Sunday, March 27, 2011

Forget it!

Yes people, it’s over! The time has come! Finally! Well….um… was here for a long time already of cors, but most of the vanilla d/s clique didn’t dare to embrace the reality regarding gender differences. And i’m not referring here to the silly contents of books like John Gray’s “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”, if u catch my drift!

Yes indeed, i’m talking about female supremacy. I’m even infamous for that. Do u mind?

Back in 2004 i wrote somewhere:

If u would have understood only a little bit about me, u would have realized, that if there’s one woman who’s ridiculing female supremacy, not believing one bit of so called male inferiority, and who was banned from many groups, forums, and r/l conferences, just for expressing this, it would be me.

And in 2005:

Some time ago there was a thread in here, discussing, among other things, one of the more popular works of Michio Kaku. The existence of more than 1 universe is not a theory anymore. Time warps and star gates r out of their science fiction phase. Of cors, the ones who only can function, and only can balance their life, when holding on to what they perceive as the truth and ancient common sense nonsense, will resist these findings. It never varies. Fear of changing their ways, which of cors r not theirs at all but implemented by their society, was always slowing down progress. If it was for these people, the earth would still be flat.

This fear is also one of the reasons, why femdom was degenerated to some tolerable variant of vanilla sex, or something that has its roots in ancient matriarchal cultures, cutting it wings, making it safe, and was/is invaded by guilt driven sissies, impotent males, men-hating females, frigid goddesses, trendy snobs, and of cors the orks and gollums from Middle Earth. And so, that bunch of weaklings invented and embraced the concept of female supremacy, to give weak females the illusion they aren't weak at all, but supreme beings who must be served by even weaker males, who can only thrive when feeling inferior and treated like dirt (on their terms of cors). Stinking co-dependency, that's what it is.

And so it went on for years, lol. Then, last year, i touched the nerve of a pro-domme, who btw was mentioned on my site b4, going by the name of Saharah Eve, when i wrote:

……… is exactly how i feel, and felt since day one actually, about this supremacy thinghy. If there's anything stupid and banal, especially within d/s, it's the concept of supremacy, and its nephews going by the name of superiority and inferiority. Femdom based, and thriving, on the supremacy principle, is simply stale vanilla fantasy, embedded in patriarchal dreams of submissive women acting like dominas, supported by females who can't live without their subbie-hubbie, or r keen enough to grab the opportunity to make a buck out of this nonsense.

Now was that a flaming collection of thoughts or what? Right!

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Yes, that did it. That blew her fuse. She replied with a lengthy essay on the legality of female supremacy, trying to explain to us, among other things, that female supremacy is not necessarily equal to female superiority, bla, bla, bla.
A few quotes from this:

At its core, Female Supremacy is about ultimate authority, power and status belonging to the Female.
……….but that overall, their empathetic leanings and greater biological indispensability seat them in a higher social station over men.
I can state that females, as a whole, are more empathetic, more socially inclusive, less destructive/violent and less biologically expendable.
I wasn't laying out the logical thesis for my beliefs in Female Supremacy - - that would be a fairly lengthy dissertation.

Caramba, by Lilith’s superbly shaped body………..a dissertation? From one who believes in female supremacy from the beginning? Oh no! Not another proof based on ontological principles. Not a rehearsal of Thomas Aquinas’ silly and futile attempt to prove the existence of the divine! Spare me this crap! She would do better to keep on going to discipline her sub-humans, orchestra the production of her videos, continue to walk her male dogs in the park, and leave it at that!

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A former friend of mine, called Sarah (no, no, no, not Saharah), said once to me with conviction:

Female Supremacy is the radical notion that Women can be better leaders for a better world.

Now, this was a very intelligent and compassionate sister, and still she was unable to be radical herself, to question her own beliefs on the matter, and to challenge the forces that kept her comfort zone alive. Being a deviant from the vanilla crowd as per definition, a femdom should do that u know, and i wonder what makes it so difficult for most women to act accordingly, and why they need to cling to the patriarchal concepts they say they abhor.

Certainly i can’t leave out Elise Sutton, Rasa von Werder, MZ BBW, and numerous other women advocating female supremacy as the natural order of life. Of cors i purposely left out male writers like William Bond, groveling at the feet of these females, as well as a zillion of female writers known to me as males, lol. Their motivation to support this banality has a different source, and is well known, hehe.
While compiling this blog i glanced at MZ BBW’s writings and found this:

Woman is the highest form of life and man should feel fortunate that She allows him to even co-exist with Her.

