Sunday, October 4, 2009


They came for me,
A wounded shadow
Tortured and abused
Crippled and lost

There were five of them.
Like thieves in the night
They stole me
From the enemy

The same roots we had
Entwined in Earth
With branches to embrace
The sky and hurricanes

Resting in strong arms
I felt at home
They cleared the way
Avoiding death

They came for us
To hunt us down
We killed them all

My trees r no more
They fell
Others will arise
To claim their land!


  1. Remember the seeds that were found in the ruins of Masada? When one of those seeds were planted, a tree came up. After two thousand years. That is a long-lasting memory, stored in a dry little seed.

  2. That date palm was (like that other tree still alive in the USA), named the "Methuselah Tree".

    New and more powerful memories will be created by the ones who refuse to live by the paradigm of patriarchal violence and destruction. The views and deeds of these few will hatch in the memory of generations to come and will actually lay out a rudimentary blueprint for the development of the new DNA of post-humans.

  3. rudimentary blueprint for the development of the new DNA of post-humans..... that makes total sense, when one thinks about it...

    1. Yes, people should think more about that. And when they do, it will reveal to them that matriarchy is not an option :)