Saturday, October 23, 2010


Her feet stuck

In mediocrity

Gangrene took over

Killing excellence

Her eyes got infected

With greed

Blindness was imminent

Darkening light

Her hands grabbed

Rich filth

Losing grip


Her ears were spoiled

By Siren’s slime


Reality’s thunder

Her womb collapsed

In emptiness

Spitting out

Her mutant soul


As the moon rose high

Her corpse

Was devoured

By me

Giving back


To the equal

She once was


  1. Such a dark poem Miss Ayesha..tried to grasp the meaning behind it as i know you always hide hidden messages in your poems n confused a lil with this one..loved the vids even though i dont understand the words of the

  2. Lara Fabian, is one of my favorite artists. She can sing anything with a passion only to be equaled by a few others. And i love her ability to sing in many different languages as well. Her French and Italian for instance r flawless.

    Don't worry about the 'meaning' of this poem. Just let the atmosphere of it sneak into ur system, triggering whatever emotion is available.

    U got one thing right tho: It's a dark one, filled with anger, rage and sadness. But in the end there was a tiny ray of light eh?

  3. It's quite a prodigious leap from "devouring her corpse" to "tiny ray of light", Ayesha. I enjoyed the venom with which the words were arrayed; it's a wonderful tonic to the feel-good pap that inundates us on a daily basis.

  4. "the feel-good pap". Caramba, if i had known this perfect way of defining lame poetry, for sure i would have stolen it from u, and used it the time i wrote "Static Poetry".