………… he is totally inferior and belongs at Her feet as Her obedient slave. It is Woman that is the decision maker, leader and Dominant species. Her wisdom is far superior and the best hope for humanity.

Female Supremacy cuts through all racial, age, and income barriers. Any Woman, regardless of what color She is, how old She is, where She is from or Her level of income, IS superior to any man. This is the core belief of Mine and one that I will always adhere to.

Well adhere as much as u like, i’d say. Keep conning urself. Resist to acknowledge the facts, and avoid as much as possible to pay attention to new research results regarding gender differences, while claiming ur convictions r based on undeniable scientifically found data at the same time. Guess opportunism and hypocrisy r celebrated as great personality traits of female supremacists as well, rofl!


Madam Elise and her kind, belong to a group of women, who r embroidering on patriarchal values and paradigms, and using questionable scientific findings to prove their point. Consequently, they're trying to embed the ways of the patriarch in a femdom environment, at the same time telling their audiences they r not, lol. Doing so, femdom becomes a joke, positioning the male as the primus inter paris, and the ‘domina’ as his servant. And to think, these women believe, they’re different from the rest of their vanilla sisters, hahahaha. Ah well, mundus vult decipi, ergo decipiatur!

One of the goals of science is to prove that certain isolated events r not restricted to that event per se, but could also be applicable to a broader spectrum of events. To make use of these generalizations for one’s own purpose is acceptable and maybe the right way to do. But to generalize an idea or belief just like that, without any significant back up, or worse, by pointing to a few alleged manifestations of that belief in one’s own environment or the writings of soul mates, is stupid, and belongs to the world of morons, ignorant, crackpots, and wannabes!

Although i’m not really standing in a friendly way toward the marketing techniques of pro-dommes like Saharah Eve, i still can make an exception for them, as they’re trying to make a living out of catering to the inner desires of their clientele, who wish and force them to be female supremacists, to be their cruel and sublime superiors, ready to punish and humiliate them when the price is right. Apart from a few, most of these women told me they have to go many extra miles to really get a buck out of their business. Reason why it was always hard for me to understand why they went into it from the beginning, as there r certainly more enjoyable and lucrative ways to achieve a financial utopia.

Be all this as it may, the “teachings” of pro-dommes, related to female supremacy and femdom, i usually take with a truckload of salt, as well as a kind-hearted smile. - The place for profile layouts, flash generators, glitter graphics, backgrounds and codes

Back now to the end of the female supremacy fallacy.

Below u’ll find a video featuring Cordelia Fine, a woman of much more substance than all others, referred to above, combined. As an impartial source, she may convince u of what i am claiming from the time i set my first steps in the realm of feminine femdom: Female supremacy is crap!

Compared to what i usually bring to u, this video is of considerable length, and will challenge the patience and intelligence of a few, if not all. If u make it through the first 10 minutes, hit the lower right button on the video screen, to be able to view the complete show, and to educate urself somewhat more.

To ease the pain a bit for the fervent and diehard believers of this supremacy nonsense, as well as for our cute little pink sissies here, i added a video by Peter McAllister regarding manthropology, explaining why males r becoming more and more pathetic, lol.

If after having watched the first one, and maybe even the second one, u still r not convinced that female supremacy is boloney, then tell me, what makes it so attractive for u to emphasize that females in general r so much better than males, with all the consequences attached to this belief, instead of throwing this notion of female supremacy into the garbage bin, and having exquisite sex, sublime communication, and a 24/7/365 life founded on the basis of emotional and intellectual equality, getting an extra impulse from being wired as a domina or a slave?

Um, and don’t forget to ponder a while on combining female supremacy with female slaves eh?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Vide cor Meum

I found her
In the slums of Bogotá
A wreck
Of unseen proportions
Spit out
By civilization

I held her
In the slums of Bogotá
A descendent
Of the chosen people
By the Diaspora

I fed her
In the slums of Bogotá
A shadow
Of long forgotten times
By her beauty


I took her
From the slums of Bogotá
To a place of light
A dangerous and risky place
A safe place
That Place

She finds me
In the gardens of That Place
When my darkness
Turns to black
Captured in unbearable shades
Of torture


She holds me
In the corridors of That Place
When immortal memories
Reopen the wounds
From a haunting past
Of violence

She feeds me
In the twilights of That Place
When my hunger for her flesh
Awakens MyEgo
In an orgiastic environment
Of lust


We go back to our past sometimes
Together now
Not alone anymore
Walking hand in hand
Down streets and alleys
On shores and battlegrounds
To taste its filth again
To inhale its grim reality and despair
To weep and comfort each other
To cherish the roots
That make us One

לראות את האור