Sunday, June 9, 2013


Of the five classical elements I feel intensely connected to water and fire. It’s one reason why I want my slaves to carry my branding, why I can’t stay away from descending as far as possible into volcanoes, and why I feel somehow spiritual connected to the life of the immortal Ayesha as she’s pictured by Rider Haggard.

Going deep sea diving for days at a stretch, swimming long distances, and having ultra long walks and sex in heavy or gentle rains makes me feel alive beyond the imaginable. Sometimes I can’t even belief myself how it is possible that after having engaged in such activities till exhaustion, I feel totally refreshed and energized, eager to continue, while others who shared those endeavors with me only want to go home and rest.
Having spent now a considerable amount of time in a rather harsh and arid environment, I find my thoughts drifting sometimes, seeing myself back in for instance the rainforests surrounding the Rio Pacuare while the heavens are unloading torrential rains onto me and my partner(s), getting soaked and extremely muddy while roaming the Juan de Fuca trail, or sauntering hand in hand with Lucinda in the pouring rain on the fabulous Glencoe highlands, making our way to the Ballachulish Hotel, or a nearby and very private cottage, to spend the night and big money on a few exquisite and tongue titillating Macallans.
Doesn’t mean my libido shrinks when there’s no rain to enjoy. I also love to create some heat in hot environments under the blazing sun. Must be caused by that fire element I guess :
Already as a child I wanted to go outside as soon as it started to rain. I loved to feel the droplets wetting my face and entering my eyes. Still a toddler I remember the feeling I got when putting on my first rain boots. It was as if they added something to my body, merged with same, and would never ever leave me. I wish! But as a grown up and a femdom I often keep my boots on in places where other people wouldn’t even think of wearing slippers. It’s not odd for me, or exceptional, to go to the beach, wearing a bikini and rubber riding boots. The looks I get then, hehe. But I feel great.

I mostly prefer to walk in the rain alone, or accompanied by a sensual woman. A woman who is as passionate as I am when it comes to wearing hot rubber boots, tight belted mackintoshes, and having rough sex in the pouring rain.

Especially when having had explosive and raw sex with a nymphomaniacal vixen and she’s sucking off the last drop of our orgiastic fluids from my luscious bush, still having her gloved hand touching the entrance of her Nirwana, and while my energy is slowly drifting away to other parts of my hungry for sex and shivering body, inevitably there must be time to recover. Well, that’s what I’m told ;)
So what to do?


Special men? Regular readers of my blog know of course exactly what ‘special’ means.

You think? Nah, it’s definitely not that kind.
Maybe this one then?

Well…um…..perhaps. But I sure as hell love this kind of activity!
You should try it too. I bet it’ll make you feel to repeat it.

Even when in a tropical rain forest I like to wear my rubber boots. Feeling the sweat accumulate within them can only arouse me more. Keeping one of my rubber mackintoshes on in places like that I tried, but not for long lol, as sudden death is lurking down the trees after an hour or so.

Crazy as I am, I sometimes leave the rain boots for what they are, and go out in wet and stormy weather wearing a pair of my favorite high heeled brutally expensive leather boots.
 But then again………..

And then there are times…………

Sometimes I don’t need the boots, the rubber, and the sex. It’s then when I want to be alone, lonely, and to only be with the rain, to surrender to that incredible element……………