Monday, January 4, 2010

I'm Medicine for..........

Above u find yet another picture from the masterful hand of Nanshakh. This time in its unedited form. Consider it a tribute to this giant among the giants. It was drawn by him a couple of years ago, and meant to grasp my physical appearance and personality. These days one can encounter this fabulous illustration on many sites around the Net, often stolen, but also decorating the site of a pro who caught his heart and to whom he is supposedly a slave now. Well, so to speak eh, cos i don't think he's participating in the flock of human dogs she's entertaining.

Ø men who believe they r masters
Ø women who eat too much
Ø people who r constantly telling others “I love you”
Ø jokers full of wit
Ø nazis in drag
Ø pimps who r beating their whores
Ø d/s aficionados lacking a d or a s
Ø housewives chatting in a gym
Ø smokers resisting lung cancer
Ø poets writing clichés
Ø slaves who behave like subs
Ø generals away from the frontlines
Ø women who want to emancipate
Ø CEO’s who think it’s them running the company
Ø mistresses with virtual slaves
Ø politicians cheating on honest agendas
Ø she-males who refuse to be sexy
Ø scumbags with no balls
Ø rubber lovers neglecting their rubber
Ø males claiming to be lesbian
Ø parents exploiting their children
Ø women who r bowing to men
Ø cowards trying to escape from the whip
Ø masters who believe they r men

Ø and………..
Ø the rest of the congregation still waiting in the waiting room

Told u………i’m a regular Florence Nightingale, the Lady with the Lamp, Ruthless Rubber Nurse, enhancing ur discomfort and pain.


  1. I'm waiting. The blog is hers, let her entry speak for itself awhile.

    But now it has been some days, and nobody says a word here! Makes you wonder if there could be a minefield in this one? Well, the fox trots in:

    Ayesha in the park. Original, no watermark, and in high resolution. For a certain nice detail to be clearly seen. Ownership and attitude clearly stated.

    Is there also a "tampered with version", Ayesha-style, made into a moonlit reading, to go with the overall nocturnal feeling in here?

    Not far fetched at all! Reading in the evening is fine, with a pair of reading glasses to make the most of the dim light - I bet there are quite a few who would not mind at all seeing her like that, ha-ha! ... Ah-hm, but not me, I must hasten to add - I am only making fun of this cliché.

    Anyway, and jokes away! It was great to see one of this artist's pictures in bigger format - Gives a different view of what it is he's doing. In a good image viewer, this one can be zoomed up to an amazing size. Maybe I should go over to his atelier and buy some of his work? (I am sincere, there will be no joke here, about anything regarding other persons - I'm commenting on this weblog, and its keeper.)

    I think I'll buy that special version, the one WITH the glasses!

    The fox leaves.

  2. Sure there r a few "Ayesha-style"

    Sure u can go to his atelier, be amazed of what he is capable of, his passion, and his drive for excellence. Be prepared tho, when there, to cope with his wit, sarcasm, and dark criticism directed at regular bdsm-ers.

  3. Regular bdsm?!? I had been thinking of also asking him to maybe remove the whip and those two fellows there too!

    No. Let's stop here. Fun is fun, and you kindly let me have mine. Your answer is a good one, elaborating on the topic of the post. I will not make silly comedy here - My comments becomes part of your blog, and I am well aware of the extremely serious and personal content that can be found in "Ayesha's Saudade".

    And besides, there are other people in here as well, as this entry of yours is one that will be of interest to a few.

    So then, having seized the soapbox once again, I will ask for patience from these people, as I will continue just a little bit:

    When I was a kiddie, there was something called "bizarre", and S&M. Strange stuff indeed, and quite hidden away, most of the time. There was room for a lot of fantasy in those days. One could read some history, some fiction. Look at people, sense things that you didn't know exactly what were. Suddenly there were SUBculture, and the #%@ safe words!!!

    S&M was something about beating people, I think, mainly. But I cannot really go into serious conversation about these things, as I have no clue to what it all means today. That's why I prefer a little more casual... hm... style, of speaking. As one would, in a meeting where there were no exact terminology ready at hand.

    I strayed from the topic! Thanks for your answer.

  4. Strangely enough (hmmm may be not THAT strange huh), when discussing this picture with him years ago, i too suggested his drawing would gain substance when these 2 fellows were erased from it. But the whip? Oh no. The whip stays, cos if there's one thing i'm addicted to, besides leather, rubber and boots, it's whips, especially the single tails and the ones called St Chris.

    Ssc? Grrrrrr. Bah! Yuck!

    Mainstream d/s hasn't meaning at all. It's just a variant of boring vanilla sex, exercised by people who r lacking the passion and guts to go where their fantasies r trying to lead them. Of cors, linked to that r those, preying on those fools, by taking up for instance the role of a domina, purely for raising some $$$ to pay for their leased car or trip on a cruise ship.

  5. Speaking of ships: The description of the slavetrader is fine reading. That part about cleaning loinclothes and water skiing! Fine prose indeed. It's Nanshakh, I reckon.

  6. Yes loincloths (without the 'e' eh?), r definitely his thing. Or maybe were? As i understood, he's much more enthralled now by the Lady with the Dogs, so maybe leashes and shock collars replaced that loincloth thingy.

  7. Então, com o Sr. Nanshakh devidamente louvado, está na hora de cair fora. Pois vejo o pelourinho plantado firme na praça... Existem códigos entre homens, e estou perigosamente perto de desrespeitá-los.

    Também não são estes belos "cartoons" que mais me interessam neste jornal. Vou seguir entonces, pr'aquelas páginas, aquelas matérias que despertaram minhas saudades.

    E quem sabe, deixar ali uns comentários, se for possível convocar a musa.

  8. Codes? Oh come on, forget them. They will only spoil ur passion, lust, and.....muse.