Monday, September 28, 2009

The Witty People

It’s amazing how many witty people there r online. Especially in guestbook sections one can encounter this breed by the zillion. Always cheerful, alert, sharp, and of cors full of………wit. And mind u, they r never as cynical or sarcastic like urs truly. Oh no! They would hate to be like that. On the contrary, these people r always in a good mood, absolutely positive, and ready to get u out of the rut if ur in it. Not that they would care about ur rut, but they just can’t stand to be in the company of others who have a bad day or so. So out of the rut u go. Instantly. No bad things allowed. Period. U really feel down and out, miserable, and in tears u say? To hell with u! They don’t care. U r a danger to their mood. U r a pest. That’s what u r. How come u even dare to tell u feel off! Life is way too short for being down. Up u go, whether u like it or not. Down is out. Wit is in. Even when it’s lousy, slimy, or stinky, it’s in! Keep that in mind loser!
Wit goes up to a next level when it appears in a blog. It’s called humor then. Not that i would know, or diagnosed it as such, but i was told it was. Not all humor is created by the Witty People themselves tho. Oh no, far from it. Respected scholars, scientists, and statistical gurus found that at least half of it belongs to other jokers. It seems to be hilariously witty and laughable common to steal, steal and steal some more. U say that’s wrong? Muahahahahahaha!!! Come on, where have u been? This is the 21th century people. The century of progress, and shaaaaaaaaaaaaring. As long as it is witty, gets a good laugh, and is dripping from humor, who’d give a shit about giving credit to the witty one who came up with it in the first place, who wrote that joke, story, or lyrics. Old fashioned crap that. Today's morals r much better. Way more witty too. The internet is free u know, u can take what u want. It’s urs. All of it.

Some of the Witty People, r a class apart. Not that they would be more classy than the ordinary witty ones, or their talents would earn them a separate classroom in the school of life, but cos they r exceptional sensitive to wit and humor coming their way as a reaction to their witty productions. Not that they would object u being witty on other people’s sites, no no no, they even welcome that, and would eagerly join u in outwitting a third party. But on their page? Geeeez, who do u think u r? A Witty One? Don’t u ever dare to criticize these chosen ones, or u will be sorry! U will be condemned, and censored in awfully cruel ways. Ur messages, comments, no matter how witty or humorous the may be, will be removed, deleted, crushed, and trampled by them instantly, and to make things worse, u will be removed from their list without mercy! So consider urself duly warned now. Don’t go where i went, and will go hereafter again and again. I’m a lost case u know. I’m addicted to provoke and tease the Witty People. I’m their prisoner so to say. I can’t help myself anymore. But u can! U r still free. Be wise, and never disturb the Witty People with ur silly wit or state of the art humor! Just adapt, and agree. Oh, and praise them. Tell them how wonderful they r. Yes, flood them with praise. Swamp them with adoration. Make them a pedestal, a throne, a sewer. That will do it. That will secure ur stay on their crappy site.

I can’t resist to tell u about a not so recent adventure of mine regarding the subject at hand. But i won’t tell u the name of this Witty One, cos it was Jenna, a former Yahoo 360 friend, who later became one of my critics, and although she once told me she wanted to be my slave, never had the courage to meet me r/l. Anyway, at that time, she posted a story about world history in a condensed form. Beer and the invention of the wheel, were the most important landmarks of mankind (as if anybody didn’t know!). The intriguing part was this one: In the end there were two (only 2 eh) kind of people, namely conservatives and liberals. Conservatives r of cors the productive ones in society, while liberals r only goofing off, and living from the good thing these great conservatives were providing for. In short: Conservatives? Yeah......applause! Liberals? Yuck…..r u kidding me?

Btw, to keep things in their right perspective, i should mention that Jenna embraces conservatism. Also that she’s constantly trying to be witty. Something we rarely see with conservatives these days.

While the story by itself was quite entertaining, witty and humorous, it wasn’t hers. She….. um….. well ….. ok …….. borrowed it

Here’s my second comment on it, as my first one was removed very quickly, as was of cors the second one, rofl.

Caramba, i could swear i posted the following already! But as Yahoo's ways r a bit inscrutable these days, here's a repost, as i know u wouldn't want to miss this for the world. Ok, okay, a tiny part of it (sigh).
In their relentless quest to at least be seen as conservative sons and daughters of the ancient ones, nowadays conservatives want to produce at least something too. Lacking the creativity of named ancient ones tho, they created copy/paste, and r copying/pasting ever since.
The liberals? I’m not sure, but according to modern day scriptures found by conservative archeologists in the hidden cellars of the Watergate Barn, they too r desperately copying/pasting, but only material that was copied/pasted by the conservative ones already.

U might ask: “What on earth r these liberated conservatives and conservative liberals copying/pasting all the time?” The answer is: “Stuff from The Other People”.

Of cors without even having the slightest idea of who The Other People r!

Witty huh? And was gone (sob sob) 

Keep on smiling folks. Behold, be careful with ur humor tho!

I really love this vid, hehehe.


  1. Where are those magicians, ready to get me out of the too rarely positively sunny day moods?

    Oh. There's one. Right here.


  2. Lol, u r one of a kind.

    Oops....said that already more than once, didn't i?