Wednesday, September 9, 2009


When a skilled domina is whipping a male or a female, it’s always an erotic sight, but when a male is whipping a woman, it’s always a poor sight, disgusting and objectionable.

When i see a skilled domina torturing a male or female, it always makes me hot and horny, but when i see a male torturing a female, it always makes me puke.

When a woman is telling me she’s a domina, i always have my doubts, but when a man is telling me he’s a dominant, i have no doubts at all, it’s a lie.

When a male tells me he’s a slave, i seldom believe him, but when i meet a male, i instantly know if he’s slave-material or not. Most r not!

When a woman tells me, she wants to be a slave to a male, i know she needs help.

When i see a woman in leather or rubber fetish wear, i’m always trying to assess, if she really has a passion for it or not, but when i see a men dressed up like that, i always have to laugh, refraining from doing any assessment at all. Unless of cors it’s a shemale, cos some of them r magnificent, and more feminine, sexy, and sensual, than many gg’s.

When i see a skilled domina whipping a male or a female, it awakens my lust and urge to participate, but when i see a male whipping a female, the only thing i want, is to kill him, or to hang him by his balls from the next lamppost.


For u to download, here r two clips supporting my point of view. The first one shows the incredibly sensual Natsuki, who really knows how to handle her whip. The second one is a bit more sadistic, but still makes me want to join in.


  1. The second one is no longer there.

  2. Such an ordeal! Cos of this, u r missing out en grande.

  3. I wonder about that, ha-ha! I mean, having seen that first one...

  4. Huh? R u saying perhaps that u were not turned on by her, and her whipping skills?

  5. No. It was a totally unintelligible comment I made, a regrettable waste of space. I'm spending hours in front of this %@# computer, and I suffer from lapses of judgement. How could you possibly make sense of something like that???

    And moreover: What the hell do I know, to comment on this?

    On this I would've liked to read comments from aficionados (as!), those competent on the subject. But having so cleaverly entered the arena, I'll have to give it a try:

    Yes, it was very sensual stuff this. She is really great! These must be cherished moments, for you girls.

    But there is another side to this, isn't it? Let me remind you: Those longer bullwhips, if you don't have that passion for them, can be rather intimidating. If you are a man, naked in such a situation.

    Thinking about this nine-minute lashing, I was smiling of your joyful comment, when I wrote mine. Ignoring the fact that your's was a fine, final statement.

    By the way: I think HE showed some character too. Or are they expected to last a bit longer?

  6. There is practically nobody around here i would consider competent on the subject. Don't u know? Most come here to only find material to get turned on by, and not to participate in any discussion, or to contribute something new. So don't be too hard on urself, or too modest, lol.

    My men have that passion. As do my women. In general tho, women can take more.]

    Yes sure, this guy deserves some credit. Did u know this is only a clip, and the actual session is much much longer?

    Btw, would u like to take his place, and be whipped by her instead?

  7. Eh... who, me? Uhm... Don't you think it's a good idea to fix that matter of the missing 2nd video? Somebody has it on their pc, and could easily be ordered to up it. That is, if someone with authority felt obligated, having made the link part of their blog post.

  8. Didn't think so. Maybe if I had not challenged?

    If I really wanted, very much, to be there in front of her, wouldn't that detract from her enjoyment - If I were anticipating her action without fear? But then, to see an aroused man, all erect, awaiting your... treatment, must certainly add to it.

    Be it this way or that: It must be a tremendous kick to have somebody for the first time, I would guess.

  9. If u had caught what i want in and from a slave, u wouldn't have asked these questions Snow Fox!

    Whipping a physically and mentally powerful male is beyond telling. It often leads to the singularity. But....they're scarce. Not many men r slave by heart, and even those who r, only a few could keep up with me these days, and make it to the Labyrinth.

  10. Heh! I was out on a vanilla trip. But I have caught those essentials - They are even written clearly in "about me" - The first thing you see when you come in here. Of course you want stamina, of course you want that hunger!

    Beautiful stuff are hidden here, without too many words: "Beyond telling." That says a lot. And you say "these days" as if your passion and fury are even increasing. Must be awesome for those few who can handle it.

    There will also be quite a few regretting that they missed the train.

  11. Yes i'm still evolving. In this case tho, i was referring to feminine femdom. I was not always like that, as u can read in 'Da rules & Da Dommes".

  12. You are hardly worth a bullet in my gun.


  13. Such a wise man u must be Clarence, and i agree 100%. Save that one for the day u r going to commit suicide.

  14. I enjoyed your poem very much, and thank you for answering a question that has been on my mind recently.
    Can a dominant woman sense when she is in the company of a submissive man?

    " i instantly know if he’s slave-material or not. Most r not!"

  15. Yeah, i was wondering when u would find out (grin).

    And u know? It works 2 ways!

  16. I am a 29 year old male and I would love to live with a middle aged woman as her servant and slave. It would be nice for her to keep me in chastity and to whip me really hard occasionally. I would happily work and let her control the finances. I would be nice for me to know that I am not free and that I have to obey a woman.