Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Real Bimbos

Ahem.........who am i to say what real bimbos r, huh? I tell u what. I don't give a rat's ass what real really is. I know one thing tho: The ones who sell themselves as the real thing, r not that at all. A real bimbo never wants a sugar daddy taking care of her. A real bimbo never ever wants to be a male's trophy. A real bimbo is never ever someone's silly dumbass giggling doll. Oh sure, she can pretend to be like that, play like that, and fool the world splendidly, but in fact a real bimbo is a way above average intelligent, elegant, and sophisticated Alpha-Woman, eager to be enslaved by women like me. And yes indeed, a real bimbo is incredibly curvy at the right places. Which makes her stand out of the crowd, leaving the crowd in awe, and making her sisters with less blossomed bosoms green with envy.

There's a special kind of real bimbos too. A class apart so to speak, recognizable by their huge clits, aka She-males. Although i prefer GG's, i really love the ones who r as addicted to leather and rubber like me, and can walk in 6" heels as if they were dancing on clouds, seducing a pantheon of gods with their bodily movements and facial expressions. I often go out with creatures like that, creating havoc on the streets, in chic restaurants, and all kinds of prohibited areas were people, driven by dogmas, morals, protocols, and other stupid cultural prescribed phenomena, r gathering to convince themselves they're the chosen and righteous ones. The silly thing is tho, these creeps envy us, hahahahaha. Bunch of hypocrites, that's what they r.


For all u suckers, still suffering from stupid opinions, crawling up from stinking vanilla sewer systems, eventually making u feel guilty and miserable, and even forcing u in a way to consider to give up ur natural sexuality, i've uploaded a video of one of the best specimen of womanhood. Enjoy! And take to heart what the song is all about.

Oh yeah, for all u illiterate ones, who r too lazy to go out into the world and learn a few languages, read the subtitles lol.

Real bimbos? My ass! I simply call them, Bimbos. The rest? U mean the ones pretending? Oh those? Who cares!? But Bimbos they r NOT!

Post scriptum

As y'all can see in the comment section, someone going by the name of Tyggertom is questioning my description of bimbo. Not my Bimbo eh, but the general type, hehehe. So what does a woman who craves to be objective do? Call in an expert of cors. Here she is.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Ze Open Mind

The open mind is a beautiful thing. Still it pisses me off. Does this piss u off? Probably! U have an open mind of ur own no? What? U don't? R u out of ur mind? Must be, as i never met a person who told me she/he had a closed one. U r the first. U certainly r standing out of the crowd. Seems u have a mind of ur own. I like that. Good for u. Hit me up sometime. We could become friends, lovers even. Well um...... as long as u do as i say, or r a daughter of Lilith like me.

Online it's even worse. Many here have not only an open mind, but also a constant need to tell me how open their mind really is, and to convince me of their illusion that their mind is even more open than the one of their neighbor or some other dude on the block. More or less with the same frequency as is the case with males posing as females and screaming on their profile, .....no men, no men, no men. Nauseating!


It becomes even more disturbing when these open minds actually r resembling reinforced concrete with a twist. Ever met an individual who said: "Hey, listen up, i'm very open minded, and willing to try anything twice, but i won't engage in ...........", or, "I'm all for people to be free, and do as they like, provided that.............". And how about this one: "I hate it when people r prejudiced, base their opinions on stereotypes, and never learned to open up their mind. I'm so glad i don't belong to those assholes". That kind of open mind bearers? I'm sure u did. Maybe u r one of them.

So what did i do? I installed a fire wall. To save my mind from the open mind cultists, aka ROBCO's. At times tho, i can't resist. Then i go out into the wilderness again, to have a peek, and to drill a few holes in the open mind of the rigid and righteous ones. Just to help them from closing the damned thing completely eh? Told u. I'm a pure social worker at heart. Keep that in mind when watching the video.

Friday, May 20, 2011


As promised, here r the first 2 pieces from my soon to be in the past Yahoo blogs.

To break, broke, broken.

Seems there r plenty people roaming Cyberspace, whose only intention is to break someone, or to be broken themselves. Hilarious. And so stupid too. There's a special breed of paper slaves, who believe a femdom should break them first, and then build them up again according to the wishes of the domina. Typical vanilla d/s, where the *dominant*is working her ass off, to make sure the banal desires of the*slave* r met.

And then we have of cors the club of *broken dommes*, women who once where cruel mistresses, fiery goddesses, or another silly creature of that kind, who suddenly (or after long and deep thinking) saw the light, realizing they truly wanted to be a lowly and inferior nobody, to be humiliated and dehumanized to the bone, by either a teenager, or a mature mommy in leather carrying a box of pampers.

As is the case with the majority of the *lesbians* in here (No male, no male, no male, can't you read you scumbag, no male no male no male), these people r mostly deranged gentlemen (or a bad variant of same), trying that way to become more attractive to the ladies. Guess in the end they'll end up with another poser, lol.

