Friday, November 9, 2012


The woman in the picture above? Nah, i know her pretty well, and i can assure u, she’s in perfectly good health and excellent shape. Just look at her! Isn’t she all one could ever wish for in a woman? Ok, ok, she has a few nasty flaws as well, and some may consider her a bit provocative, while some would even accuse her of being a flaming bitch, a mad woman, a no good destroyer of vanilla values, and therefore in the end inevitably will come to the conclusion that she must be sick. But…um….. that’s only cos these people belong to a class i like to refer to as mental dwarfs. So no, she’s not sick. Just not normal.

What about the one on the horse then? Maybe she caught a cold or something? I mean, riding a horse naked could cause that eh? Again, no, nothing of the sort. And the horse is fine too. I mean this horse, cos there r many horses which r not, due to the way some people treat them. And that’s what this particular blog is about: People who get (sexual) pleasure from abusing animals, i.e. horses, a.k.a. zoosadism.

A Triptych

Part One........Horror & Shame

Animal cruelty is all around us. Just think of what’s going on for instance in circuses, laboratories, slaughterhouses, some religious rituals, movie making, and fishing (especially when hunting for shark fins).  And don’t forget these so called sports, i.e. dog fighting, cock-fights, and bullfighting. I hate those, can’t stand them, and often mock, ridicule, and challenge people who practice/admire same.

Here’s an example, a quote from what i wrote on my site in feb2011: Years ago a man invited me to a bullfight in Puerto Vallarta. When i cheered for the bull the moment he drove his horns into the belly of the coward ‘fighting’ him, my companion feared for my life (and his i guess), and hastily tried to calm the crowd where we were seated, nervously explaining to them that i was just an ignorant Gringa, lol. Me, a Gringa, can u imagine, hahaha.

Recently i was kicked out of a yahoo group. Yep, stuff like that happens to me a lot (sigh, sob). 

The owner of this particular group, a slave to his spouse whose dominant instincts he claims to have awakened and to whom he taught how to handle a bullwhip so she could punish him for whatever what, had more than enough of me criticizing him and his affiliates regarding ‘hard horseback riding’.  B4 it came to that, he praised me for my comments, telling me also i was “a natural born female supremacist” (yes, his words). Hahahaha, me a female supremacist? That poor guy probably never took some time off to read my take on that silliness. Or maybe he did, and instantly went into denial? 

Btw, what about u eh? U too believe that females r supreme and superior to males? U do? Oh noooooo, pulleeeezzzz, repent, adjust, change, convert, and stop that nonsense! What? U can’t u say? U r a hard believer u say? A rock without any doubt about our superiority? A fiery defender and relentless protector of Womyn’s Rights, unshakable in ur sacred quest? U too belong to the ones living in err, dedicating ur life to female supremacy, and will do anything to be an apostle of its rotten religion? Well….um….ur rotten religion eh, as there r not so many women subscribing to ur phantom church. Anyway, high time for u to read “Forget it” (again)!

Damn, now where was i? Oh yes, i was telling u about the one who couldn’t bear with me anymore. And  the ones following in his wake were very happy too once i became invisible in his (their) world. Cos that’s what he was defending: A world were horses r seen as a kind of commodity, a thing to be used, a living being to be cruelly hurt, pester, tortured, and abused, only existing to satisfy the lower instincts of a bunch of indifferent people who r playing down their lame attitudes and acts toward those animals by trying to convince themselves and others that what they r doing is beautiful, claiming to have the right to make the life of a horse as miserable as possible, only focusing on themselves and their deep seated sad drives. What a world. Yuck! Sick!

As a matter of fact, i consider these animal ‘games’ worse than ‘nazi-play’, and u know what i think about the latter. Oh u don’t? Then go here, and learn.

It all began after i had posted this: Ah that infamous hard riding, a.k.a. challenging riding or extreme riding. Here it is i who is wondering now how it is possible that a femdom could engage in this or encourage same. How is it possible that a woman could participate in the abuse and the deliverance of pain to an animal, i.e. a horse or a donkey, a creature absolutely not craving activities in the realm of d/s or s/m like some humans do. It’s disgusting!

I love horses and own several of them. I love the feeling to ride on their powerful backs, to speed along beaches, or softly talk to them during a relaxed ride in the forests. I was a kid the first time my father let me ride a pony. Since then horses were my trusted friends, and i will never lay a whip on them. And spurs? To hell with them!


