Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Tale of Two Stories

# 1
There was this Polish couple, Pawel and Ola, deeply in love with each other, and deeply anti-semitic. So they joined a neo-nazi group in Warszawa (hey Americans, that's the capital of Poland, once liberated from Hitler and his gang, by some of ur granddads, eh?), driven as they were to show the Jews, what it meant to be on the wrong side of the glorious white power movement.

To Ola and Pawel, Jews were the ultimate filth, ever seen on the face of the Earth.

Of cors they taught their innocent and lovely kids, that the Jews were their biggest enemy, and that fascism and nazism were here as the only and holy weapons with which these inferior beings could be slaughtered and finally erased from their planet. That should be their life quest, aka their only goal in life. So they urged them to do as their parents, to go out on the streets, find those damned Jews, those stinking lowlifes, who were the cause of all misery and abuse in Gods garden, to seek their blood, and to wage war against them. Down with them. Heil Hitler. (Horst Wessel Song thundering in the background now, to cheer things up eh?)

Then, one day, they found out, that their roots were Jewish.

Nowadays they r helping the rabbi in an orthodox local synagogue, hahahaha!

Oh, and this is no fiction, but a true story!

# 2
A recent Dutch study tried to find out what males and females enjoy doing the most during the day, evening, and night. Kind of a top ten of favorite activities so to speak. Not surprisingly sex was the absolute # 1 for males. Not that they actually having it all the time, but they constantly talk about it, fantasize about it, brag about it, and quarrel about it with their spouse, girlfriend, partner, mistress, the occasional whore, and their therapist. But with women the picture turned out to be quite different. They had having a good meal on top of their list, followed by hanging out with their female friends, non-trivial conversations, and reading a good book. Furthermore it was revealed that women rather go shopping, than to cuddle up between the sheets with their beloved partner. Sex came in at # 6, just b4 work and sports.

So far so good. We all already knew that men r guided by their dicks, while we women, lacking such an appendix, r not.

But the truly remarkable thing that came out of that study was that both males and females love vacuum cleaning. Can u imagine? It proudly stood at # 9! Vacuum cleaning is the activity were males and females r on the same wavelength, the same page, find each other, and r holding together no matter what.

I never could understand why all these submissive alpha males were craving to do all these boring household chores. But now i know! It’s a sleazy way to con their sublime and superior goddesses into sexual activities.

Oh, and this is no fiction, but a true story as well!

Oh well..........enjoy the video. And in case u can’t understand proper English, there’s a translation coming with it.

For those who celebrate this: L'shanah tovah!

נתראה בקרוב

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Snippets III: Politics, Law, Leadership

Here’s another bunch of random thoughts of mine linked to politics, law, and leadership, brutally taken out of the context they once were part of. Some people believe that this will change or damage their meaning. There’s truth in that. But i also believe, people often use same as an escape and excuse for not to be held accountable for what they once wrote or said. Besides, a sentence taken out of its context can become more provocative, mind boggling, controversial, intense, or striking, than it ever could have been within that very context. Given for instance the long-windedness, intransparency, and incoherency of many a prose, taking things out of context can be a great thing to do. And it does fit my personality, no? I love to picture things in their extreme form, black and white, black against its darker form, and crushing the grey areas of common sense, while knowing perfectly well that each coin has three sides. Call it one of my small rebellions, my tiny revolutions against a pedestrian crowd, led by fake feminists, narrow-minded freedom fighters, and ego-tripping world healers. Btw world healers? Go here.

And remember: A tree taken out of the forest is still a tree. A coward taken out of the crowd is still a coward. And a femdom taken out of her d/s environment is still a femdom. Well….um….she should be eh? Even when disappearing in a vanilla crowd, hehehe.

Here we go.

People can't handle the truth. Politicians dislike the truth. Legal systems resist the truth.

As long as people think they need leaders, and as long as leaders think they must lead, nothing will change. Many said they came not to destroy, but destroyed anyway. Many claimed their purpose was to help others. They lied.

Laws r serving and protecting those who can’t stand people who tend to behave differently from what the lawmakers think is right or wrong. In short ……be like me, behave like me, do as i say ……or else……

And of cors laws do also exist, cos so many people dislike to stand alone, and r afraid to make the decision between what’s right and wrong on their own!

