Saturday, February 11, 2012


"There's something radiating from a domina or a slave. When they meet, it makes them understand each other just by their body language. I often compare the two with a hyperbola, of which the two parts r completely separate, close or far away from the other, and still belong to the same entity."

The above was part of a discussion i had a few years ago with a man from Denmark. One of the better ones i must say, and not one of those who talk a lot online, but never would dare to follow up on their sexual impulses in r/l.

The hyperbola is one way to describe a femdom relationship. Another analogy can be found in quantum mechanics, called entanglement. It’s a beautiful concept, and although it took a long time to scientifically prove its existence, there’s no doubt anymore, it’s truly a part of our world. And coincidence or not, it was in Copenhagen that the pioneers of quantum physics (Heisenberg, Bohr) were working on its interpretation.

In the femdom world entanglement simply means that from the moment a slave interacts with a domina, the bond is there forever, and in such a way that even when they r far apart, any change in one of the partners will have consequences for the other one. That’s why, even when i have dismissed a slave, he/she will never be free from me, my thoughts, my actions, and my will. And to a certain extent, vice versa. But only if she/he is indeed a slave, and not a caricature of same. Of cors it goes without saying that most i sent away belong to the latter.

Mind u tho, contrary to us, in the vanilla world a sexual relationship defined by entanglement is seen as highly objectionable, and can only be damaging to the happiness of a couple (grin).

Both analogies r congruent with what i wrote elsewhere: “In fact, a slave is the mirror of a femdom. Just as mean, cruel, driven, egoistic, sexy, seductive, hungry, elegant, stubborn, moody, beautiful, passionate, unfair, erratic, powerful, humorous, revengeful, poisonous, lovable, and always on the road to go beyond the next horizon. The difference is, they operate from a different dimension.”

The Man from Denmark had a question. Well…….. a few of them.

If the slave is a mirror of the femdom - and I know you are right, egoistic, elegant, sexy.......etc. etc. etc, what keeps the two together in the hyperbola?
The gravity force is clearly seduction, but that is just the mechanics. What is the drive that keeps the hyperboles in place, keeping both of them never to consider anything but themselves and yet keep getting attracted to the other?

Could it be loyalty? Both must carry the ability to "love intensely but rarely?" - It must be so - Loyalty, l am of course thinking about loyalty in spirit and not in flesh, is the only way a relationship can be established and keep the two together........
It would seem a contradiction that two selfish people can be loyal to each other. But, hopefully not (yes, I know your concept of hope... ;-)....... such a loyalty must definitely be a rarity!!!
So yes – true feminine femdom is rare. Just consider, if some women have the ability, then even fewer men carry the trade to "love intensely but rarely". So maybe men of the right mold are the limit for feminine femdom, and not the women.

Do you agree – loyalty is essential?

Now isn’t that a handful of assumptions, or what? “Love intensely but rarely?” Yeah right! “The gravity force is clearly seduction”? Mmmmm, maybe partly. “That two selfish people…..” Selfish? Come on. Seriously? How so?

Anyway, the main thing was loyalty, to which i wrote:

Loyalty? Nice that. Especially when in need to fight vanillas. Can even strengthen the bond, giving warm feelings and joy. But essential? Nah, not really. What keeps them together is simply the will of the domina, her passion to own the powerful ones, her desire to keep a slave or not. It is a mistake, to think that vanilla values could be of major importance in the world of ffd. Like i said many times b4, a slave has no voice here, no vote, and no rights. But………he/she is free, and encouraged, to seduce me to change my mind, and to behave differently, lol.

The Man from Denmark:

I don't understand what loyalty has to do with vanilla???
Loyalty is in my book one of the true values in life. If you think about loyalty in the sense of a connection bond between two people - an unspoken force but which both understand is essential - what else would make you keep a slave? What else would drive the slave to throw him/herself at your feet over and over again? Of cause there is greed and seduction, but as you pointed out the forces in the hyperbola are strong and can easily diverge...... If there were no loyalty how could there be "intense but rare love"?

Oh my, this man was still struggling with his “intense but rare love”. Rather incoherently too. And then this “throw him/herself at your feet” thingy? Vanilla, vanilla, vanilla!