Now....don't worry eh.....and be happy u hear?! And don't forget to glue all the pieces together once ur done.

PS. Couple of days ago one of them broken ones declared she disliked it when people *can't spell a simple word like "you."*. So to ease her pain, i sent her this:

---Lmfao. I c u r a gr8 spelling snob 2. B4 u h8 me now...... :-*---

It really broke her heart, went to pieces even further, and removed my comment very dominantly without any mercy. A class act.

The psychology behind to break, broke, broken.

The wish/desire to break someone mentally and/or physically, is a sure sign of weakness. If this wish/desire is rooted in racism, fascism, nazism and filth like that, it's not only silly, but also objectionable and appalling. People with fascistic personalities r using d/s in general, and femdom in particular, as a smokescreen to hide their true character, which is described by Adorno et al, and many researchers of this phenomenon after them, as ego-weakness. People suffering from this, have a need to find scapegoats, without which, they can’t function. They also crave strict hierarchy, within which they need to trample and harass the ones who r placed beneath them (mostly the minorities in a certain society), and to worship and adore the ones who r placed above them. In short, a Befehl ist Befehl environment.

Since the birth of Internet, many of them have infested Cyberspace with their filth, playing as if they were strong men and women, emphasizing among other things on superiority cq inferiority of certain groups of people or plain gender, while in daily life they wouldn’t dare to act like that at all. In r/l these people would only come out of the closet, when supported and encouraged by larger groups of people, like for instance was the case in Nazi-Germany. One could say, that ego-weakness and cowardice r twins.

Of cors, in Cyberspace, there r also those, who r not really into fascism, who r not really seeking relief for their more or less forbidden feelings and socially disapproved of beliefs/attitudes etc. These ones just find their fun in upsetting other people, by acting as if they were nazis, or to stay more close to home, as if they were into breaking dommes, or to be broken themselves. Still they belong to the weak-ego clan as well, only hanging from a different branch of the moldering tree, which i consider symbolic for these people, and absolutely not even capable of breaking their mommy’s household rules. In fact they r longing for recognition, support, hugs, and other sweet things, but camouflage all this by posing as strict dommes, cruel masters, and……. well a whole range of other ‘powerhouses’. They’re unable to come forward with their true desires, settling for surrogate satisfaction instead.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

In the Name of ............

Remember? Ok here goes #2. Even if u don’t.


Yahoo! is reprioritizing these days some products to deliver the best possible experiences to its consumers. BANG! There u have it! Written in stone. No more, no less. Like when they flushed 360 to the sewers little than a year ago, their one and only reason to cripple an already crippled Pulse even more now is: “……. an effort to make our service a relevant experience for the community.

We, the consumers, r that important to Yahoo! Accompanied of cors by a few unimportant stockholders in the background, also just dripping from genuine altruism and concerned about our experiences.

Like it is with television, movies, forums, other social networks and similar entertainment areas, Yahoo! too goes with the crowd, the majority, and the holy ratings. All in the name of our wellbeing, satisfaction, growth, and best possible experiences. Well, that’s how they want things to look on the porch of their house of cards. In the back of it, greedy bookkeepers r counting the loot of the day, anticipating its cumulative growth in the future.

To hell with passion, depth, empathy, intensity, honesty, commitment, maturity, and responsibility. Hail to the vanilla clowns and clones, thriving on lies, deceit, and fake personas. Welcome to hypocritical gurus and false messiahs, celebrating uniformity, conformism, brainwashing, indoctrination, and obedience. Applause to mediocrity and its derivates. A curse on excellence, deviants, and people who r willing to explore and make a difference. Death to paradigm shifting, new opportunities, and hidden potential. Well, that’s the truth hiding in the back of their calculative mind. Their billboards and tabloids r screaming the opposite, in an effort to fool and indoctrinate the crowd even more.

The corrupted, corroded, and empty opinion of the majority is holy to them, as well as manipulating, molding and coercing people to cross over, and become part of that laughable herd. The will of the herd is law. Well….um…uh…. i mean….as long as it’s eagerly consuming the products of what brings the stockholders the revenues they’re after eh. It’s a superb example of the living democracy. The democracy of one-dimensional people. One ass, one vote.

Like i said, Yahoo! is not alone in this. Only brought forward by me now cos i’m active on their platform as well, and angered by their determination to continue killing a once promising and great thing, and selling this in the name of progress.
Expect a transfer of some of my Yahoo! blogs to Blogger in the coming days, as i don’t want them to go under with Pulse, nor to only linger in my archives till the time i want them to disappear forever.

When the sails r in rags
And stormy weather prevents
Hoisting new ones
When termites ate the oars
And i'm too weak
To row with my hands,
It’s then, when
I start my engines.