Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Ever had the feeling ur soul was invaded, broken open, totally exposed, naked, for u to see as u never saw it b4? No? Come on, of cors u have. U r just too afraid to admit it, scared to death others would notice, to be judged vulnerable, not being cool, accused of being weak, and a sissy. U also know it’s an out of this world experience, surpassing even deep feelings of love, hate, and compassion. It’s also terribly confusing, utterly enlightening, paralyzing, and empowering. It knocks me of my feet, and makes me stand tall. For u it’s the same, although u refuse to embrace ur shattered soul, and rather hide it for urself and the morons around u, afraid to be eaten alive.

Not many people i know can evoke these feelings in me, but there r a few. No matter how i love to be disconnected from vanilla environments, to feel completely independent from its laws, rites, norms and values, it’s just the other way around when it comes to the people who found the entrance to my soul, and even without my permission were able to invade it. I’ll fight to the death, even in the ugliest of ways, to stay connected to them.

How different is it with nature and music. Both can easily invade my soul. Of cors they can, as i have no tendency to shield myself from them. Here is 1 example:

Sunday, June 28, 2009

When u r with me

Fear me
And u will hate ur fear

Worship me
And u will be my servant

Crawl for me
And u will stand taller than tall

Resist me
And u will be like cattle

Adore me
And u will be drowned in lust

Deceive me
And u will crush ur soul

Love me
And u will be my slave

Serve me
And u will be dismissed

Challenge me
And u will go beyond ecstasy

Ignore me
And u will rot in peace

Obey me
And u will feel my whip

Battle me
And u will regret victory

Hate me
And u will fear ur hate