Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Four days ago I stumbled over a Yahoo profile, created by a male calling himself Tab. He wrote:

“Reward power is reward based. Coercive Power is fear based. Legitimate Power is position based. Expert Power is knowledge based. Reverent Power………..”

Now, power has its charm of cors. But only in the vanilla world. In my world it’s more kind of a relic, saved out of curiosity, to be used when people employed by me, r procrastinating, r goofing off, have the nerve to harass me, ......well u know, that kind of thing.

Naturally i make use of it as well, and with sardonic pleasure i must say, when dealing with pseudo thrill seekers, the ones who believe submission is a gift, that recreational femdom is the real thing, and who r convinced i’m in this world to satisfy their repressed sexual drive during their leisure time. Occasionally, i let these poor wanderers feel what it truly means to be really humiliated, and forced into activities which r a long shot from what they had in mind, and then guide them out of the garden of their dreams, which turned out to be a nightmare, back to the safe comfort zone they came from. When in a good mood, i slip the cell number of an excellent pro-domme into their trembling macho hands b4 leaving, so they can get some illusionary relief after all.

Oh yes, and also when politicians behaving even worse than they normally do, or (sigh) when my garbage is not collected in time. But then we’re already in the suburbs of VanillaLand eh?

Above i inserted Tab’s profile picture, in a bit retouched form of cors (grin), and wrote on his page the following:

Ah yes power. So many kinds of it. So much talk about it. Who cares? Yes i know: A lot. But why? It's only a balance thingy. A relative thingy so to speak. Something a moron has more or less of, depending on the more or less of other morons. Now look at ur profile pic. It seems that girl lost all of her power. But did she really? I say: In that position she’s more powerful than ever b4. It’s meaningless tho. Power belongs to the vanilla world. Keep it there. Let it rot there, and ultimately decompose there. In the world of d/s it has no place. Look at ur girl again, stripped from all power, and yet so powerful. She is ur slave. R u her slave? Come on, do it now. Feel her, feel urself, unite with her, unite with urself, merge with her into one powerful Gestalt, lost in passion and lust. Who would care about power in moments like that, when all control is lost, and all control is manifesting itself in one powerful wave of greed and ecstasy, when the only thing left is an overwhelming desire to disappear together in an unfathomable abyss, never to return again, welded to each other by an unbreakable bond of flesh and spirit?

It took him some time but there it was: Tab’s reply (unedited):

@Ayesha:Thank you for your comments and yes your comments and view points were appreciated ..I think that you were the first to comment on the actual word I agree that power is irrelevant and only creates a sense to whoever gives or receives as long as both derive their own pleasure out of the deed! At the end of the day though it does not really matter how but what each person gained from the experience that counts and thanks again for your interest..hope to hear from you again.

Hmmmmm, i wasn't really charmed by his comment, and i think he missed the essence, and some of the fine nuances of my point, but hey, it was much better than the usual drivel i’m exposed to in Cyberspace. Reason why i honored his request to take a seat on my list over there. Sitting there for a while might make him aware of what the real consequences r when kicking the concept of power out of the d/s realm. And who knows, maybe one day, he’ll also find the power to look into himself, in his psyche, in his soul, and find what he was not looking for. Time will learn, if he belongs to those which i consider the right stuff.

And u know what i consider even more powerful? A relentless desire to look into the soul of ur soul slave (if u have one), and find the treasures she’s hiding. As for me? It turns me on the mega way, not only to look for them, but also to force them out of her, to give her no rest, till our souls collide and explode, creating one new supernova. How about that huh? Am I the lyrical one here or what? Yes people that’s what femdom is about. The rest is decoration. True, decoration is important as well, and can be very thrilling, exciting, and adding to the intensity and overall passion to unite. But like it is with the wrapping of a present, it’s just that, wrapping, which by itself is nothing.

Excuse me? Him? Oh him. But of cors. I’ll force his treasures out of him too. Alas, not so many males have the power, or the stomach for that. But the ones that have? Caramba, those r a real treat. I once had such a true male chained to a whipping pole, and...........


  1. Hi Ayesha... I miss your posts. Are you taking a breather for a while. I know I don't post much but I do read your blog. Miss you!

  2. I saw u r in awe with Pat Vandel. I hate women like that. So u r not my friend anymore.

  3. Reading your blog has been a turning point for me.Where I live even thinking is not allowed to be free,let alone acting on it.
    After going through your blog,I have been able to gather enough courage to say that someday I will serve a worthy woman.In fact I've always wanted to do that.couldn't accept it though;to myself or to others.
    Being able to write this post and face the truth has been the most powerful I,ve felt in all my life.

