Sunday, September 4, 2011

Snippets III: Politics, Law, Leadership

Here’s another bunch of random thoughts of mine linked to politics, law, and leadership, brutally taken out of the context they once were part of. Some people believe that this will change or damage their meaning. There’s truth in that. But i also believe, people often use same as an escape and excuse for not to be held accountable for what they once wrote or said. Besides, a sentence taken out of its context can become more provocative, mind boggling, controversial, intense, or striking, than it ever could have been within that very context. Given for instance the long-windedness, intransparency, and incoherency of many a prose, taking things out of context can be a great thing to do. And it does fit my personality, no? I love to picture things in their extreme form, black and white, black against its darker form, and crushing the grey areas of common sense, while knowing perfectly well that each coin has three sides. Call it one of my small rebellions, my tiny revolutions against a pedestrian crowd, led by fake feminists, narrow-minded freedom fighters, and ego-tripping world healers. Btw world healers? Go here.

And remember: A tree taken out of the forest is still a tree. A coward taken out of the crowd is still a coward. And a femdom taken out of her d/s environment is still a femdom. Well….um….she should be eh? Even when disappearing in a vanilla crowd, hehehe.

Here we go.

People can't handle the truth. Politicians dislike the truth. Legal systems resist the truth.

As long as people think they need leaders, and as long as leaders think they must lead, nothing will change. Many said they came not to destroy, but destroyed anyway. Many claimed their purpose was to help others. They lied.

Laws r serving and protecting those who can’t stand people who tend to behave differently from what the lawmakers think is right or wrong. In short ……be like me, behave like me, do as i say ……or else……

And of cors laws do also exist, cos so many people dislike to stand alone, and r afraid to make the decision between what’s right and wrong on their own!

People should try to get rid of the goddamn leadership, in whatever form it presents itself or is created, and, for a change, start being responsible for their own actions. We don't need anybody to represent ourselves, to take things out of our hands, etc. Maybe then, human indifference will decrease. And don't tell me it can't be done. I live like that.

Typical patriarchal rubbish. Only women striving for silly emancipation would have an urge to rule the world, and thus becoming clones of the male of the species. The stupidity never ends.

Sometimes i play along with politicians, captains of industry, or other self- proclaimed powerhouses, gradually choking them with their own filth. And these weaklings love it even, rofl.

See? That's what i mean when i say that in these so called democratic countries, the main goal of the authorities, being them politicians, ceos, teachers, priests, etc, is to keep people in line, to indoctrinate and infect them with their lousy norms, values, and beliefs, tolerating deviation from mainstream culture only when it stays within the boundaries of the establishment and its order, while telling them they’re free, and promise them to fight for their freedom, no matter what. Liars!

There r great women as well as great men. It's just that great men need guidance from great women. So let's go for the mix, and kick the scumbags of both gender to a parallel universe or something. That's how humans ended up on this planet too, u know.

True manipulators were brainwashed by their brethren (and sisters!) not to act like a bully, taught to present themselves as overly friendly, deeply concerned about the wellbeing of their victims, and indoctrinated with the notion that audiences r less critical when perceiving them as warm, compassionate, and caring.

If u want justice, u don't try to operate within the legal system in force, as u will be slaughtered by it. If u want justice, u don't fight governments, organizations, or groups. If u want justice, u go after individuals!

If on the other hand, u want to win, to surround urself with admirers, and to be seen as a pillar of society, yes then, by all means, go and corrupt the legal system, misuse it, find its loopholes, manipulate it, and be the champ of opportunists.

It's always the vassals of the stinking and slimy shitheads in power that do the dirty work.These creeps r even more disgusting then their leaders, as they always claim it's not their fault, but the responsibility of the ones who sent them. Most r even proud of themselves to have done their duty, goddammit.

Our world leaders? Those smooth talking snakes? The ones we (well not me eh) voted for? Them carriers of democracy, a.k.a the Righteous Ones? Ah, they r only interested in playing down El Mozote and places like that, to cover it up, to delay justice, and to keep in power the ones who support their smelly interests at home.

And that’s the sadness of the majority of so called revolutionists i have knowledge of. They all need support from others, preferable from large groups of people. Only a few realize, revolution incorporates the complete break with the status quo, and more importantly, once the storm came to rest, to take care not to crawl back to what u were fighting against, to repeat the same corruptive action, and abuse ur new acquired power. All the rest is just lame compromising.

It's the price of a decaying democracy, where 1 ass has 1 vote, and the big asses r manipulating the rest of the asses, so they can sit relaxed on their fat ass, making the rest work their ass off.

In their relentless quest to at least be seen as conservative sons and daughters of the ancient ones, nowadays conservatives want to produce at least something too. Lacking the creativity of the ancient ones tho, they created copy/paste, and r copying/pasting ever since.

The liberals? I’m not sure, but according to modern day scriptures found by conservative archeologists in the hidden cellars of the Watergate Barn, they too r desperately copying/pasting. But only material that already was copied/pasted by the conservative ones.

U might ask: “What on earth r these liberated conservatives and conservative liberals copying/pasting all the time?” The answer is: “Stuff from The Other People”. Of cors without even knowing who The Other People r!

