Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Trust and more trust. Everything revolves around trust. Very essential that. One can feel so safe when there's trust no? Oh yes, there's nothing more appealing/rewarding than slavery the consensual way, the structured way, the agreed upon way, the contracted way, the……….safe way. God save the Queen, and Goddess save the Slave. Brilliant!

Picture urself: Bound, hooded, and helpless. Then u hear her coming, that cruel lady u were longing for all of ur life, to become her slave, her doormat, for her to do with whatever she would like. U vowed u would die for a woman like that. No question about it. And now u r here. With her.

Ur heart is racing. Ur blood vessels hardly can take the pressure, pulsating in agony. U feel a weakness to ur knees. But u will stand tall. U r a man, a slave. A slave to this magnificent and terrifying creature, ur Goddess. This is ur day!

U r mega turned on now. U lost all control. U surrendered. U r owned.

Her rubber gloved hands start exploring ur naked and vulnerable body, mercilessly grabbing ur rock hard cock, squeezing and massaging same till it feels like surgical steel. Heaven is upon u. U want to come. But u restrain urself. Not yet, not yet. Later, later. This can’t stop now. This must continue first. This is what u want. This is what u would kill for.

Then something cold is pressed against ur bursting shaft. U realize it's that razor sharp knife she's always carrying with her, always hanging from that 4" wide black leather belt she’s mostly wearing, and which is accentuating that incredibly sexy waist u adore so much.

Like a flash of lightning a question pops up in ur enchanted brain: “What the heck she’s going to do with that knife?” But u r not alarmed. Not even by the thundering thunder which preceded the flash. Oh no. Not u! Far from it. After all, this saint of a woman promised u to take u to church this coming Sunday, as her slave, leashed, for all to see. U r convinced. She’s harmless. Ur cock is throbbing again.

She's increasing the knife's pressure now, pressing her body heavily against urs, giving u a taste of her voluptuous breasts, and the leather that's tightly encasing them. Ur getting even more aroused now. U r bursting from lust, although u r quivering too. She forces one of her gloved fingers into ur mouth. Eagerly u start sucking on it, tasting rubber and blood. Blood? Yes, ur blood! But u don't worry. U don't panic. U feel totally at ease. No fear is bothering u. No doubt either. What bad things on earth could ever happen to u? Nothing at all! U r completely safe. U have a contract. U agreed upon role play. Nothing else. All this is just a game, not real. It’s only an act, and a delicious one at that. Like u, this woman is only playing. In Goddess u Trust.

Then, suddenly, there’s that other smell. Chloroform, coming from a cloth clinging to the rubber gloves of ur adored tormentress, ur angel, the one who so often took ur breath away when u were watching that lean, leather clad body of hers, coming ur way, like a predator moving towards its prey, her long bluish black hair dancing on the rhythm and sound created by the heels of her supple crotch high leather boots.

Mesmerized and satisfied u struggle a bit, but then happily cooperate with ur owner, and deeply inhale what’s forced upon u. With a smile on ur face, hidden by that thick rubber hood u love and hate so much, u doze away, like a new born baby, assured that all is good, and all is well.

When u wake up, a strange feeling is encompassing ur body and soul. A feeling u never experienced b4 with ur Goddess. It feels like pain, horrifying pain. And then it comes to u, and u just know..........something is missing, something is gone. Forever!

But her sweet sensual metal voice, still lingering in ur brain, is whispering: "All is good, all is well".


  1. this reposted from 360... i remember this of cors... but now i think poor man.. he should have had that orgasm when he had the chance!

  2. Like i explained several times, most of what i published on 360, will be reposted here, either exactly as it was, or with changes. This one was altered considerably, although the essence stayed the same.

    U would be surprised how many men dream of this scenario, Tina. And remember, for some of us, life is to be alive, when one moment in time, becomes all time.

  3. i am sorry ayesha, i should not have been flip.

  4. Most wonderful and creative Goddess Ayesha,

    Your story made make hands shake, my mind explode, my feelings get lost in the dark realms of most sacred fantasies.
    Thank you!!!
    You really know how to draw and to sing, to enchant with your divine words...

    I long both to see you right now and to run far away from you!!!

    Most tender kiss on the gentle hand,


  5. Very very scary, and compelling indeed. When I am with my S.O., I have such a strong feeling of surrender, that I would go through an experience like this, and trust her with my life.

    Of course, I *still* wouldn't want her to go through with this . . .

  6. Don't u know? Didn’t u get it? Maybe one could trust vanilla femdoms, as they resemble mommydoms, always protecting their toddlers from evil and distress, and always honoring the Slave Bill of Rights. But feminine femdoms? Once they're in heat? Yeah right! Don't trust them u hear? Not even when they're NOT in heat. Never! Not even when they r trying to convince u that u r the one they never would do any real harm, and promise u that their only desire is to play and honor ur fantasies. They’re superb liars and incredibly skilled in the art of seduction, u know. Never ever trust them! NEVER! Why do u think these women r addicted to non-consensual femdom, eh? Yes asked urself that, and prepare urself, and be at the utmost alert, should u one day meet one of these deliciously cruel creatures