Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Does it make any difference to u when comparing, let’s say, pulling on a pair of crotch high patent leather boots, zipping up a pair of high heeled kh’s, or letting an incredibly skyscraper heeled pump dangling from ur foot, to lacing up a pair of sneakers, walking around in flip flops, or trying out ur new office flats? What u say? U don’t own any footwear with 5 or 6 inches? U couldn’t care less for dancing in pain in the ass thigh highs? And rain boots u only wear in the rain? To keep ur feet dry? Really? Riding boots u never wear when visiting ur local mall, or driving to ur hair stylist? Come on, r u kidding me? Never? Then this blog is not for u. This blog is not for the sensible ones, not for those who r addicted to healthy toes and walking this planet only the agreed upon natural way (whatever that may be, sigh), ergo, not for the birkenstock & dr scholl’s aficionados, nor for the ones who r driven by functionality. It is for people like me. The shoe and boot freaks. The ones who know that wearing extreme heels, is not damaging to our feet/legs as long as we know how to handle them. And even if it was, we would never give in to sound advice. We would take the risk, no matter what. It’s the natural thing u know, doing the stupid thing, as long as it’s exciting, turning us on, and making other women green with envy.

With me it’s not just any boot, any pump, or any material. I’m very picky in general, but when it comes to footwear, it’s almost pathological. For instance, i can’t stand platforms of more than an inch thick, and i hate buckles and other decorations on boots. My boots should be simple, not too tight fitting, and never made of cheap latex. I can’t imagine myself walking around in pink boots either. My color is black. They can be gleamy, shiny, or not, but preferable blacker than the blackest of black. Of cors, i love red boots as well, especially the ones with cuban heels. White ones sometimes, when wearing a black velvet dress, or a black midi skirt combined with a white silk blouse. And i wouldn’t want to exclude dark blue boots from my collection. But pink ones? Don’t make me laugh. Yuck, bah, never!

There should be enough space for me to be able to put my finger between my leg and the top of my boot. Comes in handy too when wanting to stick my riding crop into the shaft. I make an exception for really crotch high boots, which should end snugly against my buttocks. I can get so horny eh, when moving around the house in those, the tops r touching the suburbs of my pussy, rubbing same in a most exciting cadence. Sometimes it really gets me. Then i’m going out, wearing nothing underneath, just for having that feeling of boot leather against the soft tissue of my pleasure zone.

Some say, wearing boots makes a person (feel) more powerful. Well, not in my case. It may be true that people who r not dominant, but rather weak or insecure, derive some extras from the boots they’re wearing, and also may give them more authority over others, but with me it’s the other way around. A boot gets something extra from me when encasing my leg and foot. When someone else is wearing the same boot, it looks completely different on her. Unless of cors her personality matches mine. I truly believe i’m transferring part of my drive to dominate and my energy to my footwear, making same unite with me, and becoming one with me. Exactly as what happens when i'm having a sexual encounter with my slaves. When that happens, there r no distinctive entities anymore. Just one Gestalt. Some may have difficulties to grasp the essence of this. So here’s a simple metaphor: Picture me from a distance, riding my favorite horse during the final stages of sunset, speeding along the beach. U know and understand rationally there must be two entities, i and my horse, but the two r so glued together, so united, that u only see one. Ergo, i and my footwear become one. Many women, and certainly men, r unable to share my experience. Which, among other things, explains why some women never look sexy in boots, and very often even look sloppy in them.

Riding boots r special to me. I mean the rubber ones. Of cors i own leather rb’s too, but i hardly wear them, as i found them either too stiff when new, or too wrinkled after having been broken in for a while. I hate wrinkles like that. In particular when dust accumulates in them. And the ones which have laces make me puke. But ah the rubber ones. They r so deliciously supple and fold marvelously around my ankle area when bending my feet into a more vertical position. For instance, when shoving the toe of my boot into the mouth of a slave, making him/her 'deep'throating' the thing. I love to combine rrb’s with a chic evening gown when visiting an opera house or so. The looks i get then? Hilarious! Formal riding gear is nothing for me. To me gear like that is laughable, belonging to people thriving on protocols, rites, and traditions. When riding a horse, i’m mostly in jeans, boots, a t-shirt or sweater. Never wearing a cap or helmet either. And when riding, all alone, high up in snowy mountains, i get a kick out of only wearing those boots with a long fur coat and my hair cascading to my waist.

