Monday, July 6, 2009

Nanshakh's Story

Nanshakh is not only the best femdom artist ever, he's also a fabulous writer. Mr Modesty doesn't believe so himself, but he's a master with words. He, the master, told me time and again he's not as convinced as i am. Sometimes he's even complaining that his stories, essays, and articles r way to loooooong. Such nonsense! When one can compile prose like his, it's never to loooooong. But beware when he gets grumpy, feels offended, or is at war with the world, or me. Then pure venom is coming ur/my way.

Oh, b4 we go on, don't let the title below scare u, as the remainder of this blog entry is in good old english. It wouldn't hurt tho, if u would pick up a few more languages on ur way to ur grave eh?

And when he's mentioning "this group", he's of cors referring to the action - me - going on in for which group he once wrote this gem.

Anyway, here goes.


Les barricades mystérieuses

Imagine, this is the end of the seventeenth century, in some kingdom in western Europe. The setting: the ruins of a fortified abbey, probably the scene of some disgusting massacre when it was burnt and dismantled during some skirmishes. The place has always been abandoned ever since, and of course, rumours have it that it is haunted. Oh yes, i forgot, for atmosphere, put some appropriate music on, something like Couperin's 'Les barricades mystérieuses' (not that it's especially appropriate, but the title is). Now and then a half moon breaks through the low, fast moving clouds, making the remnants of arches stand gloomily above the layers of mist... and you notice the dark shapes moving stealthily amongst the ruins. At first, you're not sure, and a cloud plunges the scene in darkness again. Suddenly, in a ray of moonlight, you un-mistakingly spot sinister human shapes, draped and hooded in black. Glimpsed for a short moment before they disappear behind some stack of crumbled stones. Gives you the creep eh? Well, it should. I'm scared stiff already. Have i mentioned that there are some disturbing noises around you, unexplained, hardly perceived creakings and hisses and squeals, and then, a wolf is howling in the distance. Shudder. Maybe not such a big distance away actually...

But you go ahead. You are not scared by these mysterious silhouettes. It's your turn now to step out of the woods, and to walk straight through the mist, into the ruins. Others now walk alongside you, converging silently towards the same point. They don't seem to pay any attention to you, which is not surprising, since you too, you're draped in a long black cape, and your face is hidden under a high pointed black hood with only slants for your eyes. Just behind an arch, you find the steps going down into the ground, at the bottom of which a torch is spilling some reddish glow. Soon, you are walking with tens and tens of your companions, walking endlessly along a torch lit corridor that goes down... and down.... Only the shuffling of all the long black robes can be heard. Not a single voice breaks the silence.

After what has felt like a slow descent into some icy hell, you enter a huge crypt, huge as a cathedral, it's vaults so high that they disappear in darkness. Stepped rows of seats carved into the rock flank each side, and you can't help thinking of an army of ants as the silent black hooded shapes invades them.

Now the rows of seats are filled. You too have sat.

Torches seem to light up by enchantment at the end of the hall, discovering a massive stone stage, and a long narrow and steep stairway descending from the high vault straight onto it. In the absolute silent, all facing toward the stage, the attendance stands up while someone comes down. At first only her shapely legs are visible in the dim, dancing light of the torches, the sharp heels of the black boots clicking in the huge dark crypt. Then her sculptural figure appears fully. She is a slim, tall woman, dressed in a short black leather dress, with a large belt richly inlaid with gold and silver arabesques. Her hair is gathered in a high pony tail, held tight by a golden ring. She is not hooded, though her eyes are hidden by a slim black mask that allows you to admire her full red lips, curled in some cruel, smirking grin. She pauses at the bottom of the stairs, standing arrogantly, surveying her subdued, respectful audience, acknowledging their palpable apprehension. Hundreds and hundreds of members suspended to her will. Only her left hand is casually toying with the handle of a large bullwhip, resting on her shoulder. More a sceptre of her power than a whip.

At last, she walks to the sober, high, narrow monolithic throne-like seat, carved in black stone, that stands alone on the large stage. After she has sat, she imperceptibly nods, and all sit like one.

