Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Snippets II

Almost a month ago i trusted a few lines from my massive amount of online scribbles to a blog called “Snippets”, and published same in my Yahoo blog. I introduced these found treasures then with:

I wrote a lot during the years. Here r a few randomly taken pieces of wisdom and revelation, that came from the more enlightened parts of my brain, as well as from my brute and chaotic life experiences. Chew on them for a while. Then decide if u want to swallow them, spit them out in disgust, or to criticize them like a full blown vanilla creature pretending to have something valuable to say.

Then i thought: “Hey I could make a habit out of this, and publish them less chaotic, more related to a certain topic”. Mind u, not that i would feel attracted to develop a next habit, as the few i have r giving me the creeps already, but still, it wouldn’t hurt me either to at least adapt a little to all u fine people here.

So here’s the second lot. This time i chose: scenes and relations. Next time it will be ........ um ……. grrrrr, i don’t know yet. We’ll see. Maybe there won’t be a follow up at all.

Now brace urself a little eh? Too many got burnt already in my place, and couldn't handle my activities, ideas, views on femdom, and other stuff, without losing their grace, cool, and self-esteem. How is that? U don't belong to those? U mean, u r not an submissive wired Alpha-Male, and certainly not an Alpha-Womyn? U would rather drown in alphabet soup than holding sweaty hands with these giants of vanilla d/s? We'll see, we'll see.


  • I see it right in front of me: He, with his pony dildo sticking out of his anus, his cb-2000 firmly in place, no hair on his body left, on hands and knees sitting on the couch, discussing with his strict and demanding owner, the implications of Wittgenstein's Tractatus on the future of FLR. For sure this must be one of the finer versions of truly sophisticated vanilla femdom.
  • U know what good medicine is in cases like this? To stroke his ego a bit more (which btw equals to stroking his dick), by telling him that he's soooo right to believe u r not his equal. Then.... take his shivering manly hand (softly eh), and bring same to ur breast, breathing heavily (not heavenly!), looking up to him with ur hungering, half closed, eyes, leaning towards him, placing ur head in total surrender against his super duper chicken torso, whispering……….u know oh master of the universe, thou art my property, i own u completely, u will do exactly as i say, thou art my slave, far from being equal to me.
  • Later, we would line up those 5 in the Labyrinth, and reward them by whipping them vigorously with our abundantly oiled single tails, ripping some skin off their bodies in the process. Then after having finished this kind of foreplay, continue our love making till the sun rises again in the East.
  • There u r, chained to the wall, suffering from ur wounds, inflicted by that cruel female u adore, and now hate. Where is she u wonder, is she still there, would i dare to look at her, risking more fury, the fury i hate so much now, but i wouldn't miss for the world? Yessss she's still here, smiling wickedly, while sticking her gloved left hand deep into her dripping abyss, then sucking on her wet leather clad fingers, enjoying the sight of her bleeding slave, sensing his thoughts, preparing to let him bleed some more, letting him feel she owns him, menacing him by merely standing there, shifting from one heel to the other, letting him hear their scratching sounds on the damp rough floor.
  • Just the other day, i wrote, during a discussion with yet another dominant woman: "But there's nothing so tantalizing as to see another domina, receiving, accepting, and loving the whip, wielded by her sister. Compared to that, whipping a slave is nothing."
  • Years ago a man invited me to a bullfight in Puerto Vallarta. When i cheered for the bull, the moment he drove his horns into the belly of the coward 'fighting' him, my companion feared for my life, (and his i guess), and hastily tried to calm the crowd where we were seated, nervously explaining to them that i was just an ignorant Gringa, lol. Me, a Gringa, can u imagine, hahaha.
  • U mean he was not in the doghouse? By Lilith's bad breath, i could have sworn i saw him sneaking in, to find the pussy hiding in there.

