Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ἀποκάλυψις 4

It’s no secret: I hate fascism, (neo)-Nazism, and all that relates to it. During my time on Yahoo 360, i wrote 4 blogs related to filth like that. As i find it important to spread the word, mock, provoke, resist, and fight people who embrace this kind of shit or r trying to play it down, here they r again, bundled together now, unedited, and in the sequence they were published on 360.

Oh, and in case u r a bit like me, watch the video at the end, visit their website, and ….. well u decide what will be next!
Yersinia Pestis

I was roaming 360 today. Cruising it for a while. Visiting many sites. Reading quite a few blog entries, commenting on some. Good stuff, mediocre stuff, bad stuff, boring stuff, exciting stuff, hilarious stuff, and............... tons of filth. Nazi filth actually. It's disturbing to see how so many people r being attracted to ideas, thoughts, and activities belonging to one of the dirtiest and most objectionable eras humans ever created, suffered from, and went through. It's appalling to see that so many people r still craving and glorifying Nazism/Fascism, love to dress up like those criminals, feverish yell "sieg heil', embrace the slogans and propaganda of that period, and adore Hitler cs.

And don't tell me, all this is harmless, that all this is just fantasy, and that none of these people would even think of acting like that for real. I know better, as i'm quite familiar with this breed. Some of them even tried to convince me during the years, they would be on the forefront to fight Nazism and its brothers/sisters, if it would ever appear again. Yeah right! Once they would feel safe, they’d crawl out of their hiding places, and will follow enthusiastically their new fascist idol, patriotically doing their jobs in the new KZ-lagers. They're like the plague. No cure for it. Not yet!!

It was also nauseating to see how many people r having no problems whatsoever, to invite these people to their friend lists, to allow them sitting there, or accept invitations from them. I have to look in to that, to see if some of my 'friends' r affiliated to the ones i despise.

For me it's hard to understand why so many great, good, and ordinary people don't give a damn about this. Is this just another example of the indifference-plague, which seems to have infested so many souls nowadays? Or is it a result coming from the social/cultural law to be tolerant, have respect, and recognize the right of others to express themselves no matter what? Some people even expected me, to defend the right of KKK members and Neo-Nazis, to march and demonstrate. Yeah right!

It's sad.

Remember Martin Luther King? He once said: “We will have to repent in this generation not merely for the hateful words and actions of the bad people but for the appalling silence of the good people”.

So, let’s get to it then good people. Let’s get rid of this plague.


Just in case u forgot, 62 years ago, on January 27, soldiers of the Red Army liberated a few forgotten half dead prisoners of Auschwitz. The rest was gassed, shot, hanged, tortured to death, and.........well u name it, as long as it lead to their extermination, die Endlösing , so to speak. B4 they perished, many were tortured and experimented on. Remember Mengele? Of cors u do!

It's Holocaust Memorial Day, people. Reason for some neo-Nazis to set fire to a holocaust monument in the city of Verden in Germany. May they rot in hell! People tell me i should pursue love, and not hate, that i should forgive and realize how many good people there r on this planet. Even here, in our dear beloved Cyberia, they're trying to convince me, that it's wrong to go after these creeps, as it only would prove, we're like them, barbarians. And we certainly wouldn't want to be barbarians eh? Maybe that's the reason i saw not much mentioning of this Holocaust Memorial Day today? Maybe that's the reason, all the Poetry Blogs i visited, kept displaying their (often sugar sweet) poems of love and tolerance, as if there's nothing ugly going on in this world, even after the lesson of the Third Reich? Well, as far as i'm concerned, feed my share of that kind of love to the dogs!

Jimmy Carter
"Fundamentalism means the thinker is absolutely sure he is right. You don't want to learn new facts, because they might disturb your previous opinions. You become convinced that your truths have come from God and anyone who disagrees with you is wrong, and the next step is that they're inferior, and the ultimate case is, they're subhuman. That leads to a lot of the persecution in the world."
Ian Kershaw
"The road to Auschwitz was built by hate, but paved with indifference."

4 Poems

Barbara Kobos-Kaminska

You still see
her shining hair
interlaced in a braid,
her palm searching
for a palm's warmth,
her eyes trustfully looking
from the face of a child's fear,
when violently separated,
forcibly stripped off
her humanity
she stepped lonely
towards the termination
of her life.

