes cross yours for seconds in this life and I know it is YOU without been given names. I will dance with their flames and be responsible for my deeds.
    With much love and respect to a woman of integrated substance.

    1. So u think u would recognize me if let's say i was strolling Rue Verdun and u would happen to be there as well?


  5. May be... nothing wrong to wish good things :)

  6. @Bitch Boi. U posted twice. One comment u removed urself. For unknown reasons the other one disappeared as well. Post it again, and i'll respond to its contents.

  7. Well shiver me timbers. I basically said in a world of limited resources all of mankind cannot develop an attitude such as the one you hold dear - a life of no compromise! The laws of life dictate that compromise exists for the progeny of our species. If it did not, we would be destined for eternal strife as a whole and death would eventually follow. It is impossible to have a world free from destruction if none if it's inhabitants are unwillingly to compromise. It is a direct contradiction given the nature of the beast (humans).

    Not all of those who live a life of compromise should be outfitted with insults of inadequacy, or are necessarily cowards. Perhaps it these people that understand life beyond the superficial.

  8. Hmmmm, u seem to have a lot of traditional assumptions there hidden up ur sleeve bitchy lad. And some of them managed to peep into the world i see.

    But tell me:
    - What exactly r the laws of life?
    - Will death NOT follow if we make compromising our way of living?
    - What IS the nature of the human beast?

    Like i argued already, i dare to say that destruction, death, hunger, wars, etc r a direct result from a world where compromising was declared a virtue. Contrary to ur way of thinking, it's the rebels, the ones who deny to negotiate, to give in, and to settle for less, who brought and will bring change to a world where most people still r struggling for their daily bread, and r suffering from the treaties, conventions, and compromises, made by so called world leaders and their acolytes, supported by the masses which were indoctrinated with this foul idea that they also must subscribe to compromising as a virtue, as the one thing that would help them to enter a better world, instead of having the courage to dump that erroneous paradigm and leave it behind when passing the next landfill on their road to hell.

  9. Ayesha, death of this phase of life will always follow no matter ANY choice we make. As such, certain death is one of these laws I speak of.

    So let it be said, here and now, that death itself is NOT the cause for concern. No! It is by the means in which we ascend to the hereafter. The pilgrimage, the collections of individual choice between the alpha and omega. It is to say strife will litter our existence IF humans adapt a never compromise attitude.

    I believe that there are *potential* laws of life out there. However, I use the term loosely because absolute knowledge is a great question and one I obviously lack the wisdom to answer.

    The quasi-law I spoke of earlier was that human nature has it that avarice, temptation, excellence, are all driving forces of human action. If, what I say here is true, then it is obvious to see uncompromising humans will surely fashion a world of bloodshed. That is the human beast. An ugly one. Perhaps ill-fated. Is the current state of the world NOT a testament to which I speak of? What of the past? Ah if I only I had a crystal ball to gaze into the future...

    1. Aha, now i see. According to u i must be some sort of evil high priestess, sardonically planning to litter ur existence and that of ur brethren and sisters with strife, while simultaneously luring all good willing people inhabiting ur precious world into gruesome and never ending bloodshed. Is that what u r saying?

  10. And I a devout monk of the monastery to you. How cruel this life is that allows for an opinion to exist outside the stratagem of your own... I think it's beautiful. Alas, no that is not what I am saying. I would be ever presumptuous to think such thoughts. I do not know your thought processes well enough. So how could I?

    What I am saying is that compromise does have a place in this world. A pivotal place. Not one always of cowardice. However, this is a motley existence and I believe that there is also a place for people to not compromise.

    1. "a devout monk of the monastery"? U? Nah, i could never picture u like that. U r a bitch boi, ergo the boy of a bitch.....or something. But never a monk. Oh no. And besides, being a part time rubber nun and for some time now promoted to a pitching in Mother Superior, u wouldn’t have a chance to become a member of the monastery adjacent to my convent, hehehe.

      U know, i don't give a rat's ass about people's opinions. It's what they do with them that counts.

