Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The angry young man

The following is all Raposo’s fault. It was he who informed me about some gossip going on about me in Sara’s site. Naturally i couldn’t resist having a peek. He knew that of cors, that sly wolffox. After having had my fill of the somewhat semi sophisticated and overly academically babble regarding the alleged benefits of moderation or something, and intrigued by the remark of Sara’s companion that my blog was not his cup of tea, i hastily wandered to the blog of that person to see what kind of tea was in his cup.

Contrary to his accusation that i never had read anything else from his site, which btw he’s sharing with his bride, than the first entry (u can read the juicy details of that later), i absorbed a rather big chunk of his rather “more of the same” blog, and came to the conclusion, that, although they were in the very beginning of some sort of vanilla FLR with little perspective, they were a nice, innocent, and highly agreeable couple, very much in love with each other, and eager to explore the more kinky (what a horrible word eh?) side of their marriage. Well, so it seemed to me.

Oh, b4 i go on with this soap, which again is totally Raposo’s doing, u should know, that como custumber, i won’t reveal their names nor the url of their blog. And if some of u smartasses still would find out, don’t come to me, but go to Raposo, cos that too will be his fault.

And i left everything as it was published on that site. All stayed in its original form. No editing, including their(lol) numerous typos, whatsoever.

Ok. Let’s move on, and continue to make this short story long. As u probably know already, i’m one who believes there’s no way femdom could exist without humor. Especially my humor can’t be missed. Yeah u r right, at times it can be a bit spicy ( for the more squeamish among us a bit too spicy even), but always coming to u with the best of intentions, never mean or meant to hurt. Y’all know that eh? I knew it! U all understand me so well all the time. U r great! Really! And i mean it too. U can trust me on that.

So i commented:

This is all so deliciously casual. So "oh let's have some fun in our life". Which of cors is a good thing. Just go on with ur kinky adventures in vanilla femdom land.

But Cleopatra was far from femdom u know? Maybe therefore u used CleoToptra instead? Rofl.

Go and read some more of this illustrious duo, b4 u convince urself u had left ur vanilla life.

It goes without saying, i surely am not ur cup of tea. And i looked into my crystal ball, and u know what? There will be no tea party ever.

Oh, and the next time u like to exchange some thoughts about my political views, ideas on femdom, and anything else to gossip about, give my regards to Sara The Ultimate Submissive Alpha Male (grin).

Granted, it was a bit spicy indeed, but completely snowed over by genuine humor of the purest kind. Oh, and b4 i forget,. For those of u who refused to pay attention in school, the other part of that duo was Marcus Antonius.

And what did i get in return (sigh)?

Whatever...honestly i don't give a shit what you think.

CleoTOPtra was chosen merely because CleoPATra was already taken on a board that we frequent and we wanted the usernames to be the same on both sites...not that it is any of your fucking business. Any time you want to compare your knowledge of REAL history with me, bring it on. I have studied with some of the most respected and reknowned scholars in the world. Good luck with that. i am well aware of just how Femdom she probably was or was not. My best guess (and that is all that historians can do because the real woman did not have a blog), is that she was semi-Femdom and in other ways not - such was the way of the world then.

Since you chose to write on our very first post instead of reading more about where we are now it is obvious all you want to do is be a troll. Go troll somewhere else.

BTW, if you read what i ACTUALLY said on Saratoga's blog is that while i do not agree with you politically (and you just proved his point about your narrow-mindedness), i AM willing to look past it and glean other useful and interesting tidbits. much for that. I guess the only thing you want is for EVERYONE to conform to YOUR definition of what Femdom is and that YOUR way is the ONLY way. Bullshit. We are individuals each with their own thing they bring to the table. Tea party? Never entered my mind. It must have really chapped your ass that i dared to say that i did not agree with your politics.

And lastly, in case you did not know it, the name of our blog is "From Vanilla to Kinky" - thereby implying that it is both vanilla AND/OR kinky at any given time. We are fine with that. Go ahead and enjoy the way you live your life but it is pathetic you would choose to come here to demean they way we choose to live ours.

