Monday, January 11, 2010

Look at me slave

Look at me slave
When i spit into ur mouth
To trigger ur lust

Look at me slave
When the hood goes on
And the smell of rubber
Takes possession of ur ego

Look at me slave
When i’m uncoiling my whip
Anticipating ur blood

Look at me slave
When skyscraper heels
Approach ur aching body
To open ur flesh

Look at me slave
When my leather stained temple
Mutes ur voice

Look at me slave
When razor edged nails
Dig deep into the wounds
I inflicted upon u

Look at me slave
When the iron sinks in
Branding u with my name

Look at me slave
When i dance
In front of u
Touching myself

Look at me slave
When in ecstasy
U make love to my boots

Look at me slave
When ur manhood is forced
To rise and stand tall
Only to collapse in agony

Look at me slave
When i abandon u
To enslave a woman instead


Yearn for me slave
When alone in ur cell
Bound in strict leather
Chained to the floor
Awaiting the hour
That never will come


  1. Your writing is interesting, however you would sound way more convincing, if you wouldn't use abbreviations such as " ur, u, r " !

    It gives me as a reader a eyesore and makes you as the writer look ignorant.

  2. Oh gosh....really? But that's awful. Um....or was that awesome? Geeeez, i have to look that up.

    But.......pssssst.....those r not abbreviations u know. Where have u been? It's the new way to spell!

  3. You may spell like this via text on a cell phone, but as a blogger if you want to be taking seriously - this is not the " new way " to spell!

  4. Behold, let it be known then, written in stone, burnt in the heavens, and spread among all bloggers dwelling on land, at sea, in the air, or wherever they're hiding: Ayesha doesn't want to be taken seriously. Period!

  5. Anal retentive Noor? I'm not very fond of 'new' spelling as I consider it the step brother of spelling mistakes, however, knowing Ayesha's style of writing for a number of years your critique is misplaced. Call it her style, her way of communicating, whatever, it's simply the way Ayesha writes, so you either like it or you don't. I happen to like the message and description of boots, heels, spit… (needless to say it ‘moved' something in my groin as well ;-) Besides, Ayesha hardly needs me to stand up for her; she can do perfectly herself! It's like any other writer; take Faulkner for example, you either like his style or you don't. It's got nothing to do with being more 'convincing' and while we are on the subject of eyesores, your statement that the writer comes across as 'ignorant' IS an eyesore. You drop that little adjective into your text without any motivation at all! Ignorance implies lacking education, knowledge or sophistication. How do you know this about Ayesha? Since you don't know this I can only assume ignorance on your part.

  6. U got that right Ron. Indeed i can take care of myself. Even more so than this Noor person could imagine. Nevertheless, ur comment warmed my heart, as it's rare someone stands up for me in CyberLand.