Sunday, July 26, 2009

That Place

I know of a Place

A Place, where women do terrible and cruel things to each other.
Things no male could ever imagine, nor could he endure.

It’s a Place, where the ultimate torture, and the ultimate tenderness,
Are melting together into one incredible act of love.

A Place, where the hidden desires of the flesh, the forbidden
Feelings of lust, are meeting the fantasies of the mind, and seamlessly
Are welded together, forming an unity, never to be broken again.

I know of a Place

A Place, where boots, leather and rubber garments,
Iron collars and chains, are not just that. They are the skins
Of animals, the juices of plants, and the ores of the
Earth, clinging to our bodies, uniting, synchronizing,
And synergizing with us.

It’s a Place, where the branding is not merely
A way of torture. It’s the symbol of power,
Representing the sun, the fire of life.

I know of a Place

It’s the Place of the Deva’s. It’s their place on this earth,
Where wisdom and lust, pain and pleasure, evil and love,
Are measured in terms of the bending universe,
Embedded in the microcosms of their bodies and minds.

A Place of encountering soul mates, combining
Seemingly paradoxical extremes into one
Powerful singularity, where one moment in time,
Is all time. Hyperbolical time.

I know that Place, cos it’s my place!
And that of my sisters.

It’s also the place, where men are suffering
Under our boots, deep down in the Labyrinth,
Receiving the lashes of despotic women, who are
Just laughing at, and ridiculing the species
That wants so desperately to be our slave.

But once in a while
A miracle occurs.
Then one of those slaves
Becomes a soul mate as well,
And he belongs to us,
Is one of us,

Two comments from the 360 days i want u to read here, One from an Austrian lady, Gomorrha, who i found quite special, although we broke up, and my reply on hers.

G: *giggles* i almost pity you. such beautiful, atmospheric writing and then...
it looks like you are on an entirely different level and people try to grasp a tiny wisp of the meaning behind your words. they try to reflect you to please you. very entertaining. which type of devas are you then? that word is used in different ways and meanings. and i am curious.
A: We r not a 'type' lol. We r women in our own right, and yet refuse to carry a label. We leave that to others, who’ll never cease to label us.

Ur right, it is used in many ways and meanings, cos people lost connection to the original ones. Due to the very nature of deva, it’s difficult to describe same, without damaging the essence of it. Deva is rather a feeling, an emotion, and most of the times not really tangible, It’s a feeling of intense connection to others, of freedom, of standing alone, of having disconnected from vanilla values, norms, and paradigms. Even when trying to explain this to u, i feel i’m not touching the core of it. Maybe this will do: It’s like burning ice.


  1. hi! sorry now lng nakavisit sa site. medyo prob sa connection.

    wow! astig tong post mo hehe... cguro ganito sa chako paul.

  2. Ah, u found ur way to a place where fantasies r of minor importance.

  3. Hiya Miss seems a really great place to be but i guess i aint to ready to there guess i still have some vanilla issues to get rid of before i can truly say i'm ready for your place..

  4. Yes, it often takes time for ice to burn.