Monday, May 23, 2011

Ze Open Mind

The open mind is a beautiful thing. Still it pisses me off. Does this piss u off? Probably! U have an open mind of ur own no? What? U don't? R u out of ur mind? Must be, as i never met a person who told me she/he had a closed one. U r the first. U certainly r standing out of the crowd. Seems u have a mind of ur own. I like that. Good for u. Hit me up sometime. We could become friends, lovers even. Well um...... as long as u do as i say, or r a daughter of Lilith like me.

Online it's even worse. Many here have not only an open mind, but also a constant need to tell me how open their mind really is, and to convince me of their illusion that their mind is even more open than the one of their neighbor or some other dude on the block. More or less with the same frequency as is the case with males posing as females and screaming on their profile, men, no men, no men. Nauseating!


It becomes even more disturbing when these open minds actually r resembling reinforced concrete with a twist. Ever met an individual who said: "Hey, listen up, i'm very open minded, and willing to try anything twice, but i won't engage in ...........", or, "I'm all for people to be free, and do as they like, provided that.............". And how about this one: "I hate it when people r prejudiced, base their opinions on stereotypes, and never learned to open up their mind. I'm so glad i don't belong to those assholes". That kind of open mind bearers? I'm sure u did. Maybe u r one of them.

So what did i do? I installed a fire wall. To save my mind from the open mind cultists, aka ROBCO's. At times tho, i can't resist. Then i go out into the wilderness again, to have a peek, and to drill a few holes in the open mind of the rigid and righteous ones. Just to help them from closing the damned thing completely eh? Told u. I'm a pure social worker at heart. Keep that in mind when watching the video.


  1. ....and on the third day he arose again, in fulfillment of the scriptures.

  2. That remains to be seen, as new scriptures revealed he never died in the first place!