A man in a dark hat
resembled my grandpa Simon
from an old photograph

I noticed the image of his face
in the pane of the rumbling train.
A tear stopped on his cheek
covered with life's wrinkles.

In his palm he clasped a small pebble.
Suddenly he did recall how
the body heat had been leaving
the freezing hand of his little daughter.

She froze to death in the winter of 1942
in a sealed cattle railcar
on her way to the gas chamber,
together with her sisters.

Nelly Sachs

O der weinenden Kinder Nacht!
Der zum Tode gezeichneten Kinder Nacht!
Der Schlaf hat keinen Eingang mehr.
Schreckliche Wärterinnen Sind an die Stelle der Mütter getreten,
Haben den falschen Tod in ihre Handmuskeln gespannt,
Säen ihn in die Wände und ins Gebälk —
Überall brütet es in den Nestern des Grauens.
Angst säugt die Kleinen statt der Muttermilch.

Zog die Mutter noch gestern
Wie ein weißer Mond den Schlaf heran,
Kam die Puppe mit dem fortgeküßten Wangenrot
In den einen Arm,
Kam das ausgestopfte Tier, lebendig
In der Liebe schon geworden,
In den ändern Arm, -
Weht nun der Wind des Sterbens,
Bläst die Hemden über die Haare fort,
Die niemand mehr kämmen wird.

warte ich auf dich
weit fort von den Lebenden weilst du
oder nahe.

warte ich auf dich
denn nicht dürfen Freigelassene
mit Schlingen der Sehnsucht
eingefangen werden
noch gekrönt
mit der Krone aus Planetenstaub -

die Liebe ist eine Sandpflanze
die im Feuer dient
und nicht verzehrt wird -

wartet sie auf dich –

Come, Enemies, Disperse Us

To honor the overwhelming response to "Shoah", i decided to add this wonderful poem of Alter Esselin to my site. The original was in Yiddish. The translation to English was done by his son, in cooperation with the father.

We molder in your flourishing land,
We who have been blessed and cursed
With a burdensome will-to-live
And the dream solace of the Mavier Yabok.
We have slender hands and Argus-eyes.
We've seen it all, and--all has flown away.
Glory and the conquest--not our bubbles.
We are Jobs, standing in ruins,
With a sharpened hypersense
Of the basic laws of life.

Our nerves vibrate like seismic signals
Telling of impending earth upheavals,
Yet there can be no dissolution
Of the ancient tribe;
There can be no destruction
Of its rich heritage.
Tribe of voluptuaries, ascetics and martyrs,
Tragic tribe of archetypes
With kitlen, thallisim and mezuzahs,
Followers of archaic, outlandish muses,
Fulfilling a parchment-yellow and pearl-gray destiny.

We are windborne, floating; we swim
Like oil-drops on secluded streams.
We cannot dissolve,
We cannot drown,
And your streams do not dry out.

To my Elizabeth, and all others who want to be my ally

There is no kink in Nazism! No matter how it expresses itself, no matter if it is lived as a fantasy or an attempt to create the Fourth Reich, there’s only filth in it. To avoid the next pogrom, the next razzia, the next holocaust, there must be zero tolerance for any display of it. We must reject and fight it, wherever we meet even the slightest sign of it, and crush its tiniest seed, wherever it tries to grow, even if it was on solid rock, or in stinking and rotten corners of Cyberspace. There must be no empathy, and no compassion, for people who say, they only cherish it as a fantasy, or harmless role play. The opposite, is like saying: ”Oh, the cancer is only small. It’s only sitting in my left toe, and hasn’t spread at all. So why worry?”

I know of a Jewish (!) man, whose fantasy it is, to be imprisoned in a concentration camp, craving to be tortured, dehumanized, and finally killed, by brutal female Nazi guards. I know of a woman, who’s getting wet, by fantasizing of babies and little children, being raped, tortured, and eaten, by Nazi butchers, in front of their parents. I can feel for these people, i can see their burden, but i’d never condone/defend their fantasy or behavior, and certainly they never could be my friends.

