Saturday, October 31, 2009


Fantasy? Reality? A mix of both? U be the jury and the judge, but i like it. It's a kind of a comedy, and yet it's not. It put a smile on my face, and also turned me on. Indeed this vid is miles away from the usual crap.

After watching it, ask urself if it did anything to u (or for u, lol), and if so, what was it? When did u feel the first itching, or didn't u feel anything at all? Which of the actors would u love to be in real life? Perhaps u would like to bring in a third party, and be that one?

R there any of u out there , who would dare (or crave) to come forward here, here in this blog, and tell me about ur feelings, ur fantasies, or who knows.............real life experiences in the realm of fetish and d/s?


  1. My galley-slave fantasy. Part -1.
    I would like to be a galley-slave on a ship ruled by one woman you! Us males would be all naked and chained to our oars, with you as our female slave-driver. You would be the only woman on the ship-you would rule over us. We would all worship you because you are a female- a beautiful dominant female.You would be pleased by my performance as a galley-slave so you decide to make me your personal slave. You would un-chain me from my oars then put new ankle chains on me and new wrist chains on me- with just enough movement to do things for you. You would then put a new thick iron collar around my neck with the words personal slave on it. I would be very aroused when you are putting chains on me. You would then put a long chain on my collar chain and lead me to the top of the deck. You order me to scrub the top deck and make sure it's spotless. I scrub the top deck for one hour while you relax in your cabin. You would come and inspect it and find that I have missed a spot. You are not pleased. How will you punish me?

  2. The video did nothing for me, although I smiled with the kiss followed by a sinking to the knees.

    Hmmmm… the realm of fetish and d/s. I’m not sure that I’m qualified to speak. First, I do not think my kinkies rise to the level of fetish; I totally love to get carried away in them and by them, but I wouldn’t hook up with someone just to do em. Or not often anyway. Similarly, with d/s: there are certainly aspects of both that I love; yet, not in a 24/7 type way, and indeed, I can merrily switch ‘roles’ (not to say it’s role play) although not in the same encounter. In other words, though some objective minds could disagree, I don’t think I have a d/s outlook.

    So why am I prattling on? Probably to avoid the temptation, and time it would take, to graphically depict real life experience i.e. write a dirty ‘story’.


  3. @The galley-slave-embryo. I'm not in the house keeping business u know. I wouldn't even have noticed ur spot. Who would give a rat's ass about a spot more or less. Maybe one of those vanilla Dommes, i mean those who insist on spotless galleys and proper kitchen protocol. But certainly not me.

    How come u r travelling incognito? R u perhaps the reincarnation of Well's invisible man? Maybe a high ranking captain of industry or a great political leader, afraid his wife or mom would spot him laboring in chains and pampers on my galley drifting on the high Sargasso Sea seas?

  4. @Keisha. Why would u try to avoid temptation? Better write on, sista! Tell that unwritten story of urs.

  5. I like the pony-boy fantasy. I would like to be naked on all four's while you put a saddle on my back and a bridle in my mouth and have rein's on me and I would crawl with you on my back. You would wear a riding outfit on and with a riding whip you would whip me to crawl quickly. I would also like to run for you Ayesha. I would like to be harnessed naked to a pony-cart and pull you around on it. You would again have me with a bridle in my mouth and rein's on me. I would run for miles for you sweating while you crack your whip on me to go faster.If I had a pony-boy race with other pony-boys with their ladys and I didn't win, how would you punish me?- and do you like pony-boys?

  6. Pony-boys? Yuck! Try the kindergarten on ur block.

  7. Hiya Miss Ayesha..i watched the video and thought just how many women out there are just like that..cant feel anything..then the twist came and the true passion between the two of them showed through for just a few moments of erotic bliss..thats what it's all about..the lust the burning the passion the need...Marie.

  8. Seems i was right about u Marie. U r different from the usual Cyberspace crowd. U saw what most missed, r missing, and will miss to the end of their days.