Sunday, June 9, 2013


Of the five classical elements I feel intensely connected to water and fire. It’s one reason why I want my slaves to carry my branding, why I can’t stay away from descending as far as possible into volcanoes, and why I feel somehow spiritual connected to the life of the immortal Ayesha as she’s pictured by Rider Haggard.

Going deep sea diving for days at a stretch, swimming long distances, and having ultra long walks and sex in heavy or gentle rains makes me feel alive beyond the imaginable. Sometimes I can’t even belief myself how it is possible that after having engaged in such activities till exhaustion, I feel totally refreshed and energized, eager to continue, while others who shared those endeavors with me only want to go home and rest.
Having spent now a considerable amount of time in a rather harsh and arid environment, I find my thoughts drifting sometimes, seeing myself back in for instance the rainforests surrounding the Rio Pacuare while the heavens are unloading torrential rains onto me and my partner(s), getting soaked and extremely muddy while roaming the Juan de Fuca trail, or sauntering hand in hand with Lucinda in the pouring rain on the fabulous Glencoe highlands, making our way to the Ballachulish Hotel, or a nearby and very private cottage, to spend the night and big money on a few exquisite and tongue titillating Macallans.
Doesn’t mean my libido shrinks when there’s no rain to enjoy. I also love to create some heat in hot environments under the blazing sun. Must be caused by that fire element I guess :
Already as a child I wanted to go outside as soon as it started to rain. I loved to feel the droplets wetting my face and entering my eyes. Still a toddler I remember the feeling I got when putting on my first rain boots. It was as if they added something to my body, merged with same, and would never ever leave me. I wish! But as a grown up and a femdom I often keep my boots on in places where other people wouldn’t even think of wearing slippers. It’s not odd for me, or exceptional, to go to the beach, wearing a bikini and rubber riding boots. The looks I get then, hehe. But I feel great.

I mostly prefer to walk in the rain alone, or accompanied by a sensual woman. A woman who is as passionate as I am when it comes to wearing hot rubber boots, tight belted mackintoshes, and having rough sex in the pouring rain.

Especially when having had explosive and raw sex with a nymphomaniacal vixen and she’s sucking off the last drop of our orgiastic fluids from my luscious bush, still having her gloved hand touching the entrance of her Nirwana, and while my energy is slowly drifting away to other parts of my hungry for sex and shivering body, inevitably there must be time to recover. Well, that’s what I’m told ;)
So what to do?


Special men? Regular readers of my blog know of course exactly what ‘special’ means.

You think? Nah, it’s definitely not that kind.
Maybe this one then?

Well…um…..perhaps. But I sure as hell love this kind of activity!
You should try it too. I bet it’ll make you feel to repeat it.

Even when in a tropical rain forest I like to wear my rubber boots. Feeling the sweat accumulate within them can only arouse me more. Keeping one of my rubber mackintoshes on in places like that I tried, but not for long lol, as sudden death is lurking down the trees after an hour or so.

Crazy as I am, I sometimes leave the rain boots for what they are, and go out in wet and stormy weather wearing a pair of my favorite high heeled brutally expensive leather boots.
 But then again………..

And then there are times…………

Sometimes I don’t need the boots, the rubber, and the sex. It’s then when I want to be alone, lonely, and to only be with the rain, to surrender to that incredible element……………


  1. First of all.
    Thanks for the explanationes in your instant Message too me. I agree in what you say.
    Also here in: "I have no dream of uniting all people on the planet, of one big family." So that matter is no longer a discussion between us.
    Your rain Blog is great! I am not made of sugar and like it to become wet, specially in dry and hot greek summers Rain can be bliss for my soul, even when the outside drying figs gets destroyed.
    So often i was picking Olives in the trees, got wet and didn't care my wetness as long i was working. Siometimes the clothes dried on my body from my own heat! (My fire inside)
    These days the rain became a big problem in Germany- no not any radiativ spoiled rain- just an ordinary one, cause it rained all May, also today! smiles
    But explained what the heavy rain cause , lets listen to the guardian: Zitat:
    "Thousands of people have been evacuated from their homes in eastern Germany where the Elbe has flooded and burst through a dam, officials said on Sunday.

    At least 21 people have been killed by a week of flooding in central Europe, as rivers such as the Danube, the Elbe and the Vlatava have overflowed after heavy rains, causing extensive damage in central and southern Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary.

    The latest fatality was an 80-year-old man who died of a heart attack in Austria on Sunday while cleaning up debris caused by flooding, the German news agency dpa reported.

    More than 8,000 people were evacuated by bus from the town of Aken and its neighbouring villages in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany, after a dam on the Elbe broke on Saturday, said a police spokesman, Uwe Holz.

    In Magdeburg, the state's capital, more than 3,000 residents were forced to leave their homes after many streets and buildings were flooded and electricity was shut off, dpa said."