Kiss my ass.

Love and kisses,
(name withheld as promised)

Now that was a bit nasty, to say the least no? But, in case u haven’t noticed, with a touch of ambivalence. Maybe a twisted one, but it was undeniably there. This guy would have followed me unconditionally to the Labyrinth with a snap of my finger. Of cors i never could have done such a terrible thing to his delicate bride.

Then he wrote to his readers:

To the readers,

Sorry for stooping the the level of the last commenter. Apparently she is in a feud of sorts with a few bloggers whom I respect and I "hurt her feelings" when I commented on one of those blogs that, while I did not agree with her politics (decidedly radical), I did glean some insight via her observations on the topic of FemDoom. She must have very thin skin considering she is supposedly a rough tough Domme. The funny thing is that she has a history of similar run-ins with several of the bloggers I respect so I guess I should be flattered.

If you take the time to read through the rest of the blog I hope you will see the kinder, gentler, side of me. Don't let a troll spoil it for you.

(Name withheld as promised)

Hmmmmm, not very gentleman like either, no? I understood his struggle tho.

Still in a good mood tho, i replied:

".....i don't give a shit what you think."? Really? Then why come up with a lengthy, even edited, reply, larded with defense and explanations?

"Since you chose to write on our very first post instead of reading more about where we are now....."? U sure i didn’t? Based on scientific research maybe? Nah, u were simply assuming. That’s what u did. Or was it ur best guess perhaps, which is, like u said, all that historians can do?

Hmmm........."Shit. Kiss my ass (twice). Bullshit. Chapped ur ass. Fucking business. Troll. Narrow-mindedness." Is that really the way scholars converse and express themselves these days? Tssss, tsskkkk.

And psssst, i let the ancient Marcus Antonius read ur first as well as ur second (edited) comment. U know what he whispered to me then? "Ayesha, although i still am mourning her death, i’m so glad Κλεοπάτρα has been spared from reading foul language like that"

I’m sure u agree there was no spice in this at all. Maybe i was a little bit lecturing this good willing and resisting young man, but not more than that. And all with the good intention to lead him away from his ill chosen path.

So what came next? (Parental guidance strongly advised)

You are so full of shit.

Nothing has been "edited" - how can someone "edit" their own reply??? I merely corrected a few typos and added a few new things the occured to me...all of which took a few minutes - tops. Big fucking deal.

Yes - I am quite sure you never read much of the rest of the blog and you have yet to provide one shred of evidence to the contrary. Want to prove me wrong? Then comment in a thoughtful, substantial, and need I daresay a respectful way, on the topics that other posts address and I will listen to your sage wisdom. Otherwise, you are just a troll.

And, no, I never said that "all" historians do is guess. What I said, or at least heavily implied, is that sometimes historians have to guess as to certain aspects of history. DUH!!! Why else do you think that historians often disagree with each other? Nobody really knows the inner dynamics of ANY ancient person. It is difficult enough to know the details of the events themselves. Stop pretending to be an expert on Marcus Antonius or Cleopatra for that matter. You are not. Neither am I. Much of that time and how they REALLY were as PERSONS is clouded in mystery.

So Marcus whispered to you? REALLY? You are either a liar or a nut - or both. Take your pick. Foul language by me? Your snarky comments started it. I never said anything against you except except I don't agree with your politics. Big fucking deal. If you are such a bad ass Domme then why do you have such a thin skin? The subs you torture are far stronger than that. Wimp.

And guess what? Κλεοπάτρα heard plenty of foul language in her day and Marcus never fucking whispered to you. Wow, I am VERY impressed (not) you threw a bit of Greek in there. Google is great, isn't it?

Go crawl into your hole and leave us alone. We didn't hurt you or demean you or your lifestyle. Throw your rocks in a different direction.

Future comments from you will not be published unless you want to comment on a topic in a manner that is respectful (read: criticism is fine and sometimes even appreciated as that is how we learn).

Lastly, I only said "kiss my ass" once. Not twice. Go back and see for yourself. Such is the wonderous powers of your observation.

