Friday, May 20, 2011


As promised, here r the first 2 pieces from my soon to be in the past Yahoo blogs.

To break, broke, broken.

Seems there r plenty people roaming Cyberspace, whose only intention is to break someone, or to be broken themselves. Hilarious. And so stupid too. There's a special breed of paper slaves, who believe a femdom should break them first, and then build them up again according to the wishes of the domina. Typical vanilla d/s, where the *dominant*is working her ass off, to make sure the banal desires of the*slave* r met.

And then we have of cors the club of *broken dommes*, women who once where cruel mistresses, fiery goddesses, or another silly creature of that kind, who suddenly (or after long and deep thinking) saw the light, realizing they truly wanted to be a lowly and inferior nobody, to be humiliated and dehumanized to the bone, by either a teenager, or a mature mommy in leather carrying a box of pampers.

As is the case with the majority of the *lesbians* in here (No male, no male, no male, can't you read you scumbag, no male no male no male), these people r mostly deranged gentlemen (or a bad variant of same), trying that way to become more attractive to the ladies. Guess in the end they'll end up with another poser, lol.

Now....don't worry eh.....and be happy u hear?! And don't forget to glue all the pieces together once ur done.

PS. Couple of days ago one of them broken ones declared she disliked it when people *can't spell a simple word like "you."*. So to ease her pain, i sent her this:

---Lmfao. I c u r a gr8 spelling snob 2. B4 u h8 me now...... :-*---

It really broke her heart, went to pieces even further, and removed my comment very dominantly without any mercy. A class act.

The psychology behind to break, broke, broken.

The wish/desire to break someone mentally and/or physically, is a sure sign of weakness. If this wish/desire is rooted in racism, fascism, nazism and filth like that, it's not only silly, but also objectionable and appalling. People with fascistic personalities r using d/s in general, and femdom in particular, as a smokescreen to hide their true character, which is described by Adorno et al, and many researchers of this phenomenon after them, as ego-weakness. People suffering from this, have a need to find scapegoats, without which, they can’t function. They also crave strict hierarchy, within which they need to trample and harass the ones who r placed beneath them (mostly the minorities in a certain society), and to worship and adore the ones who r placed above them. In short, a Befehl ist Befehl environment.

Since the birth of Internet, many of them have infested Cyberspace with their filth, playing as if they were strong men and women, emphasizing among other things on superiority cq inferiority of certain groups of people or plain gender, while in daily life they wouldn’t dare to act like that at all. In r/l these people would only come out of the closet, when supported and encouraged by larger groups of people, like for instance was the case in Nazi-Germany. One could say, that ego-weakness and cowardice r twins.

Of cors, in Cyberspace, there r also those, who r not really into fascism, who r not really seeking relief for their more or less forbidden feelings and socially disapproved of beliefs/attitudes etc. These ones just find their fun in upsetting other people, by acting as if they were nazis, or to stay more close to home, as if they were into breaking dommes, or to be broken themselves. Still they belong to the weak-ego clan as well, only hanging from a different branch of the moldering tree, which i consider symbolic for these people, and absolutely not even capable of breaking their mommy’s household rules. In fact they r longing for recognition, support, hugs, and other sweet things, but camouflage all this by posing as strict dommes, cruel masters, and……. well a whole range of other ‘powerhouses’. They’re unable to come forward with their true desires, settling for surrogate satisfaction instead.

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