Among other things, the head-goddess in that group replied: “……..please, do not judge nor post negative msgs about hard riding, since Riding Cult is one of most beautiful things we enjoy. So please respect our tastes and preferences.”

Turn a blind eye? Respect something i can only hold in contempt? Leaving something untold simply cos these people want to be among themselves, not to be disturbed by soft creatures like myself, or, as the afore mentioned slave so colorfully and eloquently expressed, not having to deal with ‘a pain in the ass’?

Well, that’s not me. So i wrote back: Look sister, i think u r one of a few commercially oriented women in Cyberspace who know how to wear boots and leather in a feminine way and to a certain extent is skilled in the art of whipping. I could befriend u for that, and maybe even more. But u lose me when it comes to hard riding for reasons i explained already. And i will speak my mind whenever and where ever i feel like it. No matter the consequences! Rest assured tho i won’t bother u and ur clients here anymore with my insights and actions about same. Well maybe. No promises! It had to be said tho, and i did. Chances r i will dedicate some words on hr on my own site. But, unlike u, i won’t ask u to refrain from commenting (no matter its content) after publication of same, should u have the urge to do so.

And, like i said, that did it, that was too much for Sir Slave. **Exit Ayesha**

Since i believe that group was created mainly to stimulate the sale of their videos focused on vanilla femdom and hard riding, i’m taking their r/l involvement with pestering and hurting horses (and donkeys) with a grain of salt. To boost the sale of their products somewhat more, i’m also under the impression that some of the postings over there, allegedly written by different male and females, actually come from the same person. But that’s just me. Maybe i’m wrong. Who cares? Not i. People r known for utilizing the strangest marketing techniques to get their products off the shelves. Pleasing customers is of paramount importance. Feeding their audience via the group with what they r after, offering them a platform to discuss what’s eating their souls, and to spice things up with pictures and an occasional clip, is possibly a great way to make some cash. And one certainly doesn’t need ‘pain in the asses’ like me to spoil all that eh?

The Internet is infested with groups and sites like that, although a good part of them  r not commercially operated, and exist only as some kind of lightning-conductor for dealing with personal frustration and to channel lowly brain activity to the private parts of the creator of the group and its membership. Most members do not participate in the discussion and never share anything. They just lurk, and hope that others will provide them with the badly needed stimulants. Cheap as they usually r, many also try to illegally lay their hands on commercially offered products. Then jerk off when watching those.

But who r these people really? What does the audience look like? Who gets off on watching animals suffer? Knowing the scene a bit, i think it’s safe to say they come from all walks of life. They can be ceo’s, garbage collectors, high ranking military personnel, drug traffickers, sweet moms (oh yes they too),  pastors, vets, u name it.  The intensity of the drive varies enormously too. Some people just need a little bit, others can only get relief from watching the most despicable atrocities, or participating in them. It’s not unlikely that these people r suffering from some serious psychological problems.

Within the hard riding area, many fans crave it when a horse’s tail is tied by a rope to a fence or a tree, and then is given the spurs as hard as possible, preferable not the English type but the ones with razor sharp rowels! The poor animal can go nowhere, but frantically tries to move forward in despair and agony, however to no avail. And they love to see the animal bleed, cheering it to suffer as long as possible. Some use barbed wire as a mouth piece, others r sexually turned on by breaking their horse’s teeth, and the ones that r getting hard from seeing animal blood on the boots of a dame coming back from a cruel ride, r countless. Sick!

To be clear, although i’m a saint, i eat meat (well not that much), i’m wearing leather most of the time (my wardrobe is extensive), and i’m not an animal rights activist. But……… i only devour eggs from free roaming egg-laying hens, and strongly support animal welfare. In fact, i find the whole animal issue confusing and struggle a bit with Richard Ryder’s concept of speciesism.

Be that as it may, to participate in activities where horses intentionally and deliberately r harmed, i reject to the fullest, and consider these activities mega objectionable. It’s sick and shameful!

Part Two........An Alternative

U know? It’s horrible to know that there r people who r linking this shit to femdom. Even in vanilla femdom circles it should be cursed and condemned! In contrast with what many seem to be convinced of and/or r marketing, female domination has nothing to do with abusing humans, animals in general, or horses in particular. People who r attracted to hurting animals r simply vanilla sadists, absolutely not connected to the world of d/s. A woman can strut around in leather and boots, wielding an exquisite whip, and riding a formidable horse, without being a dominant female. But she can easily be a vanilla sadist, or faking to be one, only to please a deranged man or to plunder his wallet. In fact, femdom and vanilla sadism r alien and antagonistic to each other! Femdom is the total enemy of vanilla sadism!

