Monday, October 26, 2009


Where innocence poisons
A virgin’s vomit
Impotence is sweet
Like the scum of the Earth

Where honesty is preached
Liars r gathering
And heroes

Where corruptive crime
Leaves marks of loyalty
On corroded politicians
The divine is not far

Where love is bragged
In slimy ways

Where did u hide
Love of my life
Eternal slave
When i looked for u

Where were u
Father of my child
The time
I called on u

Where promises r made
Chains must be in place
No space allowed
To move

Where i go
Fear is common now
Where i am
Decay lost its place


  1. Once more, much to ponder. And again, you leave a seed, implanting the need to come back, take another look.

    There are some original/interesting/flabbergasting juxtapositions. AND you make the reader speculate, not just about meaning but also about the author.

    The first two lines compel one to read further. A powerful piece.


  2. My poetry always tells something about me, and something that made an impact on my life. Can be very direct, via a metaphor, a hint, even a riddle. If a poem doesn't carry something personal, i consider it junk. Poetry, like any other expression of art, should always reveal something about its author. And i don't mean something trivial, something superficial, or something safe, if u get my drift.

  3. Being a dominant woman, wouldn't you like to be a female slave-driver in charge of naked male chained galley-slaves who toil and sweat on their oars with your self having total power over them?

  4. This might surprise u, (hmmmm probably not at all, hehehe), but i am already, oh NotSoAnonymousOne.

  5. Which of these fem-dom fantasies do you like the best?

    A. Being carried around by four naked collared male slaves on a sedan-chair.
    B.Looking at lot's of naked chained male slaves and then buying one of them in a slave-auction.
    C. Being pulled around on a ricshaw by a naked harnessed male slave.
    D.Sitting in a carriage being pulled by lot's of naked muscle-bound chained male
    E. Having a naked male slave who is chained outside to a wall and you would sit on a throne like chair and have him clean and polish your shoes or boots as a shoe shine slave.

  6. Lol, r u crazy? None of those! Utterly vanilla stuff. And u know that too!