Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Tale of Two Stories

# 1
There was this Polish couple, Pawel and Ola, deeply in love with each other, and deeply anti-semitic. So they joined a neo-nazi group in Warszawa (hey Americans, that's the capital of Poland, once liberated from Hitler and his gang, by some of ur granddads, eh?), driven as they were to show the Jews, what it meant to be on the wrong side of the glorious white power movement.

To Ola and Pawel, Jews were the ultimate filth, ever seen on the face of the Earth.

Of cors they taught their innocent and lovely kids, that the Jews were their biggest enemy, and that fascism and nazism were here as the only and holy weapons with which these inferior beings could be slaughtered and finally erased from their planet. That should be their life quest, aka their only goal in life. So they urged them to do as their parents, to go out on the streets, find those damned Jews, those stinking lowlifes, who were the cause of all misery and abuse in Gods garden, to seek their blood, and to wage war against them. Down with them. Heil Hitler. (Horst Wessel Song thundering in the background now, to cheer things up eh?)

Then, one day, they found out, that their roots were Jewish.

Nowadays they r helping the rabbi in an orthodox local synagogue, hahahaha!

Oh, and this is no fiction, but a true story!

# 2
A recent Dutch study tried to find out what males and females enjoy doing the most during the day, evening, and night. Kind of a top ten of favorite activities so to speak. Not surprisingly sex was the absolute # 1 for males. Not that they actually having it all the time, but they constantly talk about it, fantasize about it, brag about it, and quarrel about it with their spouse, girlfriend, partner, mistress, the occasional whore, and their therapist. But with women the picture turned out to be quite different. They had having a good meal on top of their list, followed by hanging out with their female friends, non-trivial conversations, and reading a good book. Furthermore it was revealed that women rather go shopping, than to cuddle up between the sheets with their beloved partner. Sex came in at # 6, just b4 work and sports.

So far so good. We all already knew that men r guided by their dicks, while we women, lacking such an appendix, r not.

But the truly remarkable thing that came out of that study was that both males and females love vacuum cleaning. Can u imagine? It proudly stood at # 9! Vacuum cleaning is the activity were males and females r on the same wavelength, the same page, find each other, and r holding together no matter what.

I never could understand why all these submissive alpha males were craving to do all these boring household chores. But now i know! It’s a sleazy way to con their sublime and superior goddesses into sexual activities.

Oh, and this is no fiction, but a true story as well!

Oh well..........enjoy the video. And in case u can’t understand proper English, there’s a translation coming with it.

For those who celebrate this: L'shanah tovah!

נתראה בקרוב


  1. "hey Americans, that's the capital of Poland, once liberated from Hitler and his gang, by some of ur granddads, eh?),"

    I'm American and, as it happens, descended from Poles and Prussians. Both families lived in the same general border region which changed nationalities depending upon the decade.

    But I believe it was the Russians who liberated Warsaw on their way into what they so lovingly renamed East Germany.


  2. Yes, that’s how Stalin put it in januari 1945, and how it became written in the history books for generations to come, conveniently leaving out the participation of thousands of Jews in that operation, the failure of the Soviets to keep their promises to the fighters of the Warsaw Uprising a few months earlier, and the first defeat of the Nazis ever by the Jewish Resistance in the Warsaw Ghetto.

    But of cors, "officially" u r absolutely right.

    Um......r u sure there were no Americans there too? One of my ancestors claimed there were even some Dutch and Romanian fighters present when those stinking Nazi cowards finally were driven out of that town.

    Btw, did u already do ur vacuum cleaning today?

  3. A Yahoo friend, Bradamante Selenia, tried to comment on the Russian involvement during WWII in the liberation of Warsaw, but couldn't get her writings accepted by Blogger. Seems to be a regular flaw of this social network medium (sigh).

    So she sent it to me via YIM.

    Since what is known by the general public (including SAM Saratoga) of what is called history, often is manipulated, corrupted, and tampered with information of what really happened, i found her remarks too important to not try and get them on my blog on her behalf.

    Here's the link she sent me:

    In case u couldn't care less about history, maybe r too impatient to read the whole thing, or simply don't have the time, here r the final words of it, as written by Irina Livezeanu from the University of Pittsburgh.

    "An analysis of the Soviet policy with regard to the Warsaw Rising invites comparison with the Nazi policy, with one difference: the Soviet policy was more sophisticated. According to the German plans, Warsaw was to be destroyed and replaced with a small, provincial town . According to the Soviet plans from the time of the uprising, Warsaw was to be destroyed, too, but with German hands, which is precisely how it happened. This, however, is not the only similarity. In 1939/40 both the Germans and the Russians initiated their rule with mass expulsions and deportations of the Polish population, and with depolonization of the territories incorporated into the Reich and into the USSR. The Nazis embarked on extermination of the Polish intelligentsia class, and the Soviets followed suit by arresting and deporting thousands, crowning their actions with the murder of 15,000 Polish army officers--mostly from the reserves--whose mass graves, containing 4,253 bodies, were found in the Katyn Forest. The Germans destroyed all traces of Polish culture and history in the western part of Poland; the Soviets did exactly the same thing in the eastern Polish territories. A seemingly endless list of such examples could be compiled. Vae victis!"

    Ah yes, the Soviets truly liberated Warsaw eh?