Monday, July 13, 2009

On Male Dominance

“Hi! no dom males hey?”And then he continued with : "wanna persuade me?" Isn't that sweet? No it is not! So what is it? It's typical male! Always looking for competition, always ready to fight, always in need to be defensive. Hmmm, is this really typical for the male of the species? Yes it is, although there r plenty of females running around on the surface of mother Earth, who r manifesting an attitude and behavior more or less equal to that of their spouses, partners, friends, bosses, or subbie hubbies. It's called emancipation, one of the more laughable concepts cherished in desperate housewives circles. Yes i know, most feminists, recreational femdoms, and pro-dommes would be ready for the kill, passionately putting a contract out on me , fighting each other to drink legally from my blood after, if they would learn (as they did many times already), that i find them nothing more than willing clones of the patriarch.

This thing began with him announcing in his blog that he was a switch, triggering in me the comment, that this was impossible, as maledom doesn't exist and is only an illusion. I have put forward this many times, and the responses were always the same, and equally ridiculous. Sure there r dominant males. Without any doubt even, and way too many too. But......... only in the vanilla world, where their glorious dominance created many disasters, leaving behind a complete mess in many areas. Yessery, the male of the species can be extremely dominant the vanilla way. Kind of a King Kong way actually, with a lot of noise, brag, physical and mental violence, and other garbage. Underneath however, these men r just like that ape, rather insecure, quite emotional, unbalanced, and maybe even tender (the only way my Elizabeth would allow them to come near her, hehehe!), but.....they would poop their pants if someone would notice. Instead, they’re obsessed with standing tall, showing women and other males who’s the boss, etc. Just check out a few so-called world leaders, or ur local bar, and u’ll find them easily.

All this is still going on, and will continue for a long time to come.

So, to the naïve observer our planet is just crowded with dominant males. But when it comes to the realm of d/s, to my world of sexual slavery, these men cease to exist. Not so u say? Sure, sure, moi observed too: A lot of playing is going on on our sacred kinky grounds, during the weekend, when the kids r at grandmas, in fetish clubs, and in some isolated castle of a deranged baron. Mainly cos so many females r playing along with these Masters of the Universe, making it look as if some males r domineering within the d/s environment as well. More or less like it is with mainstream femdom, where submissive women r lured into playing the domina, by their topping from the bottom subbie (yuck).

The best these males can do in d/s is to make even bigger caricatures of themselves than they r already, presenting themselves as Masters (bang….. now don’t u dare to skip the capital M eh?), running around punishing females or their own buddies, organizing and attending to conferences on bdsm, visiting munches, discussing ad nauseam all kind of d/s issues, and seeking acceptance from other erring individuals, while suppressing even more their inner longing to be slave to a woman. I only allow these types near me when in the mood to show them how easily i can make them do my bidding, how easily i can make them crawl for me. Then send them home!

“Yes Ayesha, we know already. U can stop now! U r absolutely right. There r many vanilla male dominants, and plenty of fake dominant males in the velvet underground. But r u really sure, there r not at least a few males, only a tiny minority perhaps, who r genuine dominant when it comes to sexual slavery?” Hmmmmm, now don’t get me mad eh? I can tell u first hand, and only out of first hand eh, as i don't trust story telling so much, that i never have met a true male dominant in my life. All the Masters who crossed my path, and mind u, i've traveled a lot, were more than willing to become my slave, or didn't dare to resist me whenever i had set my mind to it. Even those who made me doubt my conviction fell for me in the end, at times stalking me long after i had dismissed them. So no……..there r no genuine, non-vanilla, dominant males. And there never will be any creatures like that either! When it comes to sex, males can only flourish when being a slave to a woman. Sexual slavery makes a male more powerful and free than he ever could be otherwise.

Btw, a switch can't be a dominant as per definition. One can't be a genuine dominant and submissive simultaneously. Switching from one mode to the other is only possible when one is acting like an actor, ergo is playing. I'm not a player. Femdom is carved in my soul, in my brain, in my clothing, in my whip, in my music, and all the rest of my being and life. I don't go into domspace, snapping out of it when a session (grrrr, what a horrible word) is over. Neither do my slaves dwell part of the day in subspace and the rest of the time in other spaces. That's how it should be, and how it should stay. That’s what d/s is about. A 24/7/365 passionate way of living. Nothing more, nothing less. And no role play whatsoever eh? Never. Period. Hmmmm.......i take that back. When i would want u to play a role, u'd have no other option than to obey! Even if that would be the role of a maledom, lol! Don't worry tho. I only would do silly stuff like that when cranky. Not when moody or so. Then i would simply let u drop dead, ignore u, and forget u even existed, not caring if/how this would affect u at all.