I could go on and on telling u about my footwear. I could tell u how i love to inhale the sweaty air coming out from a rubber boot after having worn same around the clock, even days at a stretch. I could tell u, how i’m letting my slaves drink my piss out of my pumps. I could tell u about the way i enter a boot heel into the anus and/or vagina of a slave. I could tell u about my hour long walks with Lucinda and Anita through torrential rains, while wearing our macks and waders or (again) black rubber riding boots, making love to each other in the woods during those trips. I could………. Oh come on now, r u not turned on yet? No? Pathological!

From the avalanche of comments resulting from this entry when it was published the first time, i'll give u 3 to read here

Here’s what Stef, one of the sexiest women i've met online, had to say to all this:

Oh dear Ayesha....I couldn't agree more! I have always felt that way about my boots....no one ever understands my relationship with my shoes. I'm one of those that buys the shoes first..then finds the outfit to go with them. Always black for me though. I'm liking what you said about red or white though...I'll give it thought.
I could never opt for sensible shoes...I've worked jobs where I stand for 12 to 18 hours...in stilletto heels, platforms, thigh high boots, and never complained about pain. It's all in how you carry yourself.
Now the interesting part of it all is that I live in Naples, Florida...where there's never fall or winter seasons. The 110 degree heat index would kill most people in leather knee high boots. I don't care, I never feel the heat or humidity when wearing my boots.
I smiled when reading your blog. Knowing someone else out there feels the same way is lovely.
And I replied:Stef, for some time now, we both feel there is a special bond between the 2 of us. We tried to pinpoint same, and found a few wavelengths we both r on. As of today there's more clarity: We r united in BOOTS! We r sisters in deep dark black leather stiletto heeled boots, ankle high, calf high, knee high, thigh high, crotch high, whatever!
I live in the tropics, where it’s unusual to stroll the streets and avenues in boots and leather as well. Like u, i couldn’t care less, and do as i please. The good thing here? Air-conditioning is as common as central heating is in the cold regions of the planet. Besides, it’s easy for me to go to close by places, where temperatures r much lower, even freezing. As i’m writing this, Bogotá has 63 degrees, cooling off at night considerably, while Merida stands at 73. Higher up in its mountains it’s way lower. As u know, i’m traveling quite a bit sometimes, visiting places like NYC, London, Milano, SF etc. Plenty of opportunities for wearing my boots over there as well this time of the year without having to sop in them. Btw....uhm....Rome, Italy? 50 degrees this very moment, lol! Light rain too. Maybe we should meet there after all (smile).
Good to know u exist Stef.

And Fiona, a true boot bitch from Britain, wrote:
Finally someone who understands boots as much as I do, riding boots with a nice evening gown sounds so sexy and alluring, i'd gladly wear a pair and a gown alongside you
sometimes i love wearing thigh high boots with a leather skirt that finishes somewhere below the knee so they look for all the world just like knee highs..but only i know how far they truely go up
in saying that i don't like when people wear tall boots with jeans or other trousers over them, it defeats the point, also I don't like fabric boots, they look like glorified socks with a heel and sole stuck on em
I find shiney pvs boots, especially if they are thigh high..too trashy, i prefer the dullness of real leather
I myself own no other form of footwear..its 100% boots the lowest i have are a couple of mid calf ones the rest are knee high or over

Then came Katrina, my dear vanilla friend from the Big Apple:

"raises hand" I am always sexy in my boots.no sloppy girl here.Oh,and the image of you riding the horse n a snow covered mountain,in nothing but a fur coat,high black boots and lovely long hair whipping in the air turned me on more than anything else that you wrote about.:)
I’ll expect u to wear ur boots together with that black rubber bikini we spoke about! Well, once u found one eh? Come to think of it, would it turn u on as well if the 2 of us would go on horseback, then start speeding along a looooong white sandy seashore located in the southern Caribbean only dressed in unparalleled black rubber bikinis and equally black tall rubber riding boots, and after having enjoyed our daiquiri’s at some idyllic, romantic, hidden under waving palm trees, luxury cottage, would make intense love to each other, while never even have thought of taking our boots off?


