Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Necro World

There is no hope

And there is no luck

There is no destiny

And there is no fate

There is no God

And there is no Goddess

There is no cause

And there is no victory

But there is u

Who needs to believe

These things exist

Eager to swallow

Ready to defend

A bunch of lies

Yes there is u

To bleed for them

To go to war for them

To slaughter and kill

To pray and beg

To die for them

And there r ur brothers and sisters

To keep u safe

To keep u convinced

To live the illusion

To support u

To keep evil alive

Yes there they r

Ur brothers and sisters

Policing u

Punishing u

Should u dare to

Stray, resist, or think

Then there is me

Who laughs at u

Ur guilt and repent

Ur fruitless struggle

Ur suffering

Ur broken spirit

Ur dismembered body

And the freedom u lost