      Anyway, back to ur opinion. Ponder this: Compromising is actually competing in hiding. And competing we have and had enough of already don't u think?

  11. Dashing! A couple play on words.

    I shudder to think what fate awaits those unsuspecting abbots. I don't know that your looming threat will stop me. I am a courageous young initiate after all.

    Cheers! I'll drink to that.

    Yes, I suppose you could say compromising has an *element* of competition to it. I don't know that compromising is always as... well... competitive as competition. Could we not call it negotiating? However, couldn't I also say compromising is a means to an end of infinitely worse competition? A necessary step to prevent a blaze of glory?

    1. We? Nah, not we. But u go ahead boy, and say whatever u like. And being that courageous young initiate and all, nobody would have the guts to stop u anyhow.

      Best thing u can do now is go, and hurry to the blog of the woman i was referring to. U will feel so much more at home over there.

      Oh, and happy compromising.

  12. Lmao. Now look at that. This was already too much for the Courageous One. He left. Not even tried to compromise (sob sob).

  13. Oh Ayesha... not only am I courageous, I am wise. Obviously unbeknownst to yourself you've already conceded to my victory. At any rate, your black magic has worked and tainted my holiness - I am back and perfectly willingly to scrawl with the pen some more if you have something of substance to say.

    Run from the opportunity to duel against a cynic? PALEEZ, save the dreams for when you are sleeping.

    1. U must be a descendent of that comical trio which allegedly once came from the east and on their way to salvation lost their way into oblivion, desperately trying to follow in their footsteps now, to copy their ill chosen pseudo wisdom, in a feeble attempt to change ur color.

      FO REELZ! Don't kid urself kid. U only came back cos u had no other choice. U simply need what ur Princess (when will she step up the ladder and become ur evil and cruel queen?) is unable to give u. Still, not courageous enough to do it all the way. And u think u r a slave? Hahahaha. FO REELZ! Don't kid urself kid. U just r one of the vanilla crowd, in for a few silly games, pretending them to be the real stuff.

      Um.....what's a cynic?

  14. Okay, I'll bite. I'll play.

    East huh? I hear they catch a lot of fish out east this time of year. That trio didn't happen to be a couple fishermen?

    I do applaud you on proving your "no compromise" point by eluding to mocking and insulting me. Encore! Encore! Refer to above - you conceding to me. From now on you can call me Master.

    By the nine Ayesha?! How could you ask me such an obvious question? My dear, YOU are the embodiment of cynicism. Therefore a cynic is... well... you!

    I'll have none of your bigotries Ayesha! You can pretend you define my existence all you want. Truth being you are simply just jealous of my Princess. The fact that she owns and controls me, I, being someone you can only DREAM of casting under your spell infuriates you. How brilliant and beautiful of a woman she must be huh? Oh I assure you she is and more.

  15. U'll bite? Toothless? Oh my.

    U'll play? But of cors u do. That's what i said. U r a player. Hush, hush, hurry back to Princess now u hear. She's waiting to play act 2 scene IV.

    Ah si......Ayesha the Cynic. Sounds great. Would u believe people have called me that b4? And u joined the party too. When people r asked to define for instance, vain, cruelty, annoyance, unforgiven, beauty, sarcasm, arrogance, uncompromising, femdom, cnadufigy, megalomania, and death, they often come up with my name. It's so uplifting u know. Does this happen to u too?

    "I'll have none of........". Oh mama, u too couldn't resist projecting ur own pedestrian crap onto me. u have her permission to waste her precious time here with me?

  16. Lmao. I love your insults. What are they based on again? Oh right. Nothing. You insult me purely on conjecture. Bravo! Again I applaud this effort. At this very moment I am going to stop typing, stand, and applaud you. One moment please.... Ah there we are.

    I'll give you this. You do well at starting a flame war to stray from the issue at hand - Me making an argument and you having no response. What is this now? The third time I've mentioned my triumph? And surely the third time you'll ignore it.

    WowZA!!! Nice to know you're proud to be associated with so many ugly words. We could sing a jingle together to celebrate?