She never replied, lol, and kept silent instead. Vanilla people seldom loosen up u know. But i know she would have loved it, hehehe!


  1. lol,I never replied?I didn't know there was something for me to reply to.

  2. Yeah right! U mean after ur first comment then, u never came back to look again, hehehe.

    Btw, u r looking very good against the black background here.

  3. It's a good picture of me :P

    And no,i didnt go back to look,didn't know about ur comment

  4. DAmmit,I'm Anonymous

  5. That's the tricky thing about comments. U never know if there is one, unless u come back and look if there is one ;)

  6. I live in a cold region, black leather boots are everywhere. But it's not a paradise for people that appreciate the beauty and allure of women in boots. Tall boots are trendy, picked up by the masses on a large scale now, and everybody's got to have them. But as you have pointed out, a pair of boots is not enough — it depends on the woman wearing them.

    Once in a while I see someone that is at home in her boots, and looks like she really likes to wear them. Maybe not exactly radiating boot-sexiness, but at least in a union of sorts with her footwear, at ease, confident and sensual. And a beautiful woman in beautiful boots IS a wonderful thing. But I haven't had the pleasure of coming across the really powerful and dangerous stuff: A shoe and boot-conscious, beautiful and DOMINANT woman.

  7. Contrary to what many people in Cyberspace r trying to make their audiences believe, it's rare indeed to meet a femdom in r/l, as well as in the virtual world. Of cors i'm talking here about women who, completely independent from the wishes and desires of the ones who claim to adore and fall for them, can't even imagine NOT to passionately follow their inborn drive to be dominant, and not about the ones who i've labeled recreational femdoms (including their pro sisters, aka pro-dommes).

  8. The title of this blog is Footwear. How the fuck did I miss this before? Like O.M.G! So you wrote it in 2009 but this is very relevant.

    Love this blog. You mentioned it before but not in great depth. Not like this. When this page loaded, I quickly scrolled down to see if there was a good read here (as expected from you) then when back to the top to start.

    You're great!

    Shoes & boots are my thing. I'm the one that will turn up to events with what will be deemed as unsuitable footwear, lol. I pull it off though. I'm not so keen on flats, hell I need the extra height. I'm only small. Wearing a heel makes me feel like me. Style does vary in my closet. I have a few flat boots, I have heeled. All black, got a special pair with steel toe caps, most don't appreciate those ones. I have several pairs of wedges in all different colours (went through a phase), then I have my platforms which are my favourite. I have gold, sparkly silver, bright orange, red and some burst rainbow. I'll always have them on when getting intimate.

    Shoes are good for the soul. Well, mine anyway.

    Hey, I was sporting wellies last winter.

  9. U seem to belong to that select elite of women who unite with their shoes and boots, who make their footwear come alive and sexy, and adding extra flavor to their sexual encounters by wearing boots when having sex.

    Pointed steel toe caps i love too. Especially when combined with 6" steel stiletto heels.

    Ever heard of Saigon Kitty? That little one would have been proud of u :)

  10. I haven't met anyone in RL that can relate to me on this one. Not the way I love them. I line them all up, clean them. They think it's a waste of money. I think if I was to be addicted to anything, this is a great choice.

    Never heard of Saigon Kitty, should I have had?

  11. Saigon Kitty, or Cindy, is a Vietnamese petite, who had a great boot site once. She was smitten with this kind of footwear, and owned an incredibly variety of boots. She modeled them elegantly, gracefully, and sexy.