So, for all those in need of abuse and cruelty, why not cross over and keep all that between humans? There’s pet-play u know? It’s all over the mainstream/vanilla/recreational/commercial d/s place. Many women r already pleasing their men by riding their robust backs and/or massive shoulders (well, for some that’s fragile backs and/or sagging shoulders) during hot times outdoors, in secret cardboard dungeons in the attic or basement at home, during festive encounters with likeminded people in fetish clubs, or in high priced establishments of the pro-domme world.

It’s huge people. There’s some serious stuff going on in that area. No animals needed for that!

And u know what? No limits whatsoever. I mean agreed upon stuff of cors. Ssc no matter what. Complete consent or nothing. Free from stupid and unwilling animals which eventually could trample ur ass to pulp. Truly an encounter between a demanding and instructed dominatrix riding her hoof clad human horsie through the neatly vacuumed bedroom stall, proud tail protruding from his ass. And don’t forget the spurs eh? Really sharp ones of cors. Dig in ladies. No mercy! 

Now wouldn’t that be something? Of cors it would. So what r u waiting for? Go for it already! Go abuse and hurt that pathetic human horse of u to the fullest! He deserves it! Make him bleed!

And once the initial training sessions r over, once that mindless human animal finally learned his place between ur incredibly sexy legs and out of this world derrière (never mind advanced cellulitis), it‘s time to take it to the next level, to go out into the world, and challenge ur competitors, lame couples who dare to rival ur unique female supremacy and inferior male companion. Yeah, that’s the life u all have been dreaming of!  So what r u waiting for? Go for it already! Go get those slimy bastards!

Ok, feet on the ground again. Back to reality. Back to how women really feel about all this, what really is going on when they r trying to keep their balance while riding on their man into the sunset. Back in 2010 i wrote a piece about pet-play. It’s titled “Woof”. Regarding horses i posted: So, r there women who really enjoy riding on the back or the shoulders of a male? A male dressed up like a pony, with a tail sticking out of his butt? Women who dream about that, who get aroused when hopping around in the bedroom, wielding their riding crops? I don’t remember i ever got horny from that. But i sure felt stupid. I asked many women what their experiences were, and all of them disclosed to me, they found it rather inconvenient, ridiculous, if not stressful! 

And that’s how it is folks. Not sick. Only stupid. But highly preferable to harassing real horses! So go ahead, play on, and leave them real horses alone!

Part Three……..How it should be

Here r two videos from a man who’s the opposite of the creeps and i mentioned in Part One. A man who knows how to relate to his horses, who tries to understand them, instead of making their lives miserable and full of discomfort and suffering. A human being i want to salute, and respect indeed. Watch, enjoy, and learn.

And to close this up, here’s one of my favorites. It pictures what i love to do as well.

See y’all later. In the meantime…………

Aaaahhhhh.................sooooo good ;)



  1. I think that they will call me a true moral philosophical relativist. Am I bad? Yes of course I am. I am Satan. I am bad as compared to any better devil. And yet, I see myself as good as compared to any worse devil.

    There are all kinds of cruelty. I like your point here that to be cruel can be good. Yes I say that’s right. It is good. There are some who I hate. I say that to be cruel to them must be good.

    Your own kind of cruelty is sexual. Both sides get what they are looking for.

    Then again your point that sometimes cruelty is bad. I love horses too.

    But at times I still love to catch and kill my food.

    1. Vanilla cruelly is always bad, appalling, disgusting, and objectionable, whereas feminine femdom cruelty is always deliciously wicked, extremely fulfilling, and eternally sought after by people who know their only option for keeping their sanity and passion alive, is to suffer from their inborn destiny in the most exquisite and enjoyable ways.

      As i explained elsewhere on this site tho, i wouldn't be unwilling to sometimes exercise vanilla cruelty in the vanilla world. r not bad. U r a harmless sweetie. A flickering lucifer in the immense darkness of ur hell.

    2. You made me laugh, thank you; “Sweetie” makes me sound like an under-age school girl.

      “...inborn destiny...” Our likes and dislikes feel to us to be inborn destiny but that is really a half truth only. One half of each of us is inborn. Then what each of us gets or learns after we are born is the other half.