What's that? What do i hear? Ah....... i see. My definition is not holy eh? My view is not universal eh? It's simply an opinion, no? Everybody has the right to fill in whatever he/she likes, to suit that person's taste, no matter how stupid that taste may be, right? Go ahead. Exercise ur one dimensional democratic rights. I won't stop u. Make a mess out of d/s as well. Rape it, take away its essence, its glory, its venom, its passion, and make it mediocre, mainstream, boring, and dull. And mind u, keep it especially ssc (that’s safe sane and consensual, u moron). And whilst u r to it, why not put a few lawmakers to work, writing the Bill of Slave Rights? Soon there'll be a Slave Union to defend those rights and bring me, Ayesha, to justice.

Picture it. In the future, femdom will be a service to Emperor Slave and King Subbie. Hmmmmm.... in the future? It's here already lololol. Like the Other World Queendom of Master Male. But......... not in my place. And not where i go!

Don't get me wrong. I love males. Very much so. Well, i mean the ones who r going with the core of their being, the powerful ones, a.k.a slaves. But........ i love women more! Why is that? Plenty of reasons, but a major one is………they can take more, and whine less. And u know who r the biggest whiners of them all, the ones who can’t even take a softly administered caress of my single tail? U guessed it, smartass: Maledoms.


  1. If so, what do you make of Marquis de Sade's books?

  2. Let me put is this way: I never finished any of his books, although i've tried. Most of the time his writings easily get me bored, while his depictions of sexual cruelty and violence either make me laugh or disgust me.

    Unlike others i'm not really interested in his motives or intentions, as i will never be able to verify same. He could have been the ultimate freedom fighter some believe he was, also a satirical snob trying to provoke the establishment of his time, or simply a guy who needed a justification for his own sexual impulses.

    From what was handed to me about his personal sexual behavior, i must say, that he was lucky enough i was born centuries later!

    So far my take on him in general. But.....why did u ask? Is there, in ur view, a the relation between his books and maledom perhaps? Enlighten me, as i don't see it.

  3. Maybe I didn't get the point of your posting. Wasn't it that there are no males with true dominating fantasies? Anyway, forget it.

    An interesting read (fascinating for me, see below) is Gilles Deleuze's "Pre'sentation de Sacher-Masoch", where he successfully disproves the traditional freudian claim that a (male) masochist is an inverted sadist, by referring to the texts themselves (Sade's texts and Masoch's texts) and to their quite different ...perfume. I read it when I was 16 and it gave me a sense of identity that previous (psychoanalytical) books about the subject had not given me the least.

  4. Fantasies? Oh I’m sure there must be males fantasizing about being a maledom. But i was talking about r//l d/s. No maledoms there.

    In contrast to many others, i'm not one who subscribes to the importance of labeling/classifying, and the endless search for definitions etc, when it comes to d/s.

    Deleuze is a nice read. His belief tho, that there can't be a unification between d and s (or s and m, if that would suit u better), may be true when it comes to mainstream d/s, but is certainly not my experience within the realm of ffd. The poor philosopher would have revised his writings on the subject instantly, if he could have seen me in action, feeling blessed he finally found the unbiased empirical data he was so fond of.

  5. it's the eternal return of the same!

  6. "His [Deleuze's] belief tho, that there can't be a unification between d and s (...) The poor philosopher would have revised his writings on the subject instantly, if he could have seen me in action"

    Does this mean that you dominate but also are dominated?

  7. Yes Tina, it looks like that, lol. Very nauseating too at times. Especially when vanilla experts r mingling with stuff they never experienced outside of their theoretical frames of reference. Hmmm....maybe the watched a porn movie now and then too perhaps?
    But when it comes to hyperbola phenomena, like the singularity, this is THE thing to pursue. I'm sure u remember my exquisite diatribes on the subject in the late 360. And to think, the hyperbola is not even a circle....tsss....tskk.

  8. My dear Costas N., how can u asked a question like that, knowing my view on switching? Maybe u were just trying to tease me a bit? How lovely. But..... maybe u were dead serious, and meant i could be dominated against my will? U know, i would love a challenge like that, but up till now, nobody dared to go into that direction. Oh sure there were a few who suggested to role play such a scenario. Alas for them, i'm not a player.

    Of cors, even when ur question was meant like that, it would raise the question what unification would mean under such circumstances.

    Be all this as it may, i have a feeling u don't have a clue about feminine femdom, and r still stuck in vanilla d/s. It's only a feeling eh. But a strong one (grin).

  9. yes, the hyperbola is not addressed in the literary models that deleuze used. of course, his models were taken from the writings of men.

  10. Oh, lol. Little do they know about the cravings dwelling in a female soul. Busy as they r with their own desires and fantasies, they have no time to venture there. i've observed occasionally, some made/make an effort nevertheless. Real dare devils those ones. True adventurers even. Alas, most back off when the female soul veil is lifted, and her poisonous love is exposed. But then again, the few who survive the song of the siren, will be blessed with a sight they longed for since the day they were expelled from the womb!

  11. "maybe u were dead serious, and meant i could be dominated against my will?"