And i explained to him:

As a business women, one day, someone handed to me a few books authored by Fred Reicheld, a man known for his writings on loyalty. Some even call him the Guru of Loyalty. Loyalty is for him, “the willingness to make an investment or personal sacrifice to strengthen a relationship.” Now how vanilla is that eh? Quite useful tho. It really helped me a lot to brainwash, indoctrinate, and manipulate employees, CEO’s, and business partners. I found it even useful when it came to binding rich clients to me. I mean of cors, in a more vanilla way (grin).

This was just an example. There r zillions of people, who made it their quest, to explain to us what loyalty was, is, should be, has to be, will be, etc. Like with so many intangible concepts, it’s completely eroded nowadays, as everybody, including u, has his/her own opinion, definition, and/or version. What’s written in ur book, may be blasphemy in someone else’s scripture, etc. Isn’t that the vanilla way to do things?

Lao Tse once wrote:

"When people lost sight of the way to live
Came codes of love and honesty,
Learning came, charity came,
Hypocrisy took charge;
When differences weakened family ties
Came benevolent fathers and dutiful sons;
And when lands were disrupted and misgoverned
Came ministers commended as loyal.”

Now THAT’s what i can relate to. His words come close to my own knowledge, ideas, and feelings regarding this concept. So no loyalty crap in my house! I only keep/allow a slave around me, as long as he/she is turning me on, is enriching my life, is keeping me on my toes (yeah yeah, even when not parading in 6” heels), is fun to be with, and has a body to die for. But never cos i have some kind of obligation to him/her, or whatever. Doesn’t mean i couldn’t be there for him/her when needed, but loyalty would never be the driving force for that. When it comes right down to it, loyalty is crippling passion between people, like any artificial tool, which was created to replace the unique, intimate, and unspoken force (ur words lol) between two humans. It’s just another example of vanillas having the need to always have something outside themselves to cling to, and to rule/govern their life.

".....what else would drive the slave to throw him/herself at your feet over and over again?" Well, well, well, lmao! Would.....not being able to leave me without my consent, not having another choice, unable to imagine any other owner, and a quenchless thirst for more of my delicious cruelty and poisonous love, being acceptable reasons for u?

Due to lessons, taught by false prophets, politicians, pastors, and pathological shrinks, it became very common in the vanilla world, in order to avoid guilt and shame, to sublimate, and even replace, primal lust, basic emotions, and the longing for raw sex, by so called higher drives like loyalty. But not here, not in That Place, and not in the Labyrinth. Here we acknowledge and cherish the powers coming from our limbic system, as we recognize and celebrate those coming from our neo-cortex as well. Here these powers r not opposites, or in contradiction with each other. They r essential ingredients, making our hyperbola even more exciting than she already was in her rudimentary form.

Add to this now the idea of entanglement, and we will soon be crossing yet another horizon in the world of feminine femdom, leaving loyalty and his vanilla brethren far behind in the kindergarten of sex.


  1. Mistress Ayesha,

    Loyalty? Like a soldier uses to protect his comrades? No, that is not it for me. I feel my honor as a person and my character is not apart of my submissive service. I do what I do as a submissive, not because I gave my word to do so and us the binding of my word to do things when my will is to the contrary. That is not it at all.

    I am a submissive. I feel pleasure when maltreated. It is a craving and a desire my wife graciously fulfills by allowing me to be her 24/7 service submissive in ways of her choosing. When I am called to get out of bed to fetch her another glass of wine, I do so happily as my true character is being openly acknowledged. As I bring it back to her and she takes it from my devoted hands without acknowledgement, I get to enjoy the pleasure of being briefly being used. There is no grudging which I need to invoke an honor bound pledge to fulfill. My heart leaps at these opportunities. I do them out of a drive to feel submissive/masochistic pleasure.

    Thank you for the post. I enjoyed reading it very much.


    1. Seems u r one of the few who r living a life they want to live.

      So u can see urself as the man in the second picture of this blog?

  2. Mistress Ayesha,

    Yes, my wife is very gracious. She permits me to serve her, but in ways tailored to her unique desires. Our personal life and that of our nucular family seems to have only benifited. It was a jump off a cliff, which turned out well. I give the credit to her.


  3. Mistress Ayesha,

    Excuse my deftness. I see only one photo where there are two men (one dead, the other in the process of). I am not sure of what you are referring.