But now that you mention it, I will say it again. Kiss my ass. There - NOW I have said it twice.

Fuck you,

(Name withheld as promised)

P.S. Is it REALLY that difficult to write full words instead of being lazy and resorting to text-speak? U? UR? Really? Get a fucking clue and write in proper language. There is a time and a place to write in text-speak. U know when that is? When UR fucking texting!

Noticing his staggering anger and dangerously losing control, i tried soothing the situation by writing the following calming words:

Blaming me now for ur foul language? Okay, ok. U r not the first male not to be man enough to stand tall for his own actions. So i’ll carry ur load. I'm not so sure if ur mom will accept this for an excuse tho. And neither will Marcus. Not that he told me this himself eh? It was Lilith who informed me about this, while we had our daily cup of black tea.

Now, was this not a fine criticism or what? Of cors it was. I'm sure u loved it too, and were overwhelmed by it from appreciation. And if not? Well then u must be a trolley.

Now repeat after me: "We moderate our comments but never edit them and always publish them unless the commenter wants to say something to us privately and asks that their comment not be published...." Remember that one? Very good. I just knew u would, and, like the true foul language using gentleman that u r, would have no other choice than to keep ur word honorably.

La verità è il tutto :)

And waddaya know? It worked! Well….um….only for a fleeting moment. But still it was something, no? Here goes:

Oh I take it back - I will publish your idiotic comment just because it is too delicious.

You bet I am blaming you for my "foul language" - you have been the source of my provocation. And until you write a thoughtful, respectful, and meaningful comment on other posts we have written, you will remain the troll that you are. Go ahead and prove it to me. Prove that your insights are worth more than the dirt on a little child's hands. Give me something to work with.

Oh so now it waas "Lilith" who talks to you. How convenient. Are you sure it wasn't "Bozo the Clown"? He is just as real and certainly more relevent. At least Bozo had good TV ratings and gave joy to others instead of merely catering to the deluded fantasies of radical femanists. Lilith? Really? You really are a nutjob.

My mother would be perfectly fine with anything I have written to you (actually her words would be far more scathing) so don't even go there. Careful, Ayesha, your ignorance is - once again - showing.

I see you are still writing in text-speak. I'm impressed. You get to be lazy AND pretend to be an intellectual at the same time. Get it through your fucking pea brain - we are not texting. It makes U seem like a moron. R U getting it? I bet not.

The truth is the whole? You wouldn't know it if it hit you in the ass. I am actually an Italian citizen so stop trying to impress me with quoting Italian, Greek, Latin, or whatever language you choose. Go back to UR comfort zone and use American text-speak.

Let me add one caveat to my quoted statement about always publishing comments. That does not apply to trolls.

So crawl back into your dark place and pretend to converse with "Lilith" while you "both" (you and your imagination) glory in your superiority over those of us who have newly embraced a lifstyle that does not conform to your twisted and narrow vision of FemDom.

You know the beauty of the dirt on litle child's hand? It is so easily washed and forgotten.

So now that I have explained to you the caveat about trolls and publishing comments, please do us both a favor and write something meaningful (without rancor - play nice) on one of our posts or leave us alone. We haven't peed in your sandbox so kindly stop shitting in ours.

(This time there was no name to withhold)

In came Anonymous, in need to lay an egg as well, saying:

To Ayesha,
I don't mean to interject however, I enjoy reading this blog. However if you had any iota to speak in a clear and functional manner then a part of me wouldn't cringe at the way you write. Now, dare I ask, why are you badgering, harassing and/or just annoying people on THEIR (note that word THEIR) blogs. Personally, I feel annoyed that you would do such a thing. And another note, the foul language (even though at times I do use it myself) has its place. I am still vexed of how you write but that is neither here nor there. None of us (reading the comments and posts) know if you are educated thoroughly or not, or if you spend too much time on your Android, IPhone or other smart phone madly texting away. Just from reading, what I do know is that you are an annoying child who does idiotic things for attention. Bash me if you want, I truely don't care.
By the way on your first initial comment.... have you ever REALLY done anything kinky in your life or wanted to explore the kinkier side of yourself with your partner? Honestly, how dare you judge someone else! Here's a little note, try being with an absolute SADISTIC Femdom who doesn't give two pences about what you have to think or say, THEN write in your little monologue.
Another thing, if you are hearing voices of ancient people, you may need to go to a doctor for that, also using Google translate doesn't make your more educated, but it does help in times. And if I'm not mistaken, Κλεοπάτρα is Greek, not Egyptian. I'm just saying. Know your languages before you post them dear. In closing, bring people's mother's into a conversation isn't really that.... how do I say.... kind. If someone said something about your Mother, would you like it? (I am assuming that you have a good relationship with your Mother.) So I ask of you, Ayesha, please if you don't have anything worth commenting without using said foul language, please don't post anything at all and let the readers just read the posts and/or comment. Reading your tripe of phone lingo is taxing on my mind. Thank you

(Name withheld as promised)

Wow! If that was not a clear and confused lecture with some nasty leading questions, then what is? My lecture to (name withheld as promised) looks terribly pale to this one, no?

So after i had let sink it in, and caught my breath again, i shyly replied………and here comes in the role of Raposo, cos this comment, and all that came after it, never made it, never were published, never were made available to the readers of that site. And Raposo is one of those readers u know, insisting to read my prose. So what could i do? He’s a dear friend too. And on top of that, we both can’t stand moderation, remember? Besides, how could i not do his bidding? But whatever it is, Raposo is to blame for the very existence of me publishing here what was denied elsewhere. It’s all on him! I’m innocent. Free of any guilt. Consider this a disclaimer of mega proportions.

Read further at ur own risk!

@ (Name withheld as promised) Anonymous

Bash u? Mo chreach! Now why would i want to do such a nasty thing like that? On the contrary: Большое спасибо за информацию. But then again, no hay que ahogarse en un vaso de agua eh?

Yes, reality can be quite a handful, if not a total bitch! Did u know there r people who think they know what is real or not? Unbelievable! U want to have a taste? Go to and especially watch the video there. Of cors u also could read my prose. mean if u would be willing to cope with my terrible spelling and grammar, lol.

" go to a doctor for that...."? Sure, sure, praise the shrink, and pass the neuroleptics. On the other hand, did u know that Lilith left that pitiful vanilla duo long b4 they couldn’t resist to take a chunk from the forbidden fruit, and thus avoided to share their lame fate of becoming mortal? She’s still among us u know, doing her thing like she did eons ago. As a matter of fact she is the first femdom. Of cors, not many would recognize her as such, as the Patriarch did his usual utmost to make people believe she’s a demon, mercilessly devouring babies and doing other awfully demonic stuff. He succeeded doing this pretty well too, as u well know, that fere libenter homines id quod volunt credunt, no?

My mother is dead. And besides, (name withheld as promised) didn’t care at all as, like he said, his "mother would be perfectly fine with anything......"

Languages? Ah yes, good to have Google. I’m sure u can find all the little non-english things i brought up in between.

Ayesha vachangoti nyesu :)

And to (name withheld as promised) i wrote:

Oh (name withheld as promised)! Who r u? What r u trying to do to me? How could u? U know i'm innocent! U know i'm a saint!!

But i understand. And as the true Italian citizen that u r, i’m sure u know what impedit ira animum, ne possit cernere verum means. But it happens u know. It truly does. As u very well know.

Anyway, like (name withheld as promised) Anonymous, u r invited to cruise my blog a little. Beware tho to remember the great words of Cato: Legere enim et non intellegere neglegere est.

Arrivederci bambino mio ;)

Then, completely unexpected and out of the blue, bride (name withheld as promised) entered the arena:

Greetings Ayesha,
How dare you come to my blog and insult my sub and indirectly and directly insult me. I've never read your blog, nor have I ever heard of you until I woke up and read the horrible conversation within the comments of this post.

I'm sure you are a respectful and kind person in your own way and maybe this is just a bad day. I don't know you, you don't know me.

Please do not post on our blog again unless it is done out of wanting to help slubby and me and others with your good insightfulness and it is done with respect.

I wish you goodness and no harm.


(Name withheld as promised)

Now that wasn’t too bad eh? Even a bit ladylike. Elegantly phrased and without using any foul language, name calling. or insinuations. A bit angry yes, but that’s understandable, as it was her lover that went over the edge. It’s only natural she would try to defend him, no? Truth to be told, she could even become my friend. So, out of courtesy, and filled to my corpus amygdaloideum with good will, i wrote as my final contribution:

Insulting is relative (name withheld as promised). What's an insult in the eyes of one person could come across like good humor to another, so on.

I'm one of those who hardly can be insulted or offended. Especially in Cyberspace this would be virtually impossible. But since u brought it up, take a look at the language ur sub was/is using in this thread. Could some of his attitude and phrasing qualify perhaps for being called insulting in ur eyes?

Help? Well, i'm not always in the mood to help people. Neither to do them harm. And besides, i hate traditional teaching. But my presence on the Net is partly motivated by helping people to find their way in FemdomLand indeed. The thing is tho, most can't handle the truth about the core of their own personality, rather deny same, and continue to fool themselves, often supported by other desperate seekers, claiming to be the femdom or slave they never will be. Of cors, when i'm pointing that out to them, granted, at times larded with a bit of sarcasm and malicious pleasure, they r really getting pissed off. Even more so when they discover i was right, but can't bring themselves to admit same. Then name calling and use of foul language will follow soon as well. It never varies, lol.

But there's also another reason for my kind of attitude and behavior in cases like this. I simply can't stand people who certainly could have a wonderful FLR or WLH relationship, but keep insisting it's a femdom one, claiming they have the right to call their relationship, even if it only touches a few elements of a 24/7/365 femdom life, whatever they want it to call. And yes, that's what i could call an insult for those people who r genuinely into femdom, were born for such a life, and never go from sub-and domspace, as vanilla people use to call it, to some other space. For my people femdom is not an experiment, a try out, or a kinky outlet to spice up vanilla sex.

Dare? U r right. U don't know me. If u did, u never would have dared to ask me that question. Go visit my blog, and find out about me. That’s if u would be interested at all of cors.

Namaste & L'Chaim, (name withheld as promised)!

Now, wasn’t that ladylike as well or what? A great exchange between two totally different but respectful women. That’s what these last two comments were. Examples of how people should interact and communicate!

In the meantime Raposo had sent something to them as well, and, although the bride and groom never published his contribution either, this blog wouldn’t be complete without it. So, without any further delay, here it is, and archived forever.

(Name withheld as promised), where are the insults you see? I wonder in what way you were indirectly and directly insulted by Ayesha.

It was quite a show by your husband. He fell apart as soon as a real person entered and disturbed his happy sandbox.

"If you take the time to read through the rest of the blog I hope you will see the kinder, gentler, side of me."

Not interested in seeing that. Ayesha's presence on the internet brings out much more interesting aspects of people's personalities.

Pfffffft……….. finally! It’s 03.45 am now. See how dedicated i am, and always there to serve u with the best and latest breaking news? I should get the Pulitzer Prize for that, dammit.

One last note. If anything, this blog clearly demonstrates how foolish moderation actually is. Especially when Raposo is around, as he will take care that all will come out in the open, no matter what, one way or the other. But, as y’all have noticed, only in a humorous, constructive, harmless, neat, compassionate, polite, and utterly lenient way.

One very last note. Although this was an eloquent example of QED, it wouldn’t hurt our community if the ones who have moderation in place, to moderate themselves once in a while.

PS. I just got note (guess from whom, hehehe), that (name withheld as promised) or his bride (name withheld as promised), removed from their site all and everything related to all of this. Yeah, he/she/they must have felt the sword of Damocles was upon him/her/them. Hmmmmm, maybe he/she/they picked up my suggestion even b4 it hit the air? Smart move!