      In general it is too much to ask our morals, laws, science, art religion or any ideas to be higher than our way to survive. All history shows this. Your bull fighting is bad and yet it is better than the old circus where it was the slave who they killed for fun. To make a slave work or die in the circus was bad and yet it was better than the days when men just hunted and eat other men. That was bad and yet it was better than hunger.

      Nor can we choose our way to survive. I mean we do choose but we cannot choose the facts that shape our choice. Nor are the facts just inborn. They are historical and ever changing. We have to learn them.

      Somewhere in the back of our minds we men know that ideally sex should be fine noble and beautiful.

      But at the same time we men may well live with sex that is disgusting and objectionable and like it. We are sex mad dogs.

      A bad woman is no better than a bad man. It is the same. It is just as easy for a cruel resentful woman to mess with us and more than just with sex. They will try to take away from all fulfilment. I mean from all life fulfilment. They can succeed too. I tried that one. I do not hate any of my old flames. But I have spent too much time in relationships like that. I learnt to forgive too much. It was there that I learnt how to eroticise forgiveness. That was not the inborn thing to do. But it was the one way to keep the sex relationship working.

      Good women wish me to do well in life. It’s not much to ask. I wish the best for her. I need her to wish the best for me.

    3. "....a half truth only."? I wrote about this many times. Quite recently in another blog when exchanging words with the man "jack" (he has many screen names, hehehe)here below. Over there i argued: "It’s more a question of what biologists call the difference (and connection) between genotype and phenotype. What’s not in it, can’t come out. But what’s in it will only come out under certain circumstances, in certain situations. Still, what’s in it will do everything to come out no matter what (like a baby in the womb), even under very unfavorable conditions. Sometimes with disastrous consequences. It’s one of the reasons why people with d/s potential often get frustrated, feel unhappy, get depressed, r scared to death that someone will find out about what’s really makes them tick, r taken advantage of by less scrupulous people, sometimes struggle a lifetime to get accepted by herds of vanilla morons, or give up and pretend to be vanilla. If u would know about the suicide rate among transsexuals for instance, u would know what i’m talking about!

      I was aware of my dominance since as far as i can remember. And it just had to come out in whatever form. That i’m fond of, or rather addicted to, wearing exquisitely supple leather, slutty rubber outfits, boots, using whips and firearms, certainly was not inborn, but evoked by the societies i grew up in, became a part of, and wanted to belong to."

      So the "other half" u r talking about, can only manifests itself depending on what's cooking in the "inborn half". And if that's a 50/50 thing remains to be seen.


      U believe a bullfight is less bad than men eating each other. So not me. I'd say: Bon appetit, but leave the bull alone"

      "We have to learn them."? Let's say we can learn from them, and throw "have" into the garbage bin. But i'd rather change the facts u r referring to, and make some history myself, so that at future campfires the elders will tell the youngsters about Ayesha's adventures in Moron-Land, how she changed the facts, eradicated leadership, crushed vanilla laws, values, and protocols, and......well all herstory.

      I fail to understand why sex "should be fine noble and beautiful", or that it could be "disgusting and objectionable and like it". Sex simply is me. Sometimes it's good, often it's great, and most of the times it's out of this world.

      The creatures u mentioned r not women, but parasites, sweet talkers, slime balls, and fucked up posers, not worthy to be labeled as specimen of my gender.

    4. About what shapes us...?

      “...So the "other half" u r talking about, can only manifests itself depending on what's cooking in the "inborn half". And if that's a 50/50 thing remains to be seen...”

      Yes. I did not mean to say that this half was the same size as that half. I will say that the way we survive is a big half.

      The fight for better conditions for animals is one part of the fight for better conditions for the worker. The worker who works long hours, days, weeks, months, and years killing bulls in a disgusting slaughter house feels that this blunts his potential and turns him into a brute. He needs varied and mentally healthy work.

      He will learn of his strength. It will be possible. He will make a new way to survive but as a free man and not as a slave as now.

      A new world of ideas will grow from the new way to survive.
      About sex...?

      I like it with a good woman better than like it with a bad woman.

      About eating people...?

      “Please don't eat me! I have a wife and kids! Eat them instead!”

      Homer Simpson


    5. If i was dumped on this planet only to survive, i'd surely would make arrangements to leave the damned place asap.

      The only ones i love to eat r women of my kind.

