Sunday, May 16, 2010


This drawing is from Bernard Montorgeuil, one of the d/s illustrators i like. Of cors i played with it a bit, to make it more to my taste. Many artists tried to repeat his scene. Nanshakh too. His version u can find somewhere below. Also adjusted by me.

Being someone’s pet is in. Many males crave to be a dog, a pig, a worm, a pony, a rooster, or, well u name it, owned by a dominant woman. I met even one who wanted to be an elephant. And mind u, not an ordinary elephant roaming the local bdsm clubs. Oh no! No pedestrian zoo environment for that one. He wanted to dress up like a French maid elephant, wearing a black latex mini dress, stampeding on heels through my jungle dungeon. And what about a guy whose ultimate desire was to imitate a boa constrictor, meandering on the floor in search for my boots? I tell u, i engaged in some freaky farm and zoo scenes at the time my femdom was awakening. Woof!

Naturally there were also the more common animal scenarios, in which for instance i was invited to shoulder ride a man, who believed his happiness depended on simulating the behavior of a horse, carrying me in full equestrian attire from point A to point B. And if only these males would have wanted to be a proud Mustang, or a Lipizzaner stallion (sigh), but no, they preferred to strut around like a pony, some midget horse. My little pony escaped kindergarten, and a toddlers’ bedroom. Geeeez! Others entered their Walhalla when i leashed them like a dog, taking them for a walk around the block. Well…….um……..if they were courageous (crazy?) enough to go public, or when i really was in a mean mood and dragged them outside for all to see, whether they liked it or not. Most of the times tho, the best one can expect from these fierce Chihuahuas and timid Pit-bulls, is a short run in some remote and hidden backyard. What a sight, lol. A captain of industry, a powerful politician, or some nobody from the suburbs, getting naked, transforming himself into a panting dog, licking my boots, and barking like no real dog would ever bark. To think these men for instance r populating Wall Street, making extremely important financial decisions, which more than once determine the growth and decline of global markets, industrial complexes, and the financial wellbeing of individuals, makes me shiver. No wonder the world is constantly in crisis, at war, and repeating its history! Woof!

It’s not exclusively a male thing tho, as there r also females who get aroused, when imagining themselves being someone’s pet. Pony-girls everywhere. When cruising the Internet, it even looks as if there r many females in that area. Which is false of cors, as most r simply males, posing as females, wanting to behave like a slut. Yes there r plenty of slutty bitches out there in Cyberspace, carrying a huge clit between their legs. Woof!

Talking about online pets, the scene becomes even sillier than in r/l. I mean, how ridiculous can it get, walking the dog online eh? Or sending ur mistress a bark or 2 through ur keyboard? What about training and obedience school? Mistress is typing ‘heel boy’. Do these dogs wear a collar and leash when exchanging instant messages with their owner? R they on all fours, typing with their nose, or what? Woof!

Online there’s a special breed of owners too. They don’t care so much if their followers want to be an animal or not, but they sure want them to bark, rewarding them with a ‘lil pat’ on the head when they do. They also want them to giggle at all times, and to smear lipstick on their snout. There’s a notorious charlatan among them who’s trying to convince his sluts that he’s an expert on traditional hypnosis and NLP (Yes that’s Neuro-Linguistic Programming. How did u know?), luring his victims into his web, by offering them colorful spirals and other junk. A former female enemy of him is now his ally, delivering the same trash, by making and selling so called unique hypnosis videos. Everybody seems to be very active and happy tho, forming one big family in trance, giggling and barking 24/7/365. Woof!

But i digressed. Shame on me! This is not about trancing the perverted, but human pets. So, back to animal farm. Woof!

Really, i have nothing against these pet plays. I just find them utterly stupid, and completely out of range with femdom. I can’t imagine myself having done that in my youth. As a femdom rookie i probably joined in at that time cos i saw so many women of the velvet underground participating in activities like that. Nowadays i feel, all that is from a different era, when i too was still part of the male degrading and humiliating cult. And there r more like me, who left mainstream d/s, and the related world of appalling bdsm-porn. Woof!

Male fantasy is infinite. I know that. So r their fetishes. There’s no limit to those either. Animal role play is in. No doubt about that. Especially playing the pup or kitten, seems to be of great value to men. Therianthrophy refers to this phenomenon, and tries to explain it. But i ask u, what’s in it for us femdoms? What do we get out of it? Even according to mainstream d/s norms and values the dominant should be # 1, no? Pleasure and lust for the slave r of minor importance no? Slaves do only exist for the pleasure of their owner, no? We femdoms rule! So, r there women, who really enjoy riding on the back or the shoulders of a male? A male dressed up like a pony, with a tail sticking out of his butt? Women who dream about that, who get aroused when hopping around in the bedroom, wielding their riding crops? I don’t remember i ever got horny from that. But i sure felt stupid. I asked many women what their experiences were, and all of them disclosed to me, they found it rather inconvenient, ridiculous, if not stressful! Woof!

But what about the dog business? How exciting is it for a femdom to walk her human dog? What kick does she get from training her human pup to go and get her newspaper? Does she crave to see him there, curled up at her feet, looking up at her in awe and adoration? Does this make her wet? Again, none of the women i spoke to, got any positive arousal from any of this. On the contrary. Maybe i consulted the wrong ladies? Hmmmm, i don’t think so. I think that women who engage in activities like that, do so, to please their spouse, boyfriend, partner, or simply to be of service to their clients. Just as it is the case with the rest of mainstream femdom, which consequently, as i argued many times b4, is not femdom at all! As soon as the bottom is, even remotely, dictating what’s going on between him (her) and the top, the top is out. Woof!