And though the silence has been oppressing till then, it still seems to grow, and grow... and keep on growing.

The hooded figures remain almost immobile... hardly moving now and then from one side to the other. Rather expectantly. But hours, yes hours, go by, and nothing happens...

Then one member stands up. For a while, the member looks taken aback by his audacity as all are turning on their seat to look at him. In some awkward, croaking voice, he dares to speak up at last: "Hi all, i... er.. i would like to thank you for allowing me into your secret society. I am.. er... this is a great honour and i'll participate a lot in future." Then he suddenly sits down, and one after another all the members resume their position, sitting solemnly. The silence now seems even heavier. As for the one who has dared to speak... it looks as if his black hood is blushing.

What seems hours later, another member stands up. This time it is a loud, booming voice resounding under the high vaults that start almost everyone: "Hi all, i have a password for secret society 'Hawk Queen' i want to trade for password for secret society 'Crushing Plum Pudding' or 'EscarpinsLickers', anyone interested?"

A thunderous wave of scandalised whispers ripples through the audience. Obviously a new member who ignores the iron rules of the secret society, or maybe has even deliberately chosen to ignore them?

Apparently impervious to what is happening around him, the guy goes on: "Come on buddies, no one's interested? Or, i'd even trade for a password for secret society 'La Cruelle'.

No more scandalised reaction now. Everybody knows the appropriate chastisement is about to be enacted. Those members sitting around the silly trouble maker are trying uneasily to shuffle away from him. And it comes. Without him ever noticing it. While the lady has remained perfectly still, sitting haughtily on her high chair, her pony tail has slowly risen behind her and is now dangling ominously high above her head, as some glittering black snake, pointing in the direction of the offender. He never saw it coming. With hardly a swish, a flash of greenish lightning links the tip of the pony tail to the top of the man's hood, and instantly his black robe and hood crumple down on his seat, empty, some greenish wisps of fume lingering where he stood.... There is only a murmur of assent in the audience.

An hour goes by before another member dares to stand.

"Hi all", a young joyful female voice: "I'm a new member, my nick is GoddessPinkishFangs and i'm a 22 years old cute hot blonde from Transylvania, I love your secret society and i'm glad to be here, sounds like fun eh? I'd like to invite you all to come to my new secret society, it's at http://secretsociety.Ooohey/KinkyPinkishFangsLair. Come on all, it's only 45 days away to the south east. Don't forget to indicate your blood type on your profile, otherwise no admittance !"

There is a fleeting moment of uncertainty in the assistance.... but no. No green lightning.

Maybe encouraged, another member stands up: "Enlarge your penis by 4 inches in less than..." Shazam..... greenish fumes.... This one will never have a chance to finish his sentence.

And the hours go by... but no more interruptions until the moment the beautiful lady with the whip stands up at last. All the attendance rises in silence, as she majestuously walks up the stairs and disappears. Then, without a word, all the members file out of the room. At last you come out in the open, as a faint glow at the horizon indicates the coming dawn. As silently and discreetly as they had appeared seemingly from nowhere, the hundreds of hooded figures scatter on the dark land...
Soon you notice a member still walking alongside you. This is becoming a bit annoying, because by now, you'd like to be able to take off your stuffy hood, but the rules are strict: total anonymity. So, not wanting to be rude, you keep walking, expecting he will soon take another direction. While the two of you are totally alone, all the other hooded figures having vanished out of sight, he clears his throat. "Er... sorry, dear fellow secret society member, but i'm a new secret society member, and i'd like to ask you a question, if you don't mind?"

