Tuesday, May 17, 2011

In the Name of ............

Remember? Ok here goes #2. Even if u don’t.


Yahoo! is reprioritizing these days some products to deliver the best possible experiences to its consumers. BANG! There u have it! Written in stone. No more, no less. Like when they flushed 360 to the sewers little than a year ago, their one and only reason to cripple an already crippled Pulse even more now is: “……. an effort to make our service a relevant experience for the community.

We, the consumers, r that important to Yahoo! Accompanied of cors by a few unimportant stockholders in the background, also just dripping from genuine altruism and concerned about our experiences.

Like it is with television, movies, forums, other social networks and similar entertainment areas, Yahoo! too goes with the crowd, the majority, and the holy ratings. All in the name of our wellbeing, satisfaction, growth, and best possible experiences. Well, that’s how they want things to look on the porch of their house of cards. In the back of it, greedy bookkeepers r counting the loot of the day, anticipating its cumulative growth in the future.

To hell with passion, depth, empathy, intensity, honesty, commitment, maturity, and responsibility. Hail to the vanilla clowns and clones, thriving on lies, deceit, and fake personas. Welcome to hypocritical gurus and false messiahs, celebrating uniformity, conformism, brainwashing, indoctrination, and obedience. Applause to mediocrity and its derivates. A curse on excellence, deviants, and people who r willing to explore and make a difference. Death to paradigm shifting, new opportunities, and hidden potential. Well, that’s the truth hiding in the back of their calculative mind. Their billboards and tabloids r screaming the opposite, in an effort to fool and indoctrinate the crowd even more.

The corrupted, corroded, and empty opinion of the majority is holy to them, as well as manipulating, molding and coercing people to cross over, and become part of that laughable herd. The will of the herd is law. Well….um…uh…. i mean….as long as it’s eagerly consuming the products of what brings the stockholders the revenues they’re after eh. It’s a superb example of the living democracy. The democracy of one-dimensional people. One ass, one vote.

Like i said, Yahoo! is not alone in this. Only brought forward by me now cos i’m active on their platform as well, and angered by their determination to continue killing a once promising and great thing, and selling this in the name of progress.
Expect a transfer of some of my Yahoo! blogs to Blogger in the coming days, as i don’t want them to go under with Pulse, nor to only linger in my archives till the time i want them to disappear forever.

When the sails r in rags
And stormy weather prevents
Hoisting new ones
When termites ate the oars
And i'm too weak
To row with my hands,
It’s then, when
I start my engines.


  1. Meh--I saw that yahoo announcement earlier. I only use it to check my mail, and even then, I prefer my google accounts. Yahoo's just trying to bail themselves out of some flavor of financial hole. I only go there for comic relief. DIG the images on this post, btw. That's some funny stuff!

  2. Yahoo already launched another way to blog. Maybe i'll check it out some day.