There is a blogger, going by the name of Saratoga, a male who believes he’s slave material, and heavy into evaluating herds of so called Dommes on his blog, who showed me the way to a woman who claims to love human pets, finding excitement in training males to become human dogs. She describes herself as a female supremacist. In her writings she tries to explain to the world what that means. I quote: “Female Supremacy is about ultimate authority, power and status belonging to the Female.” There! Now u know. Although i’ve read a good portion of her semi-scientific writings on the matter, poor me never could understand, what exactly this has to do with human dog training, the main content of her online existence. One of her videos shows her walking her human dog in public, letting him sit on the street, waiting for her, while she’s going to do errands, or something. Is this what turns her on? Is this showing what the ‘ultimate authority’ is all about? Is this slavery perhaps? In my book it simply shows a woman who’s making a buck by performing according to a male’s desire, and/or a woman who can only enslave a male, when bringing him down to animal status, unable to rule one with a strong personality. Whatever it is, femdom it is not! Ok, ok, i hear u. No need to go on the barricades. I know, anybody is entitled to formulate his/her own definition. Even if femdom is defined as………. female dominated by…………….go ahead, don’t be shy now……….u fill this in. Then bark! Woof!

I love to ride horses. My favorite one carries the name of Ares. I truly enjoy sitting on his back, enjoying his strength, speed, energy, and loyalty. Occasionally it even turns me on sexually. No pony-boys for me tho. Not even during carnival. Hiiiiihhh!

I also own a couple of dogs. Big dogs. I can’t stand small ones. I spend time with them on the beach, and at home. I chain and leash them. They will attack any intruder. They have a need to protect me. They never lick my boots tho. And when they try to lick my face? I slap them! I would never slap a human dog tho. Why is that? No favors! Woof!


  1. Ayesha-

    Thanks for the mention. As always, your ...or should I write ur post is funny in ways you obviously do not intend.

    Your post provided me with a nice juicy set of topics for by blog. :)


  2. I did? That's really great Sara. With all that moisture u took from here, u must be able to fight the drought on ur site. But don't spill all in one time, u hear. Save some for a rainy day!

    I will visit soon, to check if u followed my orders!

  3. Saratoga, you are a one man coffee after church meeting. The gossip in your slutty blog is appalling. Just look at your girlish comment here. What woman will want something like that to call her slave!?! Make her look ridiculous...

    Even if I dislike you very much, I hope you'll meet someone who will whip the shit out of you and a little sense into your silly head. What the hell is the point of all your "female" dominance and discipline, if your female playmates cannot correct the basic flaws that you display as a man?

    It is very annoying to see a grown man act the way you do, but you are obviously without a clue to these things. A decent and competent dominant would have straightened you out, and taken your blog off the air.

  4. Not his dominants, lol. Oh no. His dominants r told what to do by him. And if they don't follow up on his charge? Well, in that case, he firmly straightens the out and dismisses them on the spot, hehehe.

  5. Ayesha-

    Woof Woof!

    As usual, your comments, this time about 'moisture' which, according to you, I have taken from your site, are incomprehensible.

    As to following your orders, sorry, no. I don't do cyber, and am certainly am not collared to you.

    As to your friend, perhaps you can exercise some discipline on him. Maybe you should whip him out of frequently reading my blog, which he seems to admit.

    One reader, more or less, among mine won't be missed.

    Haven't seen you visit yet to read the special post I wrote about you, dear.


  6. Oh don't worry Sara, i will come. Maybe already even tonight. I wouldn't want to miss anything sprouted from ur illustrious brain. U know that eh?

    Moisture? According to me? Come on Sara, don't give me all the credit. It was u who brought the juice remember?

    Not collared to me? What collar? Isn’t that a bit too vanilla? Even for u?

    I can see u sitting there, in front of ur computer, or whatever device u r using to launch ur thoughts into Cyberspace, dreaming to be owned by me, 24/7/365, without ur consent, finally being enslaved the way u so abhor, but r addicted to.

    Disciplining Foxy? But of cors Master! I will follow ur orders with no questions asked. Do u have any specific wishes regarding the execution, Sir?

  7. Hiya Miss Ayesha..i find this blog amusing but you forgot to mention the set of wierd pets that seem to want petting on and real life i was treated like a dog by a Master..made to eat from a bowl off the floor sleep on the floor not talk but i wasnt a pet from it.
    Regarding slapping the dog for trying to lick you that is to teach it not to yeah..and why you wouldnt slap a slave for doing that is because a slave would get pleasure from the not slapping the slave you are depriveing them of their pleasure but not your own because they should lick the Domminants boots.

  8. The Furries? Geeez. Silly petplay gone bonkers. I deliberately left those creeps out. Yuck!

    A master? I already have to laugh at women who want to be called 'mistress', but a man who calls himself 'master', i can only ridicule and feed to the dogs

  9. "In my book it simply shows a woman [...] bringing him down to animal status, unable to rule one with a strong personality."

    who's to say they don't have strong personalities? This is something you can't make a judgment call on. Have you looked into the identity of her #1 slave on that site? The younger one. He's no lightweight... that's for sure.

  10. would be me eh, Ayesha Inquisitora, aka La Jueza.

    U mean a heavyweight has a strong personality as per definition?

    Tell me Paul, would u like to be my pet?

  11. nice dodge. The point is you're making gross assumptions about people you've never met. Another point might be even if they are pathetic and weak...SO WHAT?

    Its just sour grapes on your end I think. You obviously have no logical reasons to feel the way you do.

  12. Ah....the logic of feelings combined with the assumption there could also be illogical reason. A window for a tempting paradigm shift perhaps?

    I understand u never tasted the sweetness of sour grapes.