Wednesday, May 30, 2012


U r the chosen one
I will hunt u down
I will destroy u
Thou shalt not exist

U lied to me
I will take away ur speech
I will rip out ur tongue
Thou shalt not speak

U made fun of me
I will wipe that smirk off ur face
I will crush ur smile
Thou shalt not laugh

U twisted my words
I will set u straight
I will impale u
Thou shalt not bend

U let me down
I will burn ur pedestal
I will dig ur grave
Thou shalt not rise

U misled me
I will guide u to the promised land
I will lead u into temptation
Thou shalt not enjoy

U r the chosen one
I will hunt u down
I will destroy u
Thou shalt not exist

U tried to suck up to me
U tried to blame me
Yes u did

U deceived me
U fooled me
Ah, u think?

                               U r the chosen one!


To ease this rather dark promise and to partly repair the link to the narrow-minded vanilla crowd, here’s some much needed mental food, to feed ur not really existing humbleness, to realize that ur way of life is not as sensible as u think it is, that ur truth is absolutely questionable, and that ur sacred religion has the same irrational roots as theirs. This video is a delicious parasite, to devour, to embrace, and to suffer from.  It’s here to invade ur mushy brain. Especially the brains of silly characters like SH and his loyal vassals could benefit from it. Oh u have no clue to whom i’m referring to? U sure? There r plenty of them on my site tho. He commented several times on a variety of prose that erupted from my soul. As i did on his site. He’s the one who is constantly babbling about some "natural order" that soon will overthrow ur patriarchal society, which of cors is not natural at all, hehe.   

Alas, i don’t think he will learn something from this video. He’s too rigid in his religious beliefs, too hungry to twist and mold the words of his Lord and Savior to fit his ideas of banal female superiority, and a bit too self-absorbed to see a new light. And on top of that he lives in enforced chastity. Can u imagine? He was enforced(!) into it! Yes that’s what he claims. “Huh? B….bu….but that’s non-consensual Ayesha”. Yes, u got that right, it means: Without his consent! Plain and simple. But his wife said (july 4, 2011), it was her gift to him, cos he wanted it so much.  Sometimes she wishes the damned device to get lost tho, lol. At best i’d call this a severe, but very common, case of a male topping from the bottom ending up in self-deceit. 

Ah, but u, yes u, and u too, u r different from him and his crowd. U will be able to pick up the message. Well….um…..if u have the perseverance to watch it till the end. Till eschaton so to speak, hehehe. But i’m convinced u will. Yes. Yes u can. And if u r a bit into femdom, u r in for a few really nice surprises too :)  So come with me, and let’s get over with this. A new mental beginning is here for u. And u. And yes, u there in the background, too. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Yes i know. Y’all can hardly wait for the next flaming episode of “Dominant housewives” to see the light of darkness and to be unedited published in this virtual medium. Patience people, patience. It will come, it will come for sure. In the meantime i wanted to dedicate a few words on protection, and especially on protection of the so called weaker sex. How so? Well I’ll tell u. In the beginning of this lovely month of אִייָר 5772 (May 2012 AD for the apostates of the one and only true faith and religion) a lady, residing in a home where FLR is celebrated as the ultimate way of living, summoned the male audience of her blog to tell her if they were ready to act as the protector of their own mistress/goddess. Of cors this was all hypothetical, as most of these males were single, not involved with any kind of r/l d/s, and thus not in the position to speak from firsthand experience. On top of that, even hypothetically one couldn’t expect too much, cos they also were only sorrow examples of their gender. Well, maybe one or 2 were average, but who cares. Let’s generalize a bit this time.

I would have given u the url to her blog, were it not that she recently got very pissed off by a lot of comments regarding some farting dominant housewife. She therefore angrily deleted various entries of her blog, including the one i was referring to. So the reason to guide y’all to her sanctuary became obsolete and nonsensical. Hmmm, i’m sure u too have noticed this kind of action became almost viral these days, hehehe. I wonder why? 
Anyway as the seasoned prophetess that i am, i wrote to her: " a servant and as a protector?" None of them! Well... um....maybe some of them could be a lousy third grade butler or something, but a protector? Lmao. From what i've read from their contributions to this blog, i don't expect any of them to have any skills in that area. Not mentally, and certainly not physically. But then again, u seem to have and like a mellow, harmonious, and sheltered way of living urself, far away from major antagonism, chaos, risk taking, adventure, and dangerous situations. So chances r u don’t really need a man who can stand his ground when called to the task to defend u. And besides, a domina shouldn’t need a protector in the first place. She should be able to take care of herself. Ever heard of Krav Maga?