Of course you're a bit taken aback by such boldness, typical of a new member that. But what the hell, after all, he is a member and this is a secret society, so what about brotherhood and all that...? "Why, yes, of course, dear fellow secret society member, i'd be glad to help, what is it?" "Is it always as lively as that?" You answer cheerfully: "A bit boisterous hey? well, you'll get used to it. You'll see, after a few hundred meetings, you'll be able to make out what people are trying to say in all that hullabaloo. I sure wonder why they insist on speaking all together like that. 'Seen what happened tonight? Three members speaking in one single session! amazing." "Er, i counted four actually..." "I was not including the one with the penis enlarger, he didn't even finish his sentence..." "Oh, i see, right." Your companion remains silent for a while. "No but i mean, seriously, er... there wasn't much being said, was there?" "Well, it's a secret society you know? members are bound to be a bit secretive.... what did you expect?" "To tell you frankly, i was expecting a bit more, in terms of communication you know?" He shuts up for a long while before resuming, in a somewhat halting voice, because of the pace you are walking. "You see, after all the initiation ; all those years of discreet probing ; and the months of trial, the long torture, the interrogations and whippings at the hands of those ladies -the high inquisitor would seem a choir boy compared to them-; the months locked up in a cage. And then all those ordeals before being sworn in at last... I must confess, this was my first meeting with the secret society, and i was expecting something extraordinary." "Aren't we all, my dear fellow? but keep trying. Give it a chance, there are some great things happening at times. You've seen that member sitting with a trident? well, he contributed very great stuff, and very good poetry too, very good, though he's remained a bit silent these last meetings. And you saw that other member, the one gagged and chained to the lady's boots? a slave of hers, she refers to him as first mate when she's in a good mood. He too contributes now and then. Although his messages tend to be a bit long at times, but i mean, looooooooonnnnng. So of course he has to be gagged occasionally. And there are others, many others. There is one, the oldest member of the society, who was already serving during Cleopatra's water skiing rallies, imagine that? Well, it's the same thing, hasn't been often heard of lately, he must have other things on his mind, but one can only hope that he'll participate again. Some ladies participated, Queen Ellen, the Mistress Claire, to name but a few, and then there was the ship logs-keeper, who seems to have got lost on some island. Some contributed stories, even novels... some got angry too... There are others, many others. Pfff, at least a dozen others, out of almost 5 thousands." "But that's it, thousands of secret society members and... so little life in there? "Don't let it fool you my friend, and don't, i insist, don't try to see what's under the hood of one of those silent members, not ever. It is a frightful experience, and you might never recover from it. They are not members, see. They are the "Silent Lurkers". If you did lift the robe of one of them, you would see.... nothing. There is nothing there. Just an empty robe and hood, mimicking the motions of a human. But in fact, an empty shell. Not even a ghost in there. They are there only to make it more anonymous, more secretive, for the few real members, so they can be immersed in the crowd... so my friend, do participate, you seem to be a real human being, made of flesh and blood." "But these.. er.. these Silent Lurkers, aren't they anything human, anything real?" "Well, you know, this secret society is very old. Once i asked the first mate, a day he wasn't gagged, or pretending to be very busy. He told me that those empty shells were once humans. But they never participated. Never ever. And it seems -mind you, this is a legend- it seems there is some ancient spell at work here. Those who never participate slowly fade into oblivion. Until there is nothing left of them. But don't let all this deter you from participating, on the contrary..." "And the lady with the whip?" "Well, she is the mistress and the soul of the secret society." "But doesn't she say anything?" "Oh as you could see, she doesn't always need to. But she does, she does, rather often, and you can't miss it when she does... but she does not always find the conversation enticing you know. Maybe if there was more participation... You should try next time. There's nothing to be afraid of actually." "Oh all right, if you say so..." he concedes reluctantly, unconvinced. Time, you think, to put things back in perspective: "Besides, you know what happens to members who don't show up after the first meeting, do you?" This does it. If ever you've seen a black hooded shape gasp in amazement, and fright, this is it: "Yes, right, of course. Absolutely. No need to remind me. Well thanks for your help, dear fellow secret society member, you've been most kind. I don't want to abuse and take too much of your time. I must leave you now, i'm going the other way, bye then". "Yes, sure, bye, and ... don't get lost... some wolves are insomniacs you know..." eh eh eh, you can't help chuckling under your beard.