People should try to get rid of the goddamn leadership, in whatever form it presents itself or is created, and, for a change, start being responsible for their own actions. We don't need anybody to represent ourselves, to take things out of our hands, etc. Maybe then, human indifference will decrease. And don't tell me it can't be done. I live like that.

Typical patriarchal rubbish. Only women striving for silly emancipation would have an urge to rule the world, and thus becoming clones of the male of the species. The stupidity never ends.

Sometimes i play along with politicians, captains of industry, or other self- proclaimed powerhouses, gradually choking them with their own filth. And these weaklings love it even, rofl.

See? That's what i mean when i say that in these so called democratic countries, the main goal of the authorities, being them politicians, ceos, teachers, priests, etc, is to keep people in line, to indoctrinate and infect them with their lousy norms, values, and beliefs, tolerating deviation from mainstream culture only when it stays within the boundaries of the establishment and its order, while telling them they’re free, and promise them to fight for their freedom, no matter what. Liars!

There r great women as well as great men. It's just that great men need guidance from great women. So let's go for the mix, and kick the scumbags of both gender to a parallel universe or something. That's how humans ended up on this planet too, u know.

True manipulators were brainwashed by their brethren (and sisters!) not to act like a bully, taught to present themselves as overly friendly, deeply concerned about the wellbeing of their victims, and indoctrinated with the notion that audiences r less critical when perceiving them as warm, compassionate, and caring.

If u want justice, u don't try to operate within the legal system in force, as u will be slaughtered by it. If u want justice, u don't fight governments, organizations, or groups. If u want justice, u go after individuals!

If on the other hand, u want to win, to surround urself with admirers, and to be seen as a pillar of society, yes then, by all means, go and corrupt the legal system, misuse it, find its loopholes, manipulate it, and be the champ of opportunists.

It's always the vassals of the stinking and slimy shitheads in power that do the dirty work.These creeps r even more disgusting then their leaders, as they always claim it's not their fault, but the responsibility of the ones who sent them. Most r even proud of themselves to have done their duty, goddammit.

Our world leaders? Those smooth talking snakes? The ones we (well not me eh) voted for? Them carriers of democracy, a.k.a the Righteous Ones? Ah, they r only interested in playing down El Mozote and places like that, to cover it up, to delay justice, and to keep in power the ones who support their smelly interests at home.

And that’s the sadness of the majority of so called revolutionists i have knowledge of. They all need support from others, preferable from large groups of people. Only a few realize, revolution incorporates the complete break with the status quo, and more importantly, once the storm came to rest, to take care not to crawl back to what u were fighting against, to repeat the same corruptive action, and abuse ur new acquired power. All the rest is just lame compromising.

It's the price of a decaying democracy, where 1 ass has 1 vote, and the big asses r manipulating the rest of the asses, so they can sit relaxed on their fat ass, making the rest work their ass off.

In their relentless quest to at least be seen as conservative sons and daughters of the ancient ones, nowadays conservatives want to produce at least something too. Lacking the creativity of the ancient ones tho, they created copy/paste, and r copying/pasting ever since.

The liberals? I’m not sure, but according to modern day scriptures found by conservative archeologists in the hidden cellars of the Watergate Barn, they too r desperately copying/pasting. But only material that already was copied/pasted by the conservative ones.

U might ask: “What on earth r these liberated conservatives and conservative liberals copying/pasting all the time?” The answer is: “Stuff from The Other People”. Of cors without even knowing who The Other People r!

Vanilla is not a word to describe someone who is different. It is used to describe the herds, clones, and clowns of society, which r replicas of an anonymous authority, blindly defending what is not theirs but was implanted by teachers, priests, politicians, parents, and other key people, who on their turn were infected by their educators. In short, the term refers to the masses which think, act, live, and die according to the role(s) their (sub)culture expects them to play.

I can’t believe there r women, claiming to be dominant, who clip the wings of their dominance by deliberately creating a “new” set of rules, or by eagerly submitting to other people’s rules.

I enjoyed reading ur story, and loved the ironic undertones. But let me tell u, i have my own tale to tell. Mine began in 1967. After i fell from vanilla grace a few years later, i created a world, free from rites and rituals, not related to gods and goddesses, and not embedded in ancient legends, holy scriptures, myths, and truths. A short story so to speak. And a lawless one.

There is no higher power in my life than i. Any deity, any dictator, any democratic government, and any rule, law, or regulation, can go to hell. I despise them all.