    1. Hehe, how can u be so sure the skeleton belongs to a man?

      As for the one i was asking u about, how do u know he's dying? Could it not be he's having the time of his life?

  4. IC. Yes, I would be the one blissfully in distress.

  5. This blog makes me think of another fine blog of yours, the one about friendship.

    1. Ah yes, the one where i said that love and friendship and friendship and femdom r twins. But not as they r defined by vanillas and people who say they're not vanilla but still r.

      And not to forget fabulous Jennifer Rush and sexy Patricia Morrison.

    2. Patricia Morrison is fine, while her bandmate tries his best to look and sound hard and tough behind his sunglasses. I always thought that video would have been perfect on your "on male dominance"-blog.

    3. Dog is called man's best friend. It must be because he never challenges, never resists, always obeys and shows proper respect. In short, he is loyal. If he betrays the trust his masters have in him, he will be executed.

    4. Oh yes, there was "respect", another one of those murky concepts.

    5. - If one tracks the r/l happenings of that band, one instantly loses one's fantasies of what's going on in their videos :)

      - But within FLR's things won't end so dramatic. The fellow with only end up in the doghouse. But only for a while, rofl.

      - According to those delicate world healers among us, i should unconditionally respect religion, culture, free speech, political parties, laws, and even the opinions others have on femdom. But i don't. And u know what? These people don't respect that. Hypocrites, hehehe.

    6. Loyal and dutyful women is a key ingredient in a well-functioning FLR: The man breaks the rules once in a while, he is duly corrected/punished, and is accepted back again. And again.

      But the tightly restrained man in the dog drawing here doesn't get a chance to show off his obedience and doggie skills, hehe. That one is definitely staying in place, no running around fetching tennis balls and bringing them back.

    7. The thing with these man-dogs is, that as soon as i tighten the leash a bit more, their loyal barking immediately makes place for pathetic whimpering. Yes, only a real strong man can truly be a vicious dog, a sexy french maid, or an eunuch in chastity (grin).

    8. Submissive people love restraints, but maybe their understanding of the word "tight" changes after they meet you?

    9. Could be, but i would never use rusty chains to make them find out.

    10. Men sometimes exaggerate a bit when they make their song lyrics, and the metaphors they use to describe minor human dilemmas and mildly unpleasant conditions can sound a bit dramatic.

    11. Indeed they do. And when it comes right down to it.....they don't even want to break their chains, don't want to leave their cage and run.

  6. Trust, loyalty, longing, friendship, passion,desire,hope etc.... nice words and works until you get into that place. There, as described in many blogs, there is nothing except fire,that primitive form of earth, consuming and feeding from any other elements.
    There, It is only a matter of time even there is no more time, to let go.
    There, there is no war,no hate,no betrayal,no prisons, no laws, no dogmas, no religions, no taboos etc...
    There,you and only You naked, chained and simply meditating the flames to transform you and became one with what devoured this touchable, material form of YOU.
    I remember an old blog about Steel. He was kind of psychotic, but strong , loyal protector, passionate maybe but still needed to be chained, because all those feelings are not much needed there:)
    It is not about being brave or courageous or strong enough to be there, it is only about been chosen, maybe kidnapped or deported.
    it is the place where Myth meets reality,sanity became a non consensual slavery and human males mainly will probably experience a painful return to the womb !!

    1. Steel is chained cos he fears he cannot control the impulses coming from his ego when i'm around, the way i'm controlling MyEgo. And even i fail sometimes. He's one of the few i'm entangled with.

  7. Ma'am Ayesha me loyality is the key thing in a femdom relation and it comes with sincerity...even if She is not in front of must be She is around..thats the feeling of a true loyal...if the whole world is against Her...Telling Her that She is right...this is loyality...

  8. hahahahahha...Your neighborhood dog? is this dog cute?...and do You wanna own this?..well this dog can bring newspaper in his mouth to You every morning?:P

    1. Oh sure, that's what i was waiting for......a wet newspaper. Go to the neighbors. Maybe they want this. Make sure tho not to select one in my neighborhood.

  9. hahaha..well i am a bad one though...after eating my dog food i always think of jumping into Your lawn..hehe...but the height of fence is so needs devotion and practice to jump over that:P..i am trying hard..wont lose hope...wooooooof