Sunday, July 5, 2009


Chess, the game where intellects collide, bound by strict rules and time restrictions. Ah, how wonderful this game can be, and how boring at the same time. For instance, all those well analyzed openings, where every move is always the same,.......till someone comes along, who doesn't care at all about tradition, or what the (FIDE) grandmasters painfully r prescribing for the lesser gifted, as the 'best' continuation. A player recognizing that psychological intimidation, seduction, body language, setting traps, and yesssss......a lot of attitude, ever changing attitudes, is of much more importance to make an exciting game (and to win it too), than intellect.

Would u believe, that any man, i repeat, any man, would have a very hard time to win me in chess, no matter his IQ, experience or skill, when i'm sitting there, opposite to him, dressed in an exquisite black leather evening gown, skyscraper heels, and matching silver jewelry, with my bluish black hair cascading to my waist, occasionally walking to his side of the table, caressing his feverish head with one of my gloved hands, whispering a few suggestions for continuation in his ear, while he's trying to concentrate on his next move, desperately seeking a way out of the position i brought him in? Sometimes, i even tell him the right moves, lol, but of cors he doesn't trust me, programmed as he is, not to expect this from his enemy.

U know, although i never lost since i was in my teens, to win is not really what i'm interested in. It's the interaction which does it for me, which makes me play again. I just love to see a renowned player going through stages like self-confidence, arrogance, hope, disbelief, agony, resurrection, despair, and in the end, left without any options. When huge bets r on the table, it's even more exciting. But of cors, there r also the real players, the ones who r like me, not only using their intellect. It's then, when chess is played, as it should be played: Sweet, merciless, passionate, using all there is, to near the singularity, a one moment in time connection between two opposites, an out of this world explosive unification. Of cors, it's not a game then in the traditional sense, but just another expression of how i want to live.

Playing chess like that always triggers reactions in the field. I can tell. I had my share, especially coming from 'real' players, the dedicated ones, the competitive ones, the ones playing tournaments and so. Mostly they r outraged, complaining that my behavior has nothing to do with chess at all, accusing me of violating the rules, that i'm not fair, so on. They probably belong to the guild of knights, who when in battle, will return the sword to their opponent, once he has lost it in the heat of the fight. To keep it clean, honest, and fair eh? I'm not like that. On the contrary, i will do everything to distract my opponent, to make him lose interest in his sword, and then........go for the kill. But what a sweet death it will be.

U would rather go for the only intellectual approach u say, keeping it traditional, and playing by the book? Be my guest. Noticed the pic on top? It's ----> Mate in 6. Black to move. Go for it! It will be a bit time consuming tho. If u could do it at all that is (smile). Or r u that good? Really? Show me.


  1. 1. ... Re1
    2. Kg2 Rg1
    3. Kg1 Qe1
    4. Kg2 Qf1
    5. Kf1 Bh3
    6. Kg1 Re1 mate.

  2. Lol, i know u did this once already, years ago, when it was posted in 360.

  3. No, I didn't even know something called 360 existed until I read your email about it soon becoming history, 2 days ago. It's a very easy combination (no variations), target known (the king), took me 1-2 minutes. Black's bishop just has to get to h3 with a check.
    Since you like chess, let me propose you an endgame study I like; I hope you'll like it too:

    White: Kb5, Pc6
    Black: Ka1, Rd6

    White plays and wins (in 7 moves). Hint: careful at Black's 4th and White's 5th move.


  4. Chess boxing

    From the International Herald Tribune:

    When you sit down to play chess after your boxing round, then you look at the board as if it is the first time you see it. It is a bit like biathlon, with the skiing and shooting. Adrenalin is massive, making it difficult to think straight, and it also makes you fearless, and that is the biggest mistake you can make on the chess board at that time. You have to train hard for this changeover. (...) It is a unique sport, combining two seemingly opposite things. But it has huge potential. It is this testing of the human body and mind that makes it so exciting.

  5. Rarely seen a so impressive metaphor... I am literally schoked...

    It is so deep... so ingenious...

    that's comme from genious ! I could never think anymore to chess without remember it...

    A kind of soul branding... ( lol ) do metaphors play role of soul branding ?? here surely yes...

    I cant resist to add french defintion of metaphor which is matching so perfectly with your kind of art...

    La métaphore, du grec μεταφορά (metaphorá, au sens propre, transport), est une figure de style fondée sur l'analogie et/ou la substitution. C'est un type particulier d'image sans outil de comparaison qui associe un terme à un autre appartenant à un champ lexical différent afin de traduire une pensée plus riche et plus complexe que celle qu'exprime un vocabulaire descriptif concret.

    Ainsi dans l'expression de Julien Gracq (Un balcon en forêt), « Son rire de pluie fraîche », l'auteur décrit le rire de la jeune fille rencontrée dans les bois un jour pluvieux en l'associant à une pluie aux connotations particulières (bruit, pureté, nature) faisant du personnage féminin une nymphe qui séduit le jeune lieutenant cantonné dans la forêt des Ardennes. La métaphore constitue ainsi une utilisation suggestive et expressive de la langue.(w)

    C'est un TRANSPORT... un transport vers un autre monde...

    a transport to an other world...

    thanks a lot... merci...



  6. "C'est un TRANSPORT... un transport vers un autre monde..." Yes it is. And still it's the same world. It's dynamic and static at the same time. It's the change we give to the game which makes it worthy to continue with it. Check for instance Gothic Chess.

  7. "It's the change we give to the game which makes it worthy to continue with it"

    Oh yes, I understand...

    Probably you refer that the two new pieces added are sometime called in french *Imperatrice* and *Princesse* so Empress and Princess instead of Chancellor and Archbishop... In French these two new pieces are also called fairy pieces...

    it's a fairy tale...

    If i understand well ( i'm far to be an expert in chess... ) when the king is confined into a corner, there are now two different "Ladies" who can "mat" him... all alone...

    that's sounds like a new paradigm... :)


    incredible... my word verification ask me to type subur !!!! lol