Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Scars from Hunger

There was this hunger
A yearning for love
To belong unconditionally
To unite free spirits in bondage
Dancing through life as one
Endlessly renewing


When daybreak came
The eternal bond was broken
Dreams scattered all over the place
Scarring me and my offspring
Imploding agony
Remnants from hunger

There was this hunger
A longing for silence
To repose in quietness
To descend an abyss so deep
No sound could ever reach
Slumbering awake


When daybreak came
Unbearable noise
Invaded my sanctum
Scarring Zion
Etching the sky above
Remnants from hunger 

There was this hunger
A craving for power
To annihilate corruption
To conquer mistrust and hate
Establishing peace
Resting in enemy’s arms


When daybreak came
Freedom fighters entered
Carrying promises and knives
Scarring children maliciously
Ripping the quest apart
Remnants from hunger

There was this hunger
A thirst for revenge
To retaliate ferociously
To destroy many lives
For that one life destroyed
The love of my life and my life


When daybreak came
The dead stopped breathing
Broken lives everywhere
Scarring all
Avenging sadness
Remnants from hunger

My scars
Come from infected wounds
Stinking injuries
Closing hermetically
Never to heal, or to be erased
Remnants from hunger


There was this hunger
A hunger to enslave women and men
A hunger to own males and females
A hunger to brand their flesh with my name
A hunger to engrave my will on their soul
A hunger to share our scars
A hunger only to be stilled partially
A hunger to be devoured by
A hunger leaving no scars
But scars from lust

Welcome my famine
Stay with me forever
Stand by me eternally
The ones owned by me
As well as my equals