Vanilla is not a word to describe someone who is different. It is used to describe the herds, clones, and clowns of society, which r replicas of an anonymous authority, blindly defending what is not theirs but was implanted by teachers, priests, politicians, parents, and other key people, who on their turn were infected by their educators. In short, the term refers to the masses which think, act, live, and die according to the role(s) their (sub)culture expects them to play.

I can’t believe there r women, claiming to be dominant, who clip the wings of their dominance by deliberately creating a “new” set of rules, or by eagerly submitting to other people’s rules.

I enjoyed reading ur story, and loved the ironic undertones. But let me tell u, i have my own tale to tell. Mine began in 1967. After i fell from vanilla grace a few years later, i created a world, free from rites and rituals, not related to gods and goddesses, and not embedded in ancient legends, holy scriptures, myths, and truths. A short story so to speak. And a lawless one.

There is no higher power in my life than i. Any deity, any dictator, any democratic government, and any rule, law, or regulation, can go to hell. I despise them all.


  1. I'd like all coppers to fry in hell. I'd set them alight with great pleasure. They abuse their "authority"... & some people actually believe they do good and benefit the community. That's a bloody joke, they've been blinded by denial. They are worse than what some people call the criminals.

  2. I know what u mean, as many so called authority figures can easily sink lower than the lowest of the low. But i wouldn't want to generalize, as i've met also a few who had a genuine passion for justice, and willing to fight the actions of their corrupt and opportunistic colleagues, even if it would cost them dearly.

    As for the criminals? Most r not of the Robin Hood type u know, and despite some have a code of loyalty and a straightforwardness many on the right side of the law r lacking big time, to romanticize criminals and their actions, as it is often done in movies, stories, and tales, is far from what is going on in those circles in daily life.

    I think that who and what one is, is essentially independent from ones profession, group, nationality, sexual orientation, gender, or whatever. But the weaklings among us always will fall for any temptation, will betray the core of their being without thinking twice, will misuse, abuse, corrupt, and neglect any power that was bestowed on them, will always deny any responsibility for their wrongdoings, and instead will always play the victim and blame others for it. Of cors they also will run and hide like cockroaches when confronted with people who r willing to bypass any bureaucratic process, and simply chase them down to make them instantly pay the appropriate price for their despicable deeds.

  3. I have yet to meet one that is out doing good. I highly doubt I ever will. So I speak for all I have met. BASTARDS! Pull the trigger on your own head. That will make a difference.


    Never trust a cop. Think that will be my saying. I just couldn't say a good thing about them. I don't associate with these people.

    I have my reasons. Plenty of them. This HATE I have is justified.

  4. Contrary to common belief, hate can be a very healing and positive emotion, helping us to cope with anger we're unable to immediately discharge, to stay on the alert, and to mercilessly deal with the next wave of sweet talking and lullaby singing scumbags in power.

    I don't really love my hate, but without it i would have been dead a long time. Still, like it is with any weapon, it's only good for the ones that r skilled enough to control its devastating powers, and to not let it turn itself against themselves!

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  6. Of cors we knew this already, but basically we're on the same page Paula.

    Revenge can be bearable, when it is taken in an angelic way :)

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  8. When i said "angelic" i wasn't referring to silly angel behavior, but more to, for instance, sardonically funneling hot acid into the bladder of the one(s) who made me, or one of my loved ones, have to endure horrible/unbearable physical or mental pain. Watching those scumbags suffer and beg for mercy makes my blood turn into an icy stream of hot lava, but it won’t stop me to take my revenge with an angelically innocent expression on my face.

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  10. Well, u know this person while i do not. So ur assessment of the situation must be better than mine. Speaking from my own experiences tho, guilt rarely was a driving force among the lowlifes i was confronted with. And it hardly was eating them away.

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  12. U know my kind of music Paula! This one is here cos u were in a time warp, hehe.

  13. I think so. I still am. I'm not posting at the times it says I do. Fuck me. I thought I was in the UK.

  14. Dashboard.....Settings......Formatting......then set ur timezone.

  15. Aeysha, that's very idealistic, but truly delusional because no man is an island. Under a democratic system, representation is required in order to live the life you CHOOSE. For example, One may choose to smoke weed. If it is not legal one will break the law. OR one may determine they will not pay taxes, but if policy doesn't facilitate such, they will break the law. Hence, one may determine they will break the law. The reality is, one can choose to break the law w/illegal drug use & tax evasion. But, that is illogical, because being convicted of those things and placed in jail defeats the purpose of one controlling their own life. B/c prison is forced submission.

    Also, there is NO logical argument against Voting. A true dominant "deliberately creates a “new” set of rules" & works to get others on board to get those rules established into law. Voting is imparative to do so. I understand that their are different types of domination. However, deciding what one wants and going after remains constant amongst the varitions of domination. Domination & submission are NOT the same. It is alarming when people try and change the fundementals & suggest Dominants can be truly donminate through passivity. In fact, passivity gets nothing done. Passivity, is apathetic submission, thereby, being a parodox for dominates.