As Nazism, fascism, and totalitarianism, has developed many faces, and is exploiting many disguises, due to the fact that the use of these words became more or less outlawed in many parts of the world, there should be no doubt, it crawled back up from the sewers, under a variety of names. Just as it was once defined by Hitler cs, as a social movement, it is now alive under the flag of many democracies. Not only in Third World countries, but in so called high developed countries as well. It erupted in Africa, Asia, South-America, the USA, as well as in Europe. Even in one of Earth’s most democratic countries, the Netherlands, there exists a party, with representatives in parliament, which is leaning toward fascism. Of cors its members r denying this vigorously.

More than once i was accused, of only opposing Nazism in its purest form, and the atrocities resulting from it during WWII. Some of my prosecutors were simply trying to play down the horrors of Nazism, and trying to let me see what a hypocrite i was, for not addressing the filth that’s going on nowadays as well, others were just morons defending themselves for feeling attracted to Nazism, while only a small part was genuine in their remarks. Be that as it may, it should be clear, i’m opposed to any form of fascism/Nazism, no matter how it makes its appearance. That’s why, in the realm of d/s, i ridicule, laugh at, and am opposed to all the silly games, were punishment, degradation, and humiliation r celebrated, even when the participants r not in the Nazi-scene.

But it’s true, i decided to side with the Jewish people, and the gypsies. This inevitably brought, and perhaps will bring again, misery and sorrow to others, which saddens me, but never will stop me. Sometimes, it’s hard to live up to this decision, but i found it better, than to sit at the sideline, criticizing and commenting from my sheltered home, leaving the dirty work to the ones who went out to protect me and my people. Still, it’s my desire to avoid all this, and to never have to be involved with war and war-like activities again. Reason for me, to crush the ill seed of Nazism and its brothers and sisters, even b4 it sprouts. In here, and in r/l. It’s much better than to let it grow, and when it’s full blown , to have to go out there again, with tanks, planes, bombs, and a couple of reservists, who forgot how to fight and kill.

There is no kink in Nazism. Only filth.

All the roads led to death,
all the roads.

All the winds breathed betrayal,
all the winds.

At all the doorways angry dogs barked,
at all the doorways.

All the waters laughed at us,
all the waters.

All the nights fattened on our dread,
all the nights.

And the heavens were bare and empty,
all the heavens.

God hid his face.

Rajzel Zychlinzky


And i say to all narrow minded morons suffering from xenophobia, all those having the need to dehumanize others, all fascists and anti-Semites, all members of hate groups, and all other righteous ones, whoever they r, wherever they r, crawling on the surface of this planet, or hiding beneath it, don’t bother to find me, to come after me, and to destroy me, as i, the one who’s carrying all the genes that u hate so much, am already on my way to u. Herstory taught me not to wait. I’m the huntress now, and u r my prey.

One thing more for these people to know. I don’t believe in war anymore. I don’t believe war can bring solutions. I don’t fight countries, organizations or groups anymore. I go after individuals, the building blocks of this filth.

I have no drive to destroy. I hate violence. But the ones who can only survive by seeking a scapegoat for their own failures, destroying same in the name of whatever, i will send to their filthy ancestors nevertheless, the minute i smell their stinking personalities.

My brothers and sisters r those of Masada and Mila 18, not the ones who negotiate, work out compromises, or hide.

Then my Elizabeth said:

Yes, I feel that way too. We're not preys anymore, but huntresses. Gone are the days of Goethe said: Fear knocked on the door, I opened it...and there was nobody.

And i replied:
Now fear is knocking at some other doors, and u can rest assured i will be there when they open same.


  1. Suprises me Miss Ayesha that no one can make time to truley is a very sad world we live in when the colour of our skin or the religeon we worship makes us vulnerable will never end i guess there will always be the one's who wanna rule the world at any cost take from those less fortunate who cant defend themselves..rape and damage the land n tree's for profit..Glory hunter's is all they are Miss Ayesha god help anyone or anything that stands in their way...BUT...with with people like you..they will..and the little people will stand a chance..Marie

  2. People don't comment for various reasons Marie. Some r speechless when confronted with atrocities far from their comfort zone. Some want to react, but lack the courage to voice their thoughts. Some, probably most, just don't care.

    It will change one day Marie. That day is still far in the future. But it will come!