Saturday, November 21, 2009


Too long i was at rest
Too long asleep
A restless sleep
A restless rest
A slumber lulled by
A fantasy of peace

There is no peace
But there is war
A war i was so eager to forget
A war at land
A war in the city
A war in the street

I hate this peace
That is not peace at all
A peace so rotten
A peace so soothing
A peace so foul
A peace so comforting

I want to kill once more
To destroy this peace
A conflict i desire
A gun in my hand
A warrior at me side
A coward slain

I hate this peace
This peace of indifference
A planet under siege
A man pimped out
A woman castrated
A child abandoned

I want to kill once more
To erase this peace
A graveyard i desire
A slaughterhouse i crave
A battlefield in blood
A culture collapsing

I hate this peace
This peace of compromise
A farce
A lie
A decomposing dove
A golden calf

I want to kill once more
To crush this peace
To face this torture
To take revenge
To eradicate my error and shame
To lessen my rage

I walked in my garden last night
Heavy rain clouds were hunting a full moon
White clouds they were
Colliding with extreme force
Uniting without battle in harmony
Teaching me how to free my


  1. This is possibly not combat. It could be an execution, as she seems to have come into some sort of a prison cell. The door is still open, she won't stay long.

    Maybe it's a battle won? Time to do away with the defeated.

  2. Why not try, and express ur thoughts on this by drawing a picture?

  3. The picture in this blog touches a nerve in me. Much more so than my short and easy comment suggests. I imagine myself there, having to take that.

    With the dungeon-like background of the image, I could have invented other stories: Maybe she is there to threaten her prisoner, to scare him? She could be using the gun to get some point across.

    But the obvious is of course that she is going to kill him, and there we go, into dark territory.

    The fear, the taste of what such a moment would be like. My throat starts to dry. It can be physically unpleasant to open certain doors in the head, to think those thoughts. The things we fear. To force yourself to look at the details. And ask: "What if it really were to happen to me, how would I behave in that moment?"

  4. U were right in ur first comment. It's an execution. The execution of a foul and rotten peace.

    If u want to take the picture literally, then it would be best not to be there with me, as i'm not one who only would threaten a person.

  5. Do you think I became maybe too fixated on the picture? Looks like I'm using your blog as a psychiatrist's couch. It's just that my damn fears oppress me a bit. I would like to know that I could face the things I fear without cracking up. So, why don't you show your Florence Nightingale side, and give me something to calm me down? Maybe a shot of... Just kidding! I am not looking for gun play in dungeons, not even for therapeutic reasons...

  6. I don't play with guns either!

  7. Not for a moment did I think you do.