Sunday, November 29, 2009

Top Ten Questions of Life

As u can see, again the drawing above is from Nanshakh. It represents his original, painted at the time we were in constant contact. Nowadays he's more occupied with a new flame, who seems to answer more to his fantasies and deep rooted desire to become an absolute nobody ruled by a woman driven by the idea of what mainstreamers call "female supremacy". A detail of it has a permanent place on the right side of my blog, as i consider this drawing one of his best. As i did with many of his illustrations, i tempered with the coloring to create a somewhat different atmosphere. In most cases he appreciated my interventions.

Q#00 Why do so many males want to be a slut?
Answer: That way they can safely degrade women even more.

Q#01 Why do male creatures adore silly bimbos and giggling sluts?
Answer: When around elegant women with an attitude, their ego and libido shrink.

Q#02 Why do mainstream femdoms want their subs to act like dogs?
Answer: They r incapable of enslaving humans and handling slaves.

Q#03 Why would u want to show ur cock in ur profile?
Answer: Watching the photo-shopped version of ur little man, makes it grow.

Q#04 Why is hypnotizing, or being hypnotized so wonderful?
Answer: It nullifies in both parties any awareness of being weak.

Q#05 Why r most people so quiet when visiting blogs and social networks?
Answer: They’re stuck with too many contradicting emotions, when on the same page with me.

Q#06 Why r there a zillion more males wanting to be a woman, than females wanting to be a man?
Answer: I can’t afford to reveal this, as all males would be in drag in no time.

Q#07 Why is there a disproportional amount of lesbians online?
Answer: It’s the only way extremely heterosexual machos dare to approach women.

Q#08 Why do so many males keep insisting they’re dominant?
Answer: They confuse messing the place up, with having power.

Q#09 Why do so many females constantly tell other females, they’re in love with them?
Answer: Cos they hate them.

Q#10 Why r most women potentially smarter than males, but actually more stupid?
Answer: They can make any male crawl and do their bidding, but choose to crawl themselves.

Any questions?


  1. What do you think of the picture on the submissive males website on October 29 2007?

  2. Far be it from me to "correct" you, but I beg to differ as to the answer to Q5 - "Why r most people so quiet when visiting blogs and social networks?" I would offer a different reason...that 95% of people out here are seeking one thing and one thing only: cybersex. And they have no interest in discussing current events, politics, literature, social issues or anything else that might take time away from their predatory pursuits. But that's just my humble opinion. :)

  3. But of cors Sarah, although i never bothered to do some research on the percentage, u r absolutely right.

    Still, could it be possible that the contradicting emotions i mentioned, r directly related to what u were talking about?

  4. @ Anonymous:

    1) I see u expect me to know all sites of submissive males.

    2) Be brave. Show urself.

  5. Your q&a show interesting thoughts and I have to agree with sarah.

  6. One should always agree with Sarah! She's a wild one, not tolerating any backtalk whatsoever, hehehe.

  7. (Male galley-slave from your ship)

    I would love you Ayesha, to have galley-slave ship races. Your ship against other ships, for a prize money of 1 million. I would sweat and toil on my oars like anything so you would win the 1 million. The day of the race: us male galley-slaves await your steps down the galley steps. We obey and adore you Ayesha. We are kept naked except for a pampers rag, ankle, wrist and neck chains with a steel gag on our mouths. You then walk down your galley-steps, dressed in black with long boots with a 6 inch heels on them and holding a whip. We await your commands and then we row. The galley-slave race lasts for an hour and after it us male galley-slaves are dripping in sweat and covered in whip marks from your whip. But none of this matters-you have just won the galley-slave ship race and the one million cheque.

  8. Lmao, males and their fantasies.

    Back to reality: i don't need pocket money.

  9. (Male) I read that you dominated men but felt used. If you can get someone to clean and polish all your shoes and boots-how is that being used? That is called pampering.

  10. Yes, it's the sad thing of vanilla d/s, where it's common for self proclaimed slaves to manipulate submissive females to play the role of a domina, or a Domme as it's called in those circles, lol. When i was very young i fell for their appalling seduction too, but soon this changed. As u've read too of cors.

    Pampering? Yuck. Hate that. Leave that to age players.

