Thursday, October 1, 2009

I like women who..........

no matter their age or body shape, radiate sensuality, elegance, and class

never compromise, nor compete

love to seduce, and be seduced

rather skip a few meals, than refrain from buying crazy footwear

can’t stand formal riding clothing, but love to wear jeans and rubber riding boots instead

know how to handle fire arms, but also r skilled to fight without holding a gun

refuse to dance in less than 5” heels, preferring 6”. Exception: Bare feet

feel relieved when the bull kills the matador

believe that pms gives them extra rights

without any problem can contradict themselves, feeling great about it too

r addicted to leather, rubber, boots, whips, very wide belts, and steel collars

love to make males crazy from lust, then dismiss them

never follow fashion trends, but can’t stay away from fashion weeks

abhor cruelty toward animals

can passionately enslave a piano, or another instrument

have a drive to excel in anything they undertake

can sit on their hair, cut it short, and feel sexy either way

r lazy to the extreme, and still accomplishing a lot

get a thrill from driving fast, and never r caught for speeding

r hard as nails, able to spread infinite cruelty, and yet display tenderness and care

love to be silly, throwing all logic out of the window, and walk in the rain till soaked

have no desire at all, to rule the world

always r ready to laugh or cry with me, while holding hands, or being whipped by me

know that pantiliners and tampons r a curse, no matter what the commercials


  1. Dear Darling Ayesha, i am so satisfyied to feel your vibrationes, listen to that excellent videofiles and reading you.
    I was in greece and enjoyed it so very much this time. Coming home a mountain better to say a jungle of work waiting for me.
    Fighting with a long knife i ve started harvest. Now after three weeks cooking beans, plums, peaches etc into glasses i found a little bit more interest surfing the net.
    Huges and kisses**

  2. I just know u love to harvest the fruits of ur hard work Rita, no matter the density of ur "jungle" ;)