The fact that up till now nobody answered ur question speaks volumes, don’t u think?
As usual……no response. Well not from her. And as time went by, nothing from the many docile and often slimy sweet talkers visiting her site either. So i was right. Again! (sigh).

But wait, there was one (1) exception. Some ignoramus had the courage to come up with: As for being a protector, I like to think that each member of a successful relationship protects the other in some ways. We each bring certain knowledge and ability to the table and combine those to make the whole greater than the sum of the parts. Bang! Now isn’t that something? With this powerhouse around, any woman should feel safe now eh?

He also needed to let her know: While I realize it is out of order to criticize a dominant, I find the comment from Ayesha quite offensive. A good FLM should be based on mutual respect and concern for one another's well being. Clearly, she has no respect for men at all. I pity the man who calls her mistress. Having read this, a deep silence came over me, and struck with guilt, i burst out in tears, flooding the place for hours. I’ll spare u my comment on his crap.

So in the end i advised this lady: ……should u ever meet one of these delicate brave paper tigers r/l, never take a stroll with them in some nasty backstreets of for instance LA or Miami where the true machos r ruling and hiding ;)


Again, no response. Yeah, ingratitude is the way of the vanilla world.

Anyway, now u know why i had this urge to publish this first. It was an emergency! Yes, that’s what it was! I just had to bring this to ur attention! To protect u from these creeps who will never protect a woman and will drop her like a hot brick the minute it becomes a bit more dangerous or out of their pitiful bourgeois comfort zone. No woman deserves a treatment and ordeal like that! Seriously, no woman should ever be in a position to have to rely for her protection on someone else, and certainly not on a weakling preaching the philosophy of the ”loving female dominant” who, contrary to that, secretly is only trying to make that so called dominant to do his bidding. Instead, she should be able to take care of herself. Under all circumstances!

See? Here again we have proof of the difference between femdoms and the rest of the female gender. Femdoms have an inborn urge for independence. Hence they make sure to pick up the necessary skills to protect themselves (and others, lol) when in need for same. Femdoms r always on the alert to defend and attack simultaneously. Femdoms hate it when their safety depends on others. Not so with dominant housewives, FLR queens, damsels in distress, and other vanilla females. They rather  wait for their heroes, and want their white knights, their lancelots, and their don quixotes to come to their rescue, to fight for them, or else helplessly perish in agony on the altar of eternal love and loyalty.

Of cors, even femdoms welcome and love help from other warriors. I know i do. I wrote about that in “Corrective measures” remember? And i also wrote there, and in many other places, that i hate violence. All true warriors do. But we r ready and very willing to ruthlessly deliver some in abundance the moment the scumbags and filth suppliers of this world call for it. Always! Yes, aggression is sleeping within us. Like a sweet little baby. Like a nuclear bomb. Better not be too noisy, if u get my drift. 

Now, watch and enjoy the videos (a long and a short one), meet a few real men, and two women i would want to have at my side when having to fight the enemy. Especially the first one stole my heart. And yes, the woman in the second video looks a bit like the one in the first, but it is not her :)

Note: The first video was taken off due to copyright stuff or something. So i replaced it today (june 16) by another one. But the content stayed the same.

And again it was removed.......grrrrrrr. So I uploaded another one (april 1 2013).  

Now ladies, i won’t asked u to get skilled in the military variant, but r u still not eager and convinced to enroll in a beginners course of civilian Krav Maga? No? Oh jeeez, then for Lilith’s sake, at least carry a kubotan keychain the next time u leave ur sheltered house. Come on. Don’t be a pussy!




Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dominant housewives and company (part 1)

The other day i landed on a blog of which the owner, back in 2009, criticized the work of Nanshakh. As if this wasn’t already bad enough by itself, his assessment of this great femdom illustrator came across to me like one from a person who found some flaws in the ideology of Zionism and therefore condemned the whole movement including the state of Israel, or one who detected there was something not completely kosher with Obamacare and for that reason considered all medical insurance evil and demonic. I won’t tell u who this person was, cos it was Steve from The Glow Inside.
It also appeared that Steve believes that femdom doesn’t exist. According to what i could pick up from his prose and his comments on the matter during our brief exchange of thoughts, femdom for him is just a fantasy created by and to amuse males. Given the immense amount of nonsense told, written, and emptied into the sewers of the Internet by zillions of self proclaimed d/s connoisseurs on an hourly basis, i can imagine poor Steve could not come to a different conclusion. Mainstream femdom is based on male fantasy indeed and is far from the practices of women who were born dominant and live accordingly. Still, Sir Steve should have looked beyond his nose. He said he did, but i saw no sign of this. I told him about feminine femdom, and directed him to a few urls on my site. To no avail. The only thing he said he could conclude from my site was that i was a hypocrite, "……widely dismissive and scornful of the lifestyles of many others……." and "….. every time I read your blog – which is not that often I admit – I feel like I am being berated about my own inadequacy and then schooled in the ‘correct’ path, which always sounds very vague to me." The urls i sent him? "……sorry lady, but I just read through some more paragraphs of scorn heaped upon your beloved enemy, vanilla femdom, with not much idea of what you really do."

And then i thought: Hey, let me write another "dismissive and scornful" one. So, if u have any complaints, direct them to Steve. This blog and the next one r all his fault!

I’m sure u already suspect what’s coming ur way (again, hehehe). And yes u r right. This time i’ll aim at housewives. Not housewives in general mind u. Oh no. Too many great females among them for that. And i truly respect (well, with a certain smile dripping from leniency and goodwill eh?) the ones who sacrifice themselves on the altar of their spouse’s desire to be led, disciplined, and play second fiddle in the home. A true "exchange of power", hehehe. Yep, that’s what these men r after. Not that they would have possessed any significant power b4 that illusionary revolution, but still, for them it’s monumental, lol. Or is it only a feeble attempt to come to that?

Of cors these women know perfectly well they’re only playing along, and wouldn’t even think to claim otherwise. Some of them get depressed during the never ending process. Some of them feel lost after a while and need to constantly reconfirm their new role. Some of them learn the hard way that their husband is a wimp, and can’t take it when the wife truly takes over the reins. But these ladies r sincere and love their men. And they show it too! Still, it’s a world upside down.

So what will be my target today? Read on :)

State of affairs
We have desperate housewives, real housewives, suburban housewives, so on. But did u know there also r dominant housewives? No? Does domestic goddesses ring a bell? These days one can meet them everywhere. Especially on the Internet. And they blog, blog, and blog some more. When done blogging, they go to sleep. Or desperately continue searching for a man who needs a surrogate mom. Or look for porn. Femdom porn to be specific. Not that they r femdoms themselves eh? Far from that. Nevertheless they insist they r. And don’t tell them they’re not, cos then they’ll get nasty, lose control, start calling u names, and turn to their equally misguided followers to get rescued from evil people like urs truly. Time and again i did my best to explain to them who and what they really r. It didn’t help. I found no hearing. Can u imagine?

These self proclaimed dominants r not a new phenomenon. Their type inhabits planet Earth already for ages. We all know for instance the tales of Xanthippe (or maybe not?), and the way she allegedly treated poor Socrates. Molière called them les femmes savantes. A great specimen is Philaminte (played by a man, lol. Yes cross-dressing was already in back then, hehehe), a vain woman who believes she’s very sophisticated, irresistible, learned, and special. She intimidates and humiliates her husband (hubby or subhubby nowadays), and keeps him under her thumb. Really a true sub-archetype of her kind. More or less like Dufresny’s Madame Prenelle and her laughable husband Jeannot. Many followed in the footsteps of these characters, reinforced and supported in their belief to be dominant by the flattery of menfolk seeking to satisfy their equally lame idea of being a slave while in fact they’re nothing more than a henpecked husband.