    Moreover, to suggest that Liberals copy Conservatives is hilarious. Gosh, history proves there is NO truth in that statement in the least. I ALWAYS question anyone who tries to influence others to silence their own voice,by not voting & or not fighting for their rights. That's like being moderated for my passivity instead of activity. That is as bad as a slave telling it's master what the master will do to him. Resulting in the puppet becoming the puppeteer. Democracy requires political participation to decide anything. Women need to make sure they are the table during agenda creation and decision making, or shut the hell up when laws take us back to ancient Sharia law without rights.

    Finally, a middle of the road, seemingly subjective analysis of the political landscape requires FACTS, not conjecture propagandizing an agenda. Such as conservatives referring to America as a Republic. When in fact America is from it's very founding, a Democracy. The GOP disingenuous talking point tricks trusting uneducated conservatives into an agenda where by they will fight for a republic, not knowing their liberty will be compromised. It is often discovered after it is too late to stop the damage. ie Cheney's Patriot Act and now WI Gov Scott Brown debacle. The agenda is to trick America into a forced Republic where small group rules. We made that mistake with the Patriot Act.

    Call it what you want. But I hope you call it what it is, and not some contrived propagandized distortion of what "patriarchal power structure" is trying to make it.

    It's funny how we differ in many ways. You, like male DOMs, don't appreciate Female masculine energy. But, who defines what is masculine and femine. Drag queens are the epitome of the male's view female archetype. But 6 inch heals, duck tape cleavage, spanks, leather and a pound of makeup is not my cup of tea. Let's seperate rubbis from reality. The reality is that MEN define a woman's feminity by high heals, stockings, panties, lingerie & all the Victoria Secret stereotypes BS. For me to suggest that does not effect women would be untrue.

    By looking at statistical probabilities base on the history of man, we know that male leaders kill and abondon the weak in far higher %s than female leaders in history. men do need guidance. But it should be done during their development. Not in adulthood. Therefore, more women should take the lead.

    But NOT participating in the political process makes you a subslave.

  16. Sapere Aude ! ==> Dare to be wise ==> Dare to think by yourself !

    Thanks Ayesha to introduce "Enlightenment" in femdom... :)


  17. My dear Black Chick, despite our differences, u r truly one of the few i came to respect in Cyberspace. As u know, i've read ur views, ideas, convictions, interests, and comments thoroughly and with much enjoyment. It's also the reason why i'm following ur blog. Not that there were that many entries lately (grin).

    In ur profile i found, and i quote: "If I wasn't straddled with student loans, mortgages, debt, and obligations, I'd blatantly live life entirely as I see it." See? Not hindered by any of those burdens, i'm doing exactly that: Living my life as i see fit. Unlike u tho, i ceased to bother myself with whatever political movement whatsoever. I even dragged this into the area of femdom, stating that i don’t want to see femdom grow into some kind of movement. All this is based on my first hand experiences during the times i literally stuck my neck out in areas where for instance most feminists, even the most radical ones, would have pissed their panties and rather would have hurried back into the arms of their despised males, than to stand tall and fight the battle they claimed they were fighting for. Doesn’t mean i’m not going political. But not the vanilla way. Not the expected way. Like it says in one of my snippets, i go the individual way, introducing and making changes that way, of which these feminists, world healers, and so called freedom fighters can only dream of. But i do this in silence, not seeking the limelight, or trying to get a seat in some parliament or other law creating body. I leave that for fighters like u, who still believe these r tools for creating a just and better world for all.

    U said in the first sentence of ur comment, that my idealism is delusional. I say it’s not. Why is that? Cos what i say (and do), is not idealistic in the first place. It’s dealing with, and changing directly, a rotten reality, without organizing meetings, conventions, demonstrations, handing out pamphlets, or participating in elections to get into some kind of power position to discuss, argue, and waste time, in the hope to make the world change according to ur insights, philosophies, and ideas of what’s right and wrong. Again, go on with that. I wish u well, and would give my right arm for u taste victory, and not having to admit one day u failed ur noble cause cos it was a delusional one.

    In the meantime, i will go on to feed and fund women from the slums, the favelas, and the shanty towns situated in so called democratic countries, inhabited by good, indifferent, and bad people, led by their weak and corrupt male and female leaders, to experience what it means to have a full stomach, a healthy body, and an education. An education that gets them beyond the traditional crap imposed on them by conservative, liberal, or in between vassals of the monthly paychecks, so they can seize that chance to truly escape misery, rape, and other abuse coming from the holy majority, during their own life, and not have to wait for some (political) movement to achieve all that for some future generation, long after they r six feet under themselves!

  18. @Stychus. Avec plaisir, mon esclave :)

  19. I'll be waiting at the arrivals.

  20. Hmmmmmm, u must have missed me.

  21. Very interesting complex, you are treating.
    But where does the anacrhistic tendency merge with the concept of femdom.
    I wont doubt you personally dont bend to any rules, but the refusal to place yourself in any political context has something so very... Biedermeieresque...

    1. Anarchism? Just another movement I don't want to be a part of, or to merge with.

      Seems you haven't read my response to the Black Chick, where it, among other things says, "Doesn’t mean i’m not going political. But not the vanilla way."