    6. I do not say that to survive is all. Make it easier to survive and you free yourself for everything else.

    7. Sounds like some kind of Maslow doctrine. I never bought into that tho, but i can understand it's appealing to the masses as it's quite common to believe one has to make sure that first this or that is achieved b4 one can take the next step, and the next, and the next, till silly nirwana is waving at the horizon, inviting u to make ur final step toward eternal bliss. Like i said to Jack: "Jeeez, the crap that humans can come up with."

    8. I did not buy into that either. To rebel against exploitation is not just a crap doctrine.

    9. Try exploiting the exploiters. Much more rewarding than rebelling.

    10. “...Try exploiting the exploiters...”

      That sounds just like business as usual. Trend is to concentrate more wealth into the hands of those who do not work for it.

      But I'm in two minds about if you are getting fed up yet with all of this rebel talk?


    11. Ever heard of noise cancellation and/or destructive interference? Transfer that to exploitation, and u'll get a glimpse of what i'm talking about, which certainly is not "business as usual"!

      Rebels r mostly misguided angry vanillas, and in their fury to bring change to whatever what, r using the same tools as the ones they're allegedly fighting, and thus will continue with the same old crap they say they r against. This is yet another example of moronic behavior, masquerading as some heroic sacrifice and fighting for a noble cause. Freedom fighters? Lmfao!

    12. No sorry I’m not sure of that stuff.

      I believe you that you wish to make the world better than it is. You wish to “...change the facts...”

      I am sure that the big exploiter is good for big time production. I just mean good compared to the failed small time exploiter. That is how come he the do nothing exploiter hogs so much wealth now. That is how the facts are changing. But I am sure that, in his turn, the big exploiter turns out to be bad for big time production too. I mean bad compared to the worker as a team who will have to make himself the owner of the lands and means that he uses as a team.

    13. Making the world a better place is absolutely not my quest!

    14. I am sorry you say that you will do nothing to make the world better.

      Still if and when the world is any better I believe that you will do nothing to make it feel worse.

      I mean I cannot believe that you will make a pointy stick and stab your eye with the sharp end each time you feel a bit better.

    15. The world would be much better off, if the herds which allegedly r trying to heal the planet and made it their quest to come to the rescue of it, would take a hike, never to be seen again!

      Suggestion: Try a project of a lesser magnitude, like for instance helping ur neighbor to pay off his mortgage, or kicking a lowlife's ass when he's mugging a stranger in the street. Having done such things for a while, of cors u could go to the next phase, and try to get more people to follow in ur footsteps by showing them how it is actually done. Not by talking about it. Ah, what a wonderful world that would be.

  2. 'Childhood's End' by Arthur C. Clarke. Spectators at a bull fight are caused to experience the pain of the bull. No more bull fights.


    1. If only those spectators would be killed as well. Maybe barbecued and served to the Overlords later?

      So in a way u found ur way. But certainly not to That Place!

  3. "Herds of vanilla morons", indeed. Don't know about the vanilla part, but the moron part I can attest to.

    I've been amazed at the intelligence of horses and the variety in their personalities. Lemuel Gulliver preferred their company to that of his own species. At times not hard to fathom, that.

    Not to That Place, no. If wishes were horses.

    1. Not all vanillas r morons all of the time, but all morons r vanilla.

      Horses r horses, and should stay horses. That way they can keep their uniqueness and grace. The ones Lemuel is babbling about r damaged, as they can't understand how utterly stupid and impeding reason can be.

      Yeah yeah,.....beggars would ride... and more of that nonsense. Jeeez, the crap that humans can come up with.

  4. Wow, two jacks. Black jack anyone?

    1. A pair of Jacks? Just one really. Don't know what that other profile is all about.

      Reason an impediment? How so?

    2. It was u who brought up the Houyhnhnms, so u should know! But in case u missed Swift's point, here's mine: There r times when reason is blurring one's potential to not only leave one's box, but to not think in boxes at all. Or to put this in a less philosophical/confusing way, here's a simple example of this phenomenon: Reason tells me NOT to strut around in skyscraper heels, and certainly not "24/7", or to go shopping wearing high boots when the weatherman shows me it's 35 degrees centigrade outside. But i won't listen to that voice, and will follow my passion no matter what. And rest assured, it feels great and goes way beyond what certain areas in my neocortex r trying to convince me of.

      Um....i know what that profile is about :)

  5. Speaking of Yahoo Groups, how long did it take you to realise that Yahoo should be renamed Yahell ? These groups are supervised by a bunch of inconsitent blue noses.