  11. mmm...I think I'd answer differently:

    Q0. Why do so many males want to be sluts?
    A. Becuase they think it means limitless orgasms without work or consequence.

    Q1. Why adore bimbos?
    A. See answer to #0 above.

    Q2. Why do mainstream FDs like subs to behave like dogs?
    A. "Mainstream" FDs? Help. I think you mean caricatures of Dominant Women, not real people.

    Q3. Why cock shots in profiles?
    A. Because the rest of the guy is even more repulsive.

    Q4. Why is hypnotizing attractive?
    A. See answer to Q0, above.

    Q5. Why don't more people comment?
    A. They're too busy masturbating.

    Q6. Why are more guys into crossdressing as women than vice versa?
    A. The lingerie. OMG. Shave, put on silk... it's all over.

    Q7. Why so many lesbians online?
    A. There's an easy delete option online.

    Q8. Why do males say they're dominant?
    A. They're stupid.

    Q9. Why do women tell other females they're in love with them?
    A. That defies a smartassed single answer. Some do it for effect. Some do it because it's true.

    Q10. There is no better answer than the one you gave.

    With respect...

  12. Q10: Gosh, aren't i the lucky one.

  13. (Male) I too like the drawings of Nanshakh, but the galley-slave picture of the male galley-slaves (on your July 6 2009 page) is great,(the male galley-slaves are naked except for skimpy rags, neck chains, wrist chains and ankle chains and a steel gag on their mouths), but I'm not so keen on the out-fit on the beautiful female slave-driver.I like the out-fit you have on, on your June 30 2009 page. I think that would be a much better out-fit for a female slave-driver to wear.What do you think Ayesha?

  14. Hm... Now that IS a rather big knife, Ms. Fonseca. You will be careful, will you not?

  15. É uma brincadeira apenas, falando do desenho. Não pude resistir - Faca grande nas mãos de uma mulher. Tudo num tom totalmente bem-humorado.

  16. So u thought my comment on ur comment was not a joke? U r kidding me!

    But then again, the rest of ur reply was a rather sexist one.

  17. Ha-ha. That was a nasty one, the pause and the last part! Imagine, if I were to swallow that bait, and play from there. Now that would lead to some good fun for you!

    So, now that we have duly explained our jokes, I must say it's irritating that the fun got lost - I guess I didn't hear that funny tone in your voice. I had no plans to comment further on this drawing, whats the point in speaking about a picture, right?

    I had seen some of these drawings around, and it was fun to find this place by coincidence, and discover that the blogkeeper is the same as the woman depicted in these pictures.
    And on a little more serious note: Looking at the things you have posted, I found some leads that took me back to places I had almost forgotten, a long time ago. And there it was: Uma saudade que eu nem sabia que tinha mais! And this my forgotten saudade is a good place to be. Thank you for that.

  18. A bom entendedor meia palavra basta.

  19. Let's call on science for a little comment related to # 03: A study found that when shown naked women, men look first at the faces. And the women, when shown naked males, what is the first thing they want to check out, hm?

  20. Ha-Ha! You ruin the scientific effort! That was not a question!

  21. Scientific effort, my ass! Many of those efforts r violating the most basic principles of science. Then the dear scientists find ways to hide the mistakes, in a scientifically approved manner of cors, so they can continue with their ego-trip, misleading their audiences which, as the morons that they r, don't know anything about these principles of science, nor r they interested in same.

  22. Why don't you take some time off, do some physically demanding stuff BEFORE you read comments on your blog? Get some steam out. It will be a much more relaxed experience.

    But of course you ARE right about science. And as you seem to want seriousness here, I might as well correct your mathematics: It looks like you were referring to the SECOND thing women want to check out. They will obviously take a look at that detail, before going on to see if the next one is perhaps better.

  23. I have no clue as to what u r referring to here all the time. But if u would take the time to study "That Place" a bit more attentively, i'm sure u'll understand when the male of the species rises above my horizon, in order for me to notice him, and eventually check out the truth behind his primal scream to get enslaved by me.

    Btw, this may interest u, but b4 i came in here today, i whipped a couple of slaves into oblivion.

  24. Talk about life in perspective! They are happily oblivious to this world, you are relaxed and beautiful by your swimming-pool. And I'm sitting here in front of this %@#, typing my useless lamentation!

  25. Lol, always fishing for compliments.