Yes, you will have guessed it. This secret society, centuries ago, was actually the ancestor of a Yahoo group. Well, those were rough times, of course. And people had little to say then. It's so different today.

Mmmh, i'm wondering if the purpose of this group is appropriate to stimulate participation? Or rather, if the majority of members came to the right place, or, another way to put it yet: if they are here for the right reason? You know: "This site is designed to worship and glorify the grace, beauty and legitimate arrogance of all femdoms..." "...the flagship of Ayesha, a ruthless and cruel female dominant." and so on. Because participation is rather scarce, to say the least, and when, recently, someone raised the subject of linguistics, all of a sudden the discussion was raging. And now that this thread has petered out... we're back to dead calm seas... not a ripple any more. Well, almost. Could it be that linguistics is a much more capital and fascinating issue than female domination for the happy members?

I'm not only talking about this group, but most groups supposed to be about femdom. I'm a member of plenty of those -like most of you i bet- some with only a few members, others with thousands. Some rather good, and some painfully boring or vulgar. But sometimes, for weeks in a row, there is not even the start of one little thread in any of them. Once in a while, moderators from such groups blow their top and start harassing the members, usually ending up with such threats as: 'participate, or else...'. For all the good that it does, they might as well try to stop the tide by slashing the ocean with a sword. I remember i tried that once when i was four or five (with a small wooden toy sword, eh!), and it was rather a depressing experience. (Well i never pretended to have been a very bright kid anyway !)

Mmmh, maybe we could put the "question of the week": Is female domination such a bore?

I don't think so. On the contrary, it's very exciting. Yet, it can be said that the immense majority of people come to such groups with the same good disposition and enthusiasm as they display in their dentist's waiting room. That is, they might pick up a magazine and condescend to glance at it, but in any case, their motivation is deadly set on: Gloomy !

This being said, many still, some 0,02 % of members, are still eager to have a good time, and maybe even an interesting or enriching experience.


Now, wasn't that a great read? Thought so. A lot has happened since he wrote this story, and yet........i still enjoy reading it.

Note: After having been cruising Cyberspace for some years now, i came to believe there's not so much difference between the real world, and it's virtual partner. In both, the keyword for human communication and interaction is mostly --------->>> Indifference.


  1. Hallo Ayesha, hatte Contact mit so einem hirnlosen Dollmaker namens Lord Conquer, er hat sich die Giftzähne ausgebrochen beim Versuch mich zu beißen, leidet nun ein wenig an retrograder Amnesie, sein Hackerversuche waren auch vergebens, so ein armer Tropf! hahahah

  2. Very nice text by Nanshakh! Nice humor, unexpected turn! And you also are right (about indifference).

  3. yes, he still has not let me join his/your yahoo group! i am pouting.

  4. Lmao. I noticed ur second attempt Tina, but Yahoo refused to let it show up in the approve/deny window. Someone must have put an evil spell on u....... Perhaps ur fascist HypnoDom, fuming now he learned u r also interested in other things than only his mind undermining scribbles?

  5. really? do you think someone put a spell on me? i certainly hope not. i do feel that way sometimes. yahoo seems increasingly difficult. perhaps someone put a spell on it? perhaps i will...

  6. Yes Tina, time for u to exercise ur magical powers. Be a witchhhhhhhhh!

  7. are you making fun of me? i suppose i deserve it....

  8. Me? I never would do a thing like that! I'm a saint.

  9. you do make me feel so silly and frivolous sometimes..

  10. Maybe 10 days of confinement in one of the manholes in the Labyrinth could cure u from this?

  11. Hello Ayesha, I'm sure that 6 yrs later you would still recommend the same ;-)

    Why am I reacting to this? Herlezen van Nanshaks tekst hier boven, en ik dacht plots aan u.

    Groeten, Ronald

    1. Well, well, well, if that's not my old sailor Ron from the now sunken galley.

      For a long time now, I don't know what N's up to, but I wouldn't be surprised if he's still worshiping that prodomme (as these women are called).