    Yes it does happen to me. I am known as Boo Boo the Braveheart slayer of cynicism. I once asked a fine maiden to describe me in a few words and she retorted, "empyrean, truthful, passionate, resolute, humble, fortuitous." We haven't officially introduced ourselves? Semi-charmed to make your acquaintance.

    Consider me the luster in your blackness.

    1. It was movie night in That Place again. Lucinda and Ayesha were cuddling up on the couch while Anita turned on the media player, searching for Braveheart. The 3 vixens loved this flick. It took them back to a time when men were still men, strong warriors who could fight, lovers who knew how to love, powerhouses who only could thrive as the slave of a true woman, and a far cry from nowadays weasels doing dishes, wearing cb's, and licking the feet of wannabe dominas faking to be royalty and silly stuff alike. Yes a lovely evening it was.

      But was what that? Did someone come in? Was that a whisper? A desperate voice from a stranger in need of help perhaps? Maybe a jester, a sad clown in need of attention for his lousy wit? was just the wind.


    I confess! I confess! Your ideals have become so clear to me now. It's as if a great burden as been suddenly lifted off my shoulders! You have liberated me. Godspeed Aicha.

    1. Having received ur drivel for some time now, i didn’t expect much, but Boo Boo, now i’ve seen u, i must say, u r one ugly kid u know. Yes, truth to be told, that’s what u r. Even uglier than i could imagine. And u can’t sing either. Ur voice is terribly lame. Here, take this grocery bag, and hide ur face on ur way out.

      Btw, is this Aicha u r whining about ur beloved princess?

  18. Hey, don't be mean. I could suffocate from that grocery bag. Besides that kid has a heart and that's what matters.

    Aicha you are the worst kind of troll that lurks the vicarious grounds of the internet lol. Do you realize that?

    You know, one of us is going to eventually have to be the classy and mature one here and end this drivel.

    Unfortunately for you Aicha, that wasn't me singing on that video. I would never give you that pleasure to gaze upon me. Rather, the torment of viewing a slave that you could never bring under your reigns. Since I'm feeling peachy I'll give you some juicy information though. I have sung and played my guitar for Princess in the past. :)

    1. After serenading La Princesa, you could go and fight a couple of windmills in her honour too.

    2. Well he could try. But he should be very careful, as i suspect a rookie like him to get crushed by the first sail he would encounter.

      I wonder if his beloved pea lover is hiding somewhere around here. I mean, he keeps talking to her. Hmmm, maybe he's simply too afraid to approach her in her castle face to face, and hence he's mumbling to himself in my hospitable blog.

    3. Boo Boo is a lad with slut and whore fantasies. He keeps in touch with someone that plays along with him over those themes and gives him some masturbation tasks and punishment by phone or computer. At least that's what he said in the second entry of his blog.

  19. Gosh, seems the Boi left again. This time he fled the scene hiding under the Tarnkappe stolen from king Laurin, telling himself how classy and mature this action was.

    It never varies :)

    1. You know a lot of popular myths and tales. Did I tell you once about Snow White, the housewife domme who's sweeping out provocative comments with her broom, keeping a clean house for the intellectual dwarfs on her blog?

      "Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the sexiest of them all..."

    2. I can only guess. DD? Ferns? Both certainly qualify for that position.

      Angelina is more my type. Ur Snow White doesn't even come close to the femininity of that woman, and should indeed only mingle with small people.

    3. I know you like AJ, so how could I resist that pic, with the flames and all ;)

      The Snow White in my little story is Dedê. She joined the club of the classy and mature with that swift double deletion.

    4. Yes, that was a very weak performance, showing she's easily provoked/controlled, and not as dominant as she likes to portray herself. I think she's taking herself a bit too seriously, lacking a genuine dose of humor too.

    5. "The monastery adjacent to my convent" was a good one, haha!

    6. Comes in handy when we need a monk or 10 for our orgies and bacchanalia.

    7. Yeah right. At the mercy of merciless rubber nuns in heat.