    1. Yes, that's what Mother Nature does sometimes ;)

      B.t.w. did you know that some 75000 years ago a volcano eruption spewed out a mass of lava big enough to build twice Mount Everest, and that sunlight in the area was blocked for many years? Isn't she adorable? Yeah we all love Mom.

  2. O yes i ve seen a Documentation about that and more strange things happened, for example that all the globe was frozen under thick ice, and it was necessary , how it seems, that life could develope the way it does. Yes that is really adorable- only when people hurt us it seems so often to be unnecessary, so stressy, so painful, but --- i had to change my mind, had to learn other points of view.

    Well this morning i thought by myself that we are still able to dream about a life in paradise (may it be on Another Earth- maybe a planet in my fantasy, my home)and that i have no reason to give up, even when rains, fires, storms or quakes want warp my body and mind.

    Further i thought about identification, am i only a breathing stone or am i fire that burns substantial to eat organically grown vegetables
    and to warm up the frozen hearts around me

    1. Dreaming is fine, but only if we're going to make them come true. And the ones who dare trying to make us deviate from our road to that land, to stop us, we'll simply cut their throats and dump their bodies in the next abyss formed by a motherly quake.

      You are the flame of life, the flame I take my showers in.

  3. Well, while i am reading:
    "we'll simply cut their throats and dump their bodies in the next abyss formed by a motherly quake",
    i am thinking of all the millions of people on the streets in Istanbul, Rio de Janeiro, Athens,Kairo, Madrid, Eastern Berlin, and at least in Peking, some succeeded by a peaceful protest- others had been killed by nefarious killers of a system of ....!
    I think also of the Fugees song Killing me softly with his song.
    I felt all flushed with fever, embarrassed by the crowd,
    I felt he found my letters and read each one out loud.
    I prayed that he would finish but he just kept right on.
    How shall i understand what is going on, a high society playing their Olympic games, their world Championships, to entertain the crowds, to blindfold them again and again, and let the people pay high priced for it, so expensive, that when the show is over, the states are crashed into the next recession.
    Well, the Egyptians elected them, who are going to destroy the pyramids, not believing in Democracy, fighting against a renewed (virtual) "Democrazy from Cyberspace", how long shall that all last, while we knew, that all the Empires in past found their graveyard, as did Rome, Byyzanz, The "Commonwealth".
    All they died of cause their decadence, also our decadence and all coming decadences built on subjugated exploited souls who dreamed a sweet dream of a felicitous life, but never got a chance to made thewir dreams come true. Unless in a very private sector, their own small intimzone.
    Well that must be enough for today, the lucky moments, we dare do relive independant from influences and determinations of the world around. Yes i recieve these moments of happy bliss dancing with you, having precious communications, or even being alone again as soon the show is over.
    My life is not taking place in a manor, not as lairdess, counciler or warlord, i am just one of the billions waking up from a global night-mare. I feel too tired too scatter my bones for underpaid enslaved nonsense. Just wanna survive some more years with that flame until Nature extinguish me and show me the worth of all my dreaming.

    1. Try to remember that in these so called democracies, the assholes are put on a pedestal by the voters. Then later these same voters start crying that the assholes are not what they promised them to be. Which is not true of course, as once an asshole, always an asshole. One can only wonder: Are the voters not also members of the AC (Asshole Clan)?

      Leadership is the curse of humanity! We should get rid of it! But I don't think this will happen anytime soon.

      So my dear companion in AssholeLand, get used to it: We will always be strangers in that empire of the doomed, and that's good! Actually we are just passengers running up that hill ;)

  4. Here i am.
    The assholcountry where i live in dont allow me to open the videos (reason of copyrights) you ve sent me, so i had to go to hidemyass dot to watch them, but even there it was not possible, but i found others of Siouxsie.
    Smiles* Once more i thought about "dumb tzheir bodies" and found myself killin some slugs yesterday by throwing them into the hot desert.
    I beg your pardon, when i stressed you and send you a song like water and flame

    1. That one has great lyrics Rita. And we both have a daughter too. Mine flew already, but now and then she returns to the nest, and messes it up again ;)

      Remember this one?

  5. Just the moment while i am reading your message
    i had openend already this lovely video and am listening.
    This coincidence makes me shiver with pleasure.

  6. Vor ein paar Jahren habe ich einen traumatisierten jungen Mann hypnotisiert.
    Sein trauma: Sein Vater war auf einem Spaziergang plötzlich verstorben. Der junge war damals 8 Jahre alt, nun aber 33 Jahre. Jede Nacht träumte er von dem toten Vater, war wütend und enttäuscht. In einem langen gespräch habe ich mit ihm eine Lösung diskutiert.
    Während der Hypnose sagte ich ihm folgendes: "Die schmerzlichen Bilder verblassen von nun an und werden abgelöst durch all die angenehmen Erinnerungen, die du von deinem Vater hast. Du wirst dich in den nächsten Tagen großartig fühlen".
    Als ich ihn aufweckte aus der Trance sagte der junge Mann, er habe gerade von seinem Vater geträumt wie sie Eis essen waren. Zwei Wochen später schrieb mir der junge Mann, dass er großartige Tage erlebt habe, sein leben sei so lebenswert wie nie zuvor. Im Laufe des nächsten jahres war er sogar von 103 Kilo auf 73 Kilo schlank geworden.

