Sunday, August 2, 2009

Looking back

The poem below i wrote in response to a blog entry on Carla’s site (long gone by now), regarding a witch’s soul, her temperament, and personality traits. This remarkable woman calls herself a sexy Christian warrior witch, which she certainly is, although i have my doubts about the warrior part in her self assessment. I’m sure she has no intention to fight in vanilla wars, and probably used the word in a more metaphorical way, emphasizing her readiness to fight for her beliefs, and to confront any obstacles that might come her way on the path she chose to travel. But she will try to do this in a gentle manner, respecting the beliefs of others, and recognizing their right to be different. I guess this is one of the reasons she decided back then to keep me on as a friend and an ally, as for sure i differ in many aspects from this peace and harmony loving lady. For instance, my tolerance is almost zero, when compared to hers, and i had no problems whatsoever to participate in dirty warfare during an earlier part of my life. This poem has to do with that episode. It’s partly metaphorical, and partly real. It’s also witnessing, that even under almost unbearable circumstances, human relations can flourish, and intense sexual encounters r possible and sought for. Looking back, i know i've changed, and still i am the same!


B4 the battle of Gilboa
I met Zephaniah
And we made love
Like only witches can

She crushed an ancient king
Denying him her spell
He died

From Endor to Ein Dor
I met Sedecla
And we made love
Like only witches can

She resembled Kelêmath
The one i loved b4
In beauty and unrest

Ein Dor brought me Golan
A new grim battleground
Where i made love again
To men who i call men

They died a warlock’s death
And orphaned me

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