  4. Probably u r still very young then :)

  5. :) I agree! Going through my post again does remind me of my days as a teenager.
    I have grown up in a very traditional environment. It's a place where you have to follow a very rigid code of conduct to be called a "good guy" (which,by the way is supposed to be the pinnacle of achievement!)
    For 18 years it was constantly drilled into me that complying with the society's norms was the best and the only way! It's only been only 5 years since I've begun to question this and started thinking independently.
    It was difficult for me to accept that I was "not normal"! ( Now i realise that the very definition of normal I had was flawed)
    I was taught that expressing love without restraint was condemnable,it was blasphemy to accept that true love can never be restrained.
    True learning begins when one realises the depth of his own ignorance. I think I've....So,the greenhorn has taken the first step.......

  6. Ahh... I see you're still spying and judging. Fair enough. You say "I hate women like that." Like what?

  7. Thanks for the advice. It'll surely be acted upon.
    Right now I'm not a follower of any specific ideology like female supremacy.I'm trying to learn about all of them so that I can decide what my stand would be. There are many schools of thought in this area and discriminating the real stuff from the fake ones is tough.But that's exactly where your blog has been of immense help.

  8. Oh yes, I know full well who she is. That's not my question. You said "I hate women like [Pat Vandel]." What does that mean; what is she "like"?

  9. If u know her that well, then u also know perfectly well what i meant. Besides the subject came up once in AST as well, and was thoroughly discussed there. So u just want to drag it out of me again, to hear it once more. I'm not really inclined to do u this favor, but to make it clear to those readers who didn't get a clue, even after i mentioned “Madam Kommandante”, here it is: I hate people who embrace anything related to nazi shit, even if they claim it's only fantasy. Not clear enough? Read my blog “Ἀποκάλυψις 4”.

  10. Yes, now I remember. I had forgotten about that element as it seems to have faded somewhat from her group. But now that you mention it I DO recall it being discussed here. It's all fantasy, of course, but your opinions are of course legitimate. Fair enough.

    I have no strong opinions on that fantasy element myself. I'm not attracted to it, that is it's not a necessary part of a domination fantasy, nor do I judge others for including it as fantasy. I should point out, however, that I am repulsed by legitimate anti-semitism in real life. And I suspect that's not part of Madame's agenda either.

  11. amazing words, i really marvel at your way of thinking, your stuff makes me get that evil little smirk on my face, like the smirk you get when you know you did something naughty, or the hottest guy in the room looks at you and you pretend not to care. haha.

  12. @ Silver.

    I wrote extensively on the subject of these so called fantasies. I’m not going to discuss this here again. But since all this is of utmost importance to me, i uploaded a few quotes from the past (slightly edited), for the record:

    “Any play which finds its roots in appalling episodes of mankind, were people were slaughtered etc, should not be repeated in so called fantasy play.”

    “…………… where various groups r dedicated to role playing nazi-games, etc. Of cors, every participant is declaring how innocent these activities r, that they abhor what happened in the death camps, that their games have nothing to do with these atrocities, and bla, bla, bla.”

    “I despise those, who love to re-enact nazi atrocities, adore fascism/nazism role play, or belief they're doing nothing wrong when bringing this filth to d/s and femdom realms. Some people hate me for that, and i love them for hating me.”

    “To explain away this kind of role play, and even worse, to see same as some kind of medicine to avoid the real stuff, is sick in itself, and also stupid. It's like trying to cure a heroin addict, by offering him methadone.”

    “Fantasy play based on vanilla slavery, is mega sick”

    “Fantasy is not harmless as per definition. It often leads to r/l action, especially when the political climate turns to the ultra right!”

    “.... let us take away their fantasies, and let us make them rot in their arian hell or heaven, forcing them to chew on their swastikas.”

    Certis rebus certa signa praecurrunt.

    No hay peor sordo que el que no quiere oír.

  13. @ Justine Marie.

    So nice, But tell me, why was i told that Frank needed some privacy?

  14. Ayesha, your blogs are delicious!
    After a period of ultra hard work,
    well my bones hurted,
    but my mind so free and happy
    to see what is possible,
    i am thankful now to visit you
    and feel some coming home.
    And i will need some days
    to enjoy your brilliance.
    Pleasures on HighLevel,

    to shine here too
    cause the plants too
    need that pleasure energy!
    Rita* with Smiles

  15. The machine ate some words:
    "I wish the sun"
    will shine here too

  16. It's a pleasure to see u here once again Rita, and i'm sure the sun will grace ur gardens. As will the rain :|

  17. April 4:
    You said "I hate women like [Pat Vandel]."

    To my knowledge Pat Vandel or Clara High (same persons) are men

  18. Well, if what u say is true, i simply would have written: "I hate men like that".

  19. A long time closed list, and I thank you for the breadcrunbs which led me to this page today, Ayesha. You are a miracle of truth in the world.

    1. Many will be in disagreement with u, and i have no clue why, hehehe.