Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dance with me

It’s no secret. I’m crazy about dancing. With me on the floor, there’s no escape. U either will dance with me, and i mean DANCE, or i will turn my back at u, never to see u again! So u better be careful, and seriously make up ur mind, b4 deciding to go with me to this sacred place. Be sure also about ur dancing skills, cos if u flunk, and r unable to follow my moves, u r out as well.

And when a man can dance, i mean really can move his body to the rhythm, it makes me ready to even allow him to guide my own moves. When that happens, orgasm is inevitable. For both of us. Picture it :)

R u that risk taker? R u that dare devil? To lose ur reputation, and feel ridiculous the minute the music starts? Yes? U must be good. U must be very good. I can hardly wait to unite with u! Or u r a fool, who simply went into the trap, defenseless now, a willing prey, eagerly waiting to be slaughtered mercilessly.

Come on then, pump up the volume, loosen up, and let’s dance already! Even if it’s only virtually, and u will be left all alone there when it’s over, and never will have that orgasm. Or will u, hehehe?

Oh, and the next time u r in Buenos Aires, forget the mediocre hotels u usually stay in. This time stay in the Faena + Universe. And don’t forget to visit Salón Canning. When there, ask for me, and even if i’m not there, i’m sure someone will tell u a story u will never forget :)


  1. Thank you for sharing the hot tango videos - such seductive movements as in at any moment you can imagine clothes being torn off. Hmmm your hotel story sounds a bit incendiary. :)

  2. I love to dance milonguero style, but won't miss a chance to show off my tango nuevo skills as well.

  3. We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.

  4. Now be careful not to get lost in the crowd, oh Legion.

  5. I love dance, it takes me out of this world.

    I have yet to find a male that can keep up with me. Grinding their male parts up against my ass isn't doing much.

  6. Same here. That's why i mostly dance by myself or with a female partner, conquering the floor, and leaving the audience present in awe. But i also teamed up with some fabulous male dancers in Colombia, Argentina, Portugal, and in NYC. Make no mistake, some males can really dance as well.

  7. Tango and Milonga are sexy because they have to be danced with passion. I took a class in a hotel in buenos aires and the teacher said I was great for it because I had latin blood and that made me look hotter!

    1. Hmmm, as far as i know, i have no real Latin blood rushing through my veins, but......

      1) i still look beyond hot

      2) ur teacher would turn green if he would see me dancing, and look pale if he would dance with me.