  • Femdom and slavery is not so much about control. It's more about uniting two opposite passions, which were one from the beginning, but temporarily separated by vanilla conceptions, imposed rules, and silly psychiatric textbooks written by sexual frustrated people.
  • Oh, and as long as a woman has to be lured into a FLR (as u call it) by her man, rest assured she wasn't dominant from the beginning, and thus is only doing it to please, save her marriage, or is fed up with his whining.
  • But maybe u r not interested at all in a real time d/s relationship, and theorizing about it on an abstract/platonic level is the only thing u seek, and what’s turning u one.
  • Many times i wrote about non-consensual versus consensual femdom. When it starts the non-consensual way, it soon evolves into consensual slavery, if the participating parties were born a femdom or slave. But not consensual the vanilla way, were the relationship depends on mutually agreed upon actions.
  • Sometimes the 2 opposite sides of the feminine femdom hyperbola not only unite and become one during a d/s singularity, but amplify each other, taking each other to spiritual and physical heights rarely seen between 2 women.
  • There's a special breed of paper slaves, who believe a femdom should break them first, and then build them up again according to the wishes of the domina. Typical vanilla d/s, where the "dominant" is working her ass off, to make sure the banal desires of the "slave" r met.
  • Many so called FLR's or FDR's r in fact relationships where the female is leading/dominating according to the wishes of her spouse. These women r not femdoms, but mommy-doms. No wonder there's a lot of punishment, humiliation, and other silly actions based on kindergarten- and nursery play, required and going on in such households.
  • It's one of the reasons i abandoned the idea of building a relationship on what vanillas call love. Actually i'm not building on anything at all when it comes to relationships. I go with the spur of the moment, my whims, moods, and with people who manage to stimulate me, trigger lust in me, challenge me, dare trying to seduce me, and of cors...... know that very special feeling when leather, and rubber is touching their skin.
  • Enough already with all the crap about nurturing relationships, and vanilla nonsense alike. It's raw lust which i'm after, and cos of that, my slaves have an incredibly good time too, and r empowered by my dominance. But their enjoyment is never a goal. It's a byproduct.
  • Although men and women developed huge differences since they’re walking, conquering, and polluting the Earth, it’s a bit silly to emphasize these differences all the time. Instead we should celebrate the similarities. We should welcome the feminine aspect of the male, as well as the masculine aspect of the female, and not supporting the ideas launched in books like, “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”. Maybe exactly that was the message of the ancient ones, when they developed the idea of a feminine/masculine deity, so we could have an anchor to cling to when in doubt about our identity. Separation of the genders might have been an evolutionary/ biological necessity, but it shouldn’t keep us from re-uniting our souls!

Now give me a hug, say something nice, and let's seduce a few male supremacists to do our dishes.


  1. Why would that be a creepy habit? It is all about WHO has the habit. This aphoristic style suits you best, and I love to read it. Especially the “relations” section. I've been pondering on that love/hate problem for I know not how long. The physicist in me always thought I'm just not smart enough to solve it, but more and more I come to think that the whole concept makes no sense whatsoever. Yet, I still don't feel completely satisfied with your... hm... rather existentialistic approach. Maybe I'm simply too young to embrace such harsh wisdom.

  2. Yes why would they eh? Some proved to be quite useful, even life saving at times. But at the other hand, let me tell u Georg, habits can become quite nasty, as they can keep u from developing other paths in ur brain, and pretty often also r on the forefront to make certain paradigms holy, preventing us to embark on newly to discover horizons, and lusty encounters with other haters of inert vanilla people.
    They even can clog our creativity altogether. And that’s just part of the evil they can do. So i want to keep them to an absolute minimum in my system. Besides, i’m addicted to chaos, turbulence, and risk taking.

    Age has nothing to do with it. And as a physicist u must be smart enough to understand, that from the time we dared to follow the trail of QED, QBD, and lovely phenomena like for instance quantum entanglement, dichotomies like love and hate, black and white, male and female, r nor really representing the state of affairs in our universe.

    My wisdom is not harsh at all. It only looks and seems that way to those who cling too much to what they were told by a bunch of morons pretending to be wise and in need of a herd of mindless followers.