  7. Wenn nur alles andere auch so spitze wäre
    I am kontemplating about: What would had happened with Buddha when he had to pay insurance for health like we have to pay in present times. Sure he would have found a sponsor - cause probably the ancient people had been less individuals than people are today. Just a few care for each other - today most care more for their mask.
    Well this year my gardens have another charm than ever before. Somehow they don't look so tidy as the neighbourgardens do. Neighbour plant straight in rows, they left no single other herb grow except the mono -cultivated.
    I cannot work this year so intensive, i let grow what grows and is somehow pretty. Have collected a lot of strawberries from the strabws jungle. Peas i eat, cut peppermint a lot and lemon balm. Cause the climate this year is so extraordinary i water just the most necessary. A little bit i feel growing old like a grandma. Maybe thats the reason for telling all this. Want to say that life is passing so quick, too quick to worry about, better to use the time to enjoy the little allocated luck.

  8. When one gets the feeling that life passes quickly, it shows that it's not boring. And it gets even better when one makes an effort to create 'luck' and is not waiting for it to come by by itself.

    I prefer a wild growing garden instead of a cultured one. Less pests too ;)

    Buddha never would have wanted insurance. He simply would reincarnate after having dropped dead from an illness.

  9. Independent existence in a permaculture is my way to protect the pieces of land to become a desert by hunman errors. I dont behold dried plants as rubbish, instead i keep them as for covering the naked. A lot of plants are like monads migrating further to new areas as there are strawbs and peppermint, calendula and raspberries. WE do not use artificial fertilizer to poison the soil with too much chemical waste products. My dream was always to prodect a place surrounded by blackberries, something like in the fairy tale of sleeping beauty thorned rose- smiles* thinking that it will be more interesting in the neighbourhood of the singing birds- then- to live in a VIP colony surrounded and nerved by all their greedy fucky pervert problems. So i can be glad to be surrounded by a nice deep blueberry forest.- well i had been on the road some days, therefor i was missed- but it was a good time, was invited to a beautiful marriage. Bridegrooms father wan a lottery and invited nearly the whole cottage, sponsored an excellent careing, a real good Band with a sexy songstress in front . she made me shiver with pleasure running through my body arousing my nerves, making me moan and sing with her.
    well back home- Tomatoes still alive!

  10. As it seems the crowd has been drowned be the waters or the water has been transformed into best wine and nobody else is able to formulate any comment.
    During my last chatting with fetish-people i learned thatso many want just share perversities. The are too lazy for real erotical actiones, craving for humilation etc.
    But i like more to write for intelligent people with a high emotional level. Thats more easy and comfortable for me. I know that they understand the nuances i embedd into my statements.
    This way it is a pleasure for me to communicate with you. I think you are travelling right now and have a beautiful time.
    See ya soon again mon cheri

    1. I left home for an extended period of time indeed. To call what I'm doing these last couple of months 'beautiful' is a stretch though, hehe.

      Like I explained several times already, most people in this environment either are lurkers, only looking for pictures, or lacking the guts to express themselves appropriately on blogs like this one.

  11. Moving away (alas) from the moving and deeply thoughtful commentary here, I'll just say that I love your use of rain and storm in a poetic and metaphorical way.

    Not profound I know, but it is the best I can manage :-)

    1. Poetic and metaphorical you say? Ah yes. You should see me though after having spent some days r/t in ultra bad weather, sugar ;)

  12. Replies
    1. Still so young, and already that perverted. Soaking wet.I love it!

  13. So simple. Simple is sexy.

    OK let's say that someone simply finds it sexy to be Cruel. And let's say that someone else simply finds it sexy to Suffer.

    Simple. No confusion. Or is there?

    Is there Cruelty and Cruelty? Is there Pain and Pain?

    If Cruel punches Sufferer in the face then that is Pain.

    If Cruel says that Sufferer means nothing to me, and proves that they mean it, then that is another Pain.

    If the two sorts of pain are just the same to Cruel and to Sufferer then maybe there is no confusion at all.

    But what if the two sorts of Pain are not the same?

    Then it could get confusing for Cruel.

    Or for Sufferer.

    Or for both.


    1. Only vanilla cruelty leads to suffering. My cruelty leads to hungering for more. It's that simple.

    2. Here vanilla is everything rotten.

      It's good to see you.


  14. So sorry only able to follow blog on a limited basis as light blue ink against a white background in daylight is unreadable.

    1. Problem is at your side, as my background is dark black!

    2. ........and it never varies, hehe.

  15. Sorry I'm a technophobe I need to read more, I'll figure it out.

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