    I was serious, but I didn't mean you could be dominated against your will; I rather asked whether you LIKED TO be dominated also, since you said that Deleuze's belief against unification between d and s is wrong and you are the living proof of that (but it seems I don't understand what you mean by unification --see below). I did read your opinion about switching, but doesn't your opinion coincide with Deleuze's belief? That was my question.

    "the question what unification would mean"

    Yes; that's what I don't seem to understand. What do you mean by unification between d and s?

    "i have a feeling u don't have a clue about feminine femdom"

    I'd like to hear it defined by you. Is it equivalent to female sadism? OK, you say you don't subscribe to labeling, but we're dealing with words here per force.

  12. I created this blog cos Yahoo 360 was terminated. Most of my writings there, will be re-published here. So pay attention, and u'll find the answers to ur questions at the appropriate time.

  13. mr kouremenos.. i did have a long discussion with ayesha about deleuze's book and it's funny that i never saw it then but his view points are exclusively male.. his literary prototypes are men: de sade and masoch, and, of course, he is a man. from the male view point there is the sadean male, the philosophic didact oppressor and the masochian male, the trainer of his single ideal owner. missing is the jouissance of the dominant female, something he does not set out to address and cannot know.

  14. B..b...ut Tina....Jacques was a male too eh.

    Pssst.......i do enjoy tho, to shatter the non existing barriers between the domina and the slave, and merging with him/her via the singularity. Blissful, lol.

  15. yes... i can feel that you would allow no barriers

  16. It's the jouissance of the feminine femdom Tina. But not exactly a la Lacan :)

  17. the jouissance of the feminine femdom... the white hot center.. has any woman (other than you) ever written of it? or is this something that is just experienced and not expressed?

  18. Apart from the ones who intimately r living with me in That Place, and share in my daily activities, i never met anyone who was interested in the subject when linked to ffd, left alone write about it. Which is not a surprise of cors, as feminine femdom is not routine business on our planet, lol. Within the scientific world there r a few women tho, discussing the matter. Take for instance the 2 Jacqueline. I mean Rose and Barus-Michel. The first one is certainly not a favorite of mine, but for reasons not relevant to the subject at hand. The second one? Read, "Désir, passion, érotisme: l'expérience de la jouissance", and judge for urself.

    Anything that can only be experienced and not expressed, i find below board. But then again, i think anything can be expressed. People r often too lazy, and don't make an effort to express themselves, beyond the ways they were taught in that area.

  19. I love the piece Ayesha! I have always thought that were 2 kinds of men.....'real men' (passionate and loving and truly supportive of what We do...and to me that means worshiping us with full respect to the level of getting on the floor and groveling, but this is freedom and liberation as it is the destiny they were born for)...and then there is the 'other type'...those that are doomed like dinosaurs....those aren't 'maledoms'....they are just arrogant and disrespectful, and have yet to figure out destiny. I just laugh and take comfort that they will be extinct as time moves forward.

  20. And then there's that third specimen Gina.It's the one i described for instance in "Femdom.....a chat". They're rare, but they do exist.

  21. Kinda' like the Blondie - Morrison hermaphrodite. Spinning globes of mirrors replacing strobe lights. One looking at tomorrow, while the other swirls yesterday and today.


  23. " It's typical male! Always looking for competition, always ready to fight, always in need to be defensive. Hmmm, is this really typical for the male of the species?"

    In our current society, that is what a man is. You learn to compete and fight right from childhood. Fight with your siblings, fight on the school playground, compete for success.. it never ends..

    You don't think I'd like to take it easy and just not compete? Of course I would. In a utopia perhaps free of competition, I'd just keep myself fit and healthy and hope to find a woman like yourself and give up every bit of freedom for the sexual slavery I need.. like you said...

    "Sexual slavery makes a male more powerful and free, than he even could be otherwise."

    You know how much I *want* to believe that and just let go.. ? You probably do from reading your other posts, about how great the need to give up freedom to a dominant woman is within a male slave.

    But I can't. And neither can most other men. Manhood, in the real world is earned through competition, conflict and eventual success. There are other things you need to survive apart from sex. And all those involve competition and willingness to fight other men. In fact, even to get an opportunity for sex, there is a lot of competition. So the readiness to compete and fight always has to be there for a man. There is simply no other way...

    1. Oh yes there is: Become the slave to a woman. Of cors, not to just 'a' woman, not even a vanilla femdom, or one of those lame dominant housewives, cos they will never be able to enslave u, take u away from ur competitive world, and own u 24/7/365 till u die.

      But u say u can't? Or is it just that u don't want, that u r too much of a coward to leave the safety of ur comfort zone, and believe that blaming society for ur misfortune and using same as an excuse would leave u off the hook, and give u a valuable reason to not "let go"? Or is it simply that u r not slave material at all, and only can fantasize about living in slavery? Yes, that must be it, cos a slave would never come up with a comment like urs, and instead would follow his/her instincts no matter what. There would simply be no other way... ;)