Now don’t get me wrong eh? And don’t u dare to put words into my mouth! I’ll be the last one to deny these women and their acolytes adding a little bit of zest to their vanilla lives. But they r mega hardheaded u know, unshaken in their rigid and rusty beliefs, constantly declaring they r dominants to the backbone, while at the same time making excuses for not being dominant 24/7/365. Especially when they’re having kids still in the phase of terrorizing their homes, their dominance is going into hiding as soon as the little rascals r around. They write numerous blogs to explain all this, ending mostly with a definition of femdom which covers their specific way of living and the message that they have a sacred right for doing so. Of cors these dames know they r wrong, and r only corrupting the concept of femdom. Or could it be they’re that delusional? I’m sure some of them r, lol.

I can only guess their reasons for acting like that, but whatever they r, it’s stupid to hijack something that u didn’t want to own in the first place and never will/could be urs anyway. How do i know that? Oh, i came around u know? That should be sufficient no? It isn’t? Well, ok, i’ll lift part of the veil. Understand well tho, it’s not coming from hearsay. I would never claim to have knowledge about anything if i didn’t have at least some firsthand experience of it. For instance, i would never tell people what should be done or not in a war zone or how one makes decisions when under mortar fire, if i hadn’t be in situations like that myself. I leave the latter to women like the one who (rightly so) believes her dominance is a bit disheveled and who was only too eager to lecture me about war, basing same only on what she learned from some of her family members who happened to be (once) in the military. I would have provided a link to show u this, but she removed 22 comments of the original 51, so that wouldn’t make much sense to do. Yes, it’s like my outstanding friend Raposo Neves once wrote: "To contribute to the conversation" around these parts means saying the same as everybody else, just with different words. Indeed, as soon as it gets a bit out of the mainstream bubble, controversial, interesting, hot, or challenging, these people favor to be in denial of reality.

So again, how do i know? From having met plenty of this breed the time i still was visiting conferences on bdsm, fetish clubs, and munches. From having read books on the subject by writers like Elise Sutton (and angrily dismissed their patriarchal based femdom). From having participated in Yahoo Groups discussions and a litany of forums. From reading blogs. From having had online conversations with some of these people. Of cors also from the time i was involved with mainstream d/s myself. And i won’t even mention my ability to look into the soul of anyone i would target for it, to break down their defenses in a minimum of time, and to have on the sly a sneak peek into their hidden and unknown compartments. No, i won’t do that. And neither will i reveal the thoughts of other women like myself on this specific subject, or tell u about the grinning of my slaves when they read blogs like for instance the one of a woman who prefers to come online as one of the Pteridophyta, a reluctant dominant who tells us she’s constantly in trouble, or that female lawyer who believes it’s of utmost importance that men should write tons of lines for punishment. So no, absolutely not. Hmmmm, maybe i will. But not now.

It became clear to me that most of these women r not in it cos they r dominant, but, like the rest of their vanilla sisters, cos they r submissive, illustrating same by going along with the desire of their husband to be dominated by them. Again, as long as they keep from telling me and the rest of the in-crowd how dominant they r, all is fine. Play along, enjoy,  and be happy, but leave femdom to femdoms and stop contaminating my beautiful world.

Many males, allegedly dwelling in the suburbs of the velvet underground, argue that a woman’s dominance can be awakened, that it is only slumbering within her, waiting for Prince Slave to show his Goddess the way to ever happy and prosperous SlaveryLand. I call this desperate wishful thinking, leading to a never ever self-fulfilling prophecy. A woman simply knows if she’s dominant or not. She doesn’t need anybody to tell her that, nor a man to prepare her for her awakening or to manipulate her into that direction. Yes i know. Many women in this medium r trying to convince their readers this fable is true and how they gradually became more and more dominant, how they, after having done some rigorous soul searching, discovered their inner femdom and how they freed themselves from the patriarchal yoke. Yeah right. It’s crap people! Yes, that’s what it is: Crap! Why else would they keep on hiding their so called new found personality from their family, friends, colleagues, and the public in general?  

And don’t get me started on them switches, who after having jump started their dried out vanilla engines, erratically and out of control r navigating from dom-space to sub-spave vv in ssc-space, hahaha. Ridiculous!

Still, as i explained in my blog about Lilith and Eve years ago, there r women among us who r not submissive at heart and would want to be like Lilith, the archetype of freedom, independence, assertiveness, sexual aggression, and honesty. Alas, many of them lack the courage and cultural background to indeed follow in her footsteps and do what their inner voices tell them to do. On the contrary, most of these women choose, willingly or not, to be like Eve, the archetype of submissiveness and dishonesty, camouflaging same by displaying what is called in the culture at force, kindness, warmth, friendliness, altruism, etc. Hence the concept of the “loving female authority” was born. It’s a cunning way of responding to their situation and the sexual desires of males who, like these women, never will go all the way, who never would want to fall into the hands of a woman like me, afraid as they r for women who truly were born to own a stable of slaves, who laugh at d/s monogamy, mock all that nonsense of building a d/s relationship, the responsibility that comes with same, and all the other issues which ad nauseam r discussed in the virtual world and beyond. 

When it comes right down to it, these women r pampering their self proclaimed servants’ ego and sexual urges in order to get from them in return what they want from these men without having even remotely to be dominant. It’s simply the well known vanilla relationship where the woman knows how to play her man, how to wind him round her little finger. Of cors the participating parties will mostly deny this, and insist they’re truly and genuinely working toward a d/s relationship or even r in it already. Call it FLR, WLH, FLH, or whatever, but refrain from calling it d/s or worse………femdom. Cos it is not! 

So, while most women will lead a life according to what the patriarch has designed for them, some females, still feeling the remnants of what Lilith ages ago sowed in the DNA of the female gender, will cultivate these delicate seeds, make them grow and flower again. Then harvest them ruthlessly. Those women r femdoms! Compared to the masses there r only a few of us. But we do exist. We always have. Even in ultra patriarchal societies we survived. Often we r and were described as tyrants, demons, evil witches, monsters, so on. Like it was done for instance with Lilith, Vashti and Morgana le Fay. Done only cos males fear(ed) us and need(ed) to destroy our splendor, resilience, integrity, and strength, for them to be able to uphold their fragile ego and fake dominance. Of cors Eve and Esther became celebrated heroines just cos they bowed to and were servile to their man. 

The sad thing is, that even nowadays so many women r still supporting the patriarch and his outdated and narrow-minded values, norms, ideas, and philosophies, while, since it became trendy in certain circles of their society, at the same time r trying to make others believe of the opposite. The true numbers of femdoms r currently blurred by these so called dominant housewives, other self proclaimed recreational female dominants, and women who want to resist the patriarch but can’t bring themselves to go all the way and leave his world. Their solution? They start(ed) to challenge him without leaving that world, and instead, try to fight him with the same tools he has used to subjugate them since the down of times, to imitate him, and to become his equal. Hence emancipation, feminism, the cry for women’s leadership, and vanilla femdom were born.

Add to this the deep rooted desire of males, including those bragging semi- machos, to be the slave to a woman, the same cowardice never to go for that all the way, and their fear for not complying with the demands of archaic as well as newly developed convictions in their vanilla society, et voilà the inevitable continuation of more of the same, sold as progress, gender equality, and yes, fake female dominance, fake slavery, and fake slaves (often replaced by sub, and worse, by subbie hubby, pet, boi, toy, fucktoy, or whatever derogatory silliness), is a fact and here to stay for a long time to come.

Luctor et emergo?

Oh i did, i did. Rest assured i did. Many times even. And believe me, it wasn’t always an easy thing to do. But they? Nah, not really. Still, they r struggling all right. I mean with their new found dominance eh? Sometimes in a more serious way, other times with clenched teeth and trying to be witty without being humorous, but always in a dull, boring and cliché fashion. If i tell them so, they start knitting their brows, inevitably r coming up with all kinds of crap to get me in line with their vanilla convictions, and in the end will ban me from posting to their precious blogs, forums, or groups.

In one of the blogs i was contributing to till i became her persona non grata, the lady of the house made it her quest to interview numerous awakened housewives and company, asking them an array of non-committal questions during these events. No wonder she repeatedly avoided to respond to my more challenging questions herself. Not that they were really challenging eh? But i'm sure they were interpreted like that, hehe. 

She invited me too, but it never came to that, due to the fact that she couldn’t bear i only would participate without any conditions set. Yep, i’m all for free speech, anti moderation, and alien to censorship. One would expect all dominant women to support this, to think and act like that. And they do u know. It’s them fake dominants pretending to be dominant and r following them destructive rules of them creepy conservative patriarchs, who don